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Sandra is a language geek. She enjoys creating stuff and chatting with people, and there are few things she appreciates more than a good story.

Cold Email Outreach in the US & the UK: What Works?

To get the best advice on reaching prospects in markets where everyone *ekhm* wants a slice of the cold email pie, I talked to a few Woodpecker Experts who consistently generate leads in those markets: Veth Group, Nerdwise, We Are Team Rocket, and LevelUp Leads.

MooseCat Recording logo

How MooseCat Recording Books Artists, Managers and Producers with Woodpecker

If you’re growing a small business, you know that it requires wearing many hats. You’re often doing tasks that would easily fit into several job descriptions. That’s how it is for Mike and Carly at MooseCat Recording, a private boutique recording studio.

lead generation services - picture

Outbound Lead Generation Services: Here’s How to Choose the Right Expert

Let me take a guess: you’re looking for a lead generation service, but so far you’ve been overwhelmed with the options and don’t quite know who to choose to fulfill your lead generation needs.

logo of Ecom Capital

How Ecom Capital Sells Their Premium Service with Woodpecker

Getting more customers than you can help at one time is a problem many of us would like to face. Well, in the case of Ecom Capital, an e-commerce growth business, that’s exactly what happened when they started using cold email for lead generation.

native Google integration - how does Woodpecker comply with Google's security standards?

Google Security Standards: See How Woodpecker Complies

A few years back big IT players - like Google - started placing more focus on the security of the integrations and their API access that they have with other tools.

2021 in retrospect -

2021 in Retrospect: What’s Been Going on at Woodpecker?

With 2022 just around the corner, take a moment with me and see how Woodpecker changed in the last 365 days.