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Who we are

Woodpecker.co is a follow-up automation SaaS founded in 2015. We’re an international team of more than 60, speaking 6 languages. Our mission is to enable all B2B companies to connect with their ideal customers.

Why we do this

To support small and medium B2B companies who fight every day to grow and get independent. We know it’s a real struggle. Woodpecker was created to make it a little bit less of a struggle.

Rules we live & work by

Customer Success

Successful customers are the core of our business. Whether you’re with a software house, SaaS, or lead gen agency – you have your specific business goals. We hustle every day to learn what they are and help you reach them. Ask us a question and we’ll be back with an answer within hours.

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If you’re looking for a silver bullet sales solution, you’ve got the wrong address. We don’t sell a magic tool that will make you succeed. You’ll succeed only if you pick the right prospects, do your homework, and strive to start valuable B2B relations. Woodpecker automates sending your emails and follow-ups. The rest is on you.

For a good start, read these 10 golden rules of cold email.

Allbound is the way

We want you to discover that inbound and outbound are equally powerful sources of new business. The two are not mutually exclusive, but complementary. The better you combine them, the more valuable leads you’re going to get.

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