2021 in Retrospect: What’s Been Going on at Woodpecker?

Sandra Wilk - Senior Content Creator at Woodpecker
2021 in retrospect - Woodpecker.co

2021 was another challenging year for us, but we pushed through it.

So as 2022 is just around the corner, take a moment with me and see how Woodpecker changed in the last 365 days.

What’s new in the app? Features & integrations

This year we’ve rolled out a bunch of new important features and integrations. We’ve listened closely to our customers and invested a lot of our efforts into big deliverability & multichannel features.

As a result, these Woodpecker features saw the light of day in 2021:

Warm-up & Recovery

Warming up is one of the first things you need to take care of before starting sending cold emails.

You can warm up your email addresses and domains using the Warm-up & Recovery module. But that’s just one part of it. You can also use it to regain a good sender reputation or to keep your email deliverability high when everything is going right.

Read more about Warm-up & Recovery>>

Deliverability Monitor

And speaking of preventing issues with email deliverability – that’s why we decided to build Deliverability Monitor. The feature shows in the Deliverability tab as a chart, showing how many emails that you’ve sent were delivered, opened and replied to, and how many bounced.

This way you can spot if any deliverability issues are coming ahead, and prevent them when there’s still nothing to worry about.

See how Deliverability Monitor & Bounce Shield work>>

Bounce Shield

Bounce Shield tracks when you’re about to exceed your email provider’s daily sending limits, and pauses your campaign for a few minutes so it doesn’t happen and you don’t get blocked. It protects your deliverability 24/7.

See how Deliverability Monitor & Bounce Shield work>>

Woodpecker Calls

With Woodpecker Calls you can make your sales calls wherever you are, as long as you have your cell phone on you.

It’s a mobile app for Android that allows you to track and make calls.

Read more about Woodpecker Calls>>

LinkedIn manual tasks

LinkedIn manual tasks make it easier to incorporate reaching out to prospects on the platform into your campaign flow.

You can combine it with emails and calls for more ways to reach a prospect.

Learn more about LinkedIn manual tasks>>

Native Calendly integration

When your prospect schedules a meeting with you via Calendly, Woodpecker will automatically stop the sequence. You’ll see the meeting in your calendar right away.

Read more about the integration>>

Native HubSpot integration

Many of you are using HubSpot as your CRM. With the native integration between HubSpot and Woodpecker, you can now easily send data both ways.

Here’s more about the integration>>


To better meet the needs of Woodpecker users, we came up with a pricing & billing model that allows you to build your own plan.

You pick the add-ons that you need, and this way you don’t pay for features that you don’t want to use. You can have it your way.

See how our pricing & billing works>>

Woodpecker Experts

Our customers sometimes need a helping hand with doing their cold outreach. Some may not be sure how to handle deliverability issues, others need help with creating a cold email sequence that will bring them replies. And some may want to outsource the whole process to an agency.

So we’ve started Woodpecker Experts to connect these customers with experts in the field of cold outreach.

This is an exciting opportunity for us to provide customers with even more value than before.

The program is available for premium Woodpecker users.

We’ll keep on building the program in 2022 for sure.

See the marketplace of cold outreach Experts>>

We debuted on the NewConnect market

This year we made our way to the Warsaw NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Maciej and Matt set this goal for the company a long time ago, and in September 2021 we’ve reached it.

A bunch of us went to Warsaw to be there in person as Woodpecker debuted. Woodpecker’s share prices increased by 28% the first day, making it a success. We couldn’t be more proud.

In 2022 and 2023 we’re planning to move to the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Read more about our debut>>

Our content – Woodpecker Academy, video series, blog & live events

Woodpecker’s marketing started with Cathy and a strong focus on the Woodpecker blog in 2015. Now there’s 13 of us and we’re doing videos, articles, cold email Academy, fun posts on social media, and live events with partners.

Even though at times bumpy, it’s been an exciting ride.

See the highlights of our 2021 content:

#1 Woodpecker Academy

We’ve built the Academy to make it easier for you to learn cold email.

I know it may seem overwhelming when you’re starting out and would love to learn, but just don’t know where to start.

So we condensed the knowledge we’ve been sharing with you for the last few years and put it into a 5-part course.

Here it is in all its glory: Woodpecker Academy>>

#2 Videos

If you’re subscribed to our newsletter, you might have spotted it already – we’ve changed gears and started to put more focus on video content this year.

Here are three video series we’ve already launched:

Message Delivered>>

Experts’ Cocktail>>


And we’re only just warming up. There’s definitely more video content coming from us in 2022.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to stay in the loop>>

That doesn’t mean we’re going to neglect our blog, though. We still have lots of cold email insights to share with you.

For now, see which blog posts were the most popular in 2021.

#3 Most-read on the blog:

  1. How to Write a Cold Email that Actually Works in 6 Steps
  2. What Are Email Sending Limits of Various Email Service Providers?
  3. Webinar Follow-up Templates for Your Webinar Email Sequence
  4. How To Deal With 10 Most Common Insurance Sales Objections
  5. GDPR for Cold Sales Email Senders – FAQ
  6. What is DKIM & SPF? And How to Set It Up?
  7. How to Write a Follow-up Email If You Haven’t Heard Back – Tips & Real-life Examples
  8. 5 Webinar Invitation Email Templates + Best Practices
  9. How to Check & Improve Your Domain and Email Server IP Reputation?
  10. How & When to Test Email Deliverability? List of Tools & Alternatives

#4 Live events

We’re planning more live events for 2022, too. To see what kind of events I’m talking about, check the recording of the webinar we did with Jason Bay on cold calls.

To a happy 2022!

We’ll keep improving Woodpecker for you, and create resources to help you make your cold outreach more successful.

Thank you for being with us so far. Here’s to a happy 2022!