Do your clients rely on cold email campaigns?

We take the worry out of the cold campaigns so you can focus on your agency’s growth.

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Woodpecker Agency makes your day-to-day lead generation easier

It’s not only easy - Woodpecker Agency is safe and intuitive

Smooth integration with your toolkit

Woodpecker Agency easily fits into your existing toolkit. Integrate it with all your favorite software and email providers and get started.

Natural and protected sending

Your accounts are protected from being banned by spam filters because i.a. our unique sending algorithm delivers and follows up naturally, just like you would.

All clients on one panel

Easily manage all your client accounts on one intuitive panel where everything you need is one click away.

Warm‑up & Recovery included

With FEATURES like Warm-up & Recovery, Bounce Shield, Deliverability Monitor, built-in email list verification and MORE, Woodpecker Agency ensures your emails are delivered right where you need them.

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Woodpecker grows with your business

You might have larger aspirations and we want to help take you there

You gain our expert knowledge

We make sure you avoid the mistakes made by others so you can get better results faster.

You evolve, Woodpecker Agency evolves

We grow with you at scale. A bigger business means bigger opportunities and Woodpecker is ready when you are.

You maintain flexibility

We work to make our tool as flexible and intuitive as possible at all levels, and that includes our pricing plan.

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Woodpecker Agency comes with outstanding support

You’re not just subscribing to a tool. You’re also subscribing to an experienced team that will be with you every step of the way.

& knowledgeable

Our team is with you every step of the way - from onboarding, account migration, and beyond.

& responsive

We identify problems and solve them.

& inspirational

Have questions? Looking for a new way to use Woodpecker? Discover solutions and inspiration from our resources.

Your product and support are really amazing ... The support is always friendly and exactly to the point which I think lacks in my other vendors. The product has given me a great success rate in deliverability and taught me how I can reach more clients.

I was really impressed with all the articles that I was able to read on your site, specifically regarding warming up our email and taking the right steps to set up our domain correctly so that it doesn't get marked as SPAM … Woodpecker was a good choice because of the ease of use and learning tools. We liked how the email comes from our address.

Quick response rate from your customer support - most of my issues were answered within a day. Clear statistics for each campaign. Bounce filter before sending out emails. Easy automation. Quick integration with MO Outlook and Pipedrive.

Woodpecker is trusted by over 13K professionals

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The tool is great and the performance is on-point, but it’s the people behind Woodpecker and our partnership that’s been exceptional for us.