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Overall I love your product, it was very useful for my business. It allowed us to reach and convert customers faster than other alternatives.

Technology Creator, Cartea Daliei

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Head-to-head comparisons

Choose Woodpecker for unmatched email performance: a comparative look at the top 8 alternatives

  • Lemlist

    A tool that automates and personalizes B2B email outreach to enhance communication effectiveness.

    Compare Lemlist to Woodpecker
  • Klenty

    Sales engagement platform designed to automate personalized emails and follow-ups, driving effective outbound interactions.

    Compare Klenty to Woodpecker
  • Apollo

    Unified sales engagement platform that provides data-driven insights and automates outreach to help businesses close more deals.

    Compare Apollo to Woodpecker
  • QuickMail

    Software tool that automates cold email outreach, enabling personalized communication and follow-ups at scale.

    Compare QuickMail to Woodpecker
  • Mixmax

    Communication platform that enhances email productivity with tracking, automation, and integration features.

    Compare Mixmax to Woodpecker
  • Outreach

    Sales engagement platform that leverages AI to optimize and automate customer interactions across multiple channels.

    Compare Outreach to Woodpecker
  • Reply.io

    Multi-channel sales engagement platform that automates and optimizes outbound communication to drive better sales outcomes.

    Compare Reply.io to Woodpecker
  • SalesHandy

    Sales engagement and productivity platform that enables email tracking, automation, and analytics for effective sales communication.

    Compare SalesHandy to Woodpecker

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Deliverability Monitor

Woodpecker provides deliverability reports and comes with a dedicated tool - our Deliverability Monitor - to track how many of your emails were sent, delivered, viewed and replied to.


Automatic warm-up for your email address is the process of gradually sending more emails as you build trust with your email service provider.

Woodpecker warm-up


We provide integrations with the digital tools that you already use. Expanding your marketing toolbox works best when the new addition seamlessly integrates with your existing tech stack.

Woodpecker integrations are the best!

Bounce Shield

We use our Bounce Shield program to make sure your messages land exactly where they're supposed to.

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Drawing shows different ways to use cold email application like Woodpecker and alternative apps.
I used to use quickmial.io and one of the biggest reasons I had for not moving to Woodpecker was the slow response times. That has changed and I'm using Woodpecker now and will be adding clients to my Agency business this year.

Founder of SMB Growth Strategies