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Email sequence tools - cover photo

Email Sequence Tools: An Overview of Leading Software

Email sequence tools are taking over! Do you struggle with keeping up with your emails? Many do, but email sequence tools are here to help.

Email sequence software - cover photo.

Top Email Sequence Software: The Best Tools on the Market

Your emails can send themselves at the perfect moment, without you lifting a finger. And we know how to make it work - choose the right email sequence software.

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How to Track Email Opens, The Easy Way

Tracking email opens offers a wealth of benefits beyond basic open rates. It empowers you to tailor your communication, measure campaign performance, and ultimately - maximize your return on investment.

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How to End a Cold Email (So It Gets Answered)

Many hate cold emails, but what if ending them the right way could change that? The success of a cold email often hinges on how it concludes. Crafting a compelling closing line can make all the difference in grabbing your prospect's attention and securing a positive response.

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Best Email Closers Top Sales Reps Swear By

Choosing the right email sign off is a critical component of effective communication. Whether you're aiming to be professional, humorous, or express gratitude, tailoring your closing line to the context and relationship with your recipient can significantly impact how your message is received. Pricing - cover photo Pricing – How Much Does Cost in 2024?

Want to send cold emails at affordable pricing, with great automation features and superior deliverability? Woodpecker is the alternative you're looking for.

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Outlook vs Gmail: What to Choose for Outreach

The choice between Google Workspace and Microsoft Outlook boils down to what you want to achieve. If you need the average email communication with some add ons and productivity tools, both Outlook and Gmail are going to meet your needs. Both offer custom email domains, free storage, advanced security features, and a user friendly interface.

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Email Permutator – Email Verification Tool Guide

Have you ever feel like a detective when trying to find an email address? You're not the only one. Learn how email permutators and other free tools can help you find any email quickly: