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best email service provider

Which Email Service Provider is the Best for Cold Outreach?

Before you can create and send great cold email campaigns, you need to integrate your cold email platform with an email service provider (ESP). 

How to Get More Customers Using Cold Emails

That’s the question every business owner and salesperson asks themselves: how do I get more quality customers? Usually, generating new business opportunities takes a lot of time an effort.

Cold email trends - illustration

5 Cold Emailing Trends to Look Into in 2022

You already know that cold emails are a powerful way to move conversations forward quickly, even if they’re starting at zero. And just like any other form of outreach, much of the success of your cold emails depends on how you use that super-short time window to communicate your message.

lead generation services - picture

Outbound Lead Generation Services: Here’s How to Choose the Right Expert

Let me take a guess: you’re looking for a lead generation service, but so far you’ve been overwhelmed with the options and don’t quite know who to choose to fulfill your lead generation needs.

Best Cold Email Software of 2023: 10 Top Tools Compared

You decided to take your sales to the next level. You're on the lookout for a cold email tool that will fit into your needs perfectly and speed up your sales cycle. 

woodpecker vs mailchimp

Why You Shouldn’t Use Mailchimp for Cold Emails

Have you ever struggled with choosing the right tool for cold emailing? There are so many options and limited time to test all the solutions, compare them and choose the perfect one for your company. 

How to write a cold mail that works

How to Write a Cold Email that Actually Works in 6 Steps (2023)

In order to get replies, a cold email has to be short yet powerful, and intriguing. For this reason, each part of this short message has to bear meaning and play a crucial communicative role. Check if you know these 6 tremendously important steps to write a cold email for sales that works.

What’s the Difference Between Cold Emails and Marketing Emails?

At Woodpecker, we often hear people using the two terms "cold emailing" and "email marketing" interchangeably. In fact, cold emails and marketing emails differ, and they differ a lot. Sending cold emails that look like marketing emails won't bring you many responses. That's why I decided to analyze the two forms and explain the differences between cold emails and marketing emails. Read on to make sure you're not wasting your time sending marketing emails to your cold prospects.