How MooseCat Recording Books Artists, Managers and Producers with Woodpecker

Sandra Wilk - Senior Content Creator at Woodpecker
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If you’re growing a small business, you know that it requires wearing many hats. You’re often doing tasks that would easily fit into several job descriptions.

That’s how it is for Mike and Carly at MooseCat Recording, a private boutique recording studio.

  • They wanted to be able to connect with potential clients faster
  • As a 2-person team, handling emails manually was keeping them away from more important tasks
  • Now they’re getting 1-2 more booking each week and saving countless hours

About MooseCat Recording

Industry: music

Employee count: 2 + contractors

Use case: lead generation

Product used: Woodpecker Cold Email

MooseCat Recording case study - challenge, solution, results

Challenge: expand the clients list

As a professional recording studio/music company, the MooseCat crew has their eyes set on one goal: to get their company in front of as many artists, managers, producers, and music supervisors as possible.

“It’s very much a “boots on the ground” endeavor that requires us to reach out directly to these colleagues in order to introduce ourselves and see if we are a good fit to work together,” explains Mike Post, MooseCat’s producer and engineer.

They’ve been using email to spark these conversations for a while, but – as you can probably imagine if you’ve ever sent cold emails by hand – it quickly became too tedious.

“It was time-consuming and took away from our other work to run the business,” says Mike.

Solution: switching from manual to automated cold email

Adding a cold email tool into the equation seemed an obvious route to take.

As many small businesses that use cold email do, they were looking for an inexpensive platform that was easy to use.

“It sounds simple but harder to find in practice,” says Mike. “Being that we were fairly new to this space, we needed something straightforward and easy to use mostly”.

After testing several cold email products, they weren’t impressed. Why? “They worked but were bulky and we weren’t getting as much help as desired on the customer service front.”

Then, they stumbled on Woodpecker which turned out to be a perfect fit.

“Right from the start with Woodpecker, we could tell it was an easy platform to use and the team at Woodpecker was more than willing to help us put our best foot forward to start. We still want to make a personable impression, so we do vet those that we are reaching out to beforehand, and Woodpecker makes it easy to make sure we aren’t coming across as spam or impersonal.”

Being a small team means you can’t afford getting bogged down with menial tasks. “And Woodpecker makes it so that we can spend more time on other more important aspects of our business,” adds Mike.

Results: 1-2 more bookings each week

That curated approach to list building is one of the things that brings MooseCat high open and reply rates. But how do they translate into new business?

With about 50-100 more responses a week than before, they get 3-5 more meetings and 1-2 more bookings a week.

quote from Mike for MooseCat Recording case study

According to Mike, using Woodpecker gives them a major leg up on the competition.

“Most companies similar to us are spending lots of time sending emails and sorting through data, while Woodpecker helps us save time and money reaching out to potential leads,” he says.

What’s up next for MooseCat Recording

Right now, they’re looking to continue to grow their client base, and are hoping to open a second location for their recording studio.

And using Woodpecker brings them closer to reaching these goals. 😉

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