Cold email tool for lead gen agencies

Double clients' pipelines
for half the cost of an SDR

  • Manage all client accounts under one roof
  • Warm up accounts & validate lists in real time
  • Add unlimited mailboxes & follow-ups for free
  • 7-day trial
  • Access to all features
  • No credit card required

“We set up about 1,000 appointments a month with Woodpecker. In some cases, we’ve gotten over 150 in a given month for a client for half the cost of an SDR.”

Miles Veth, CEO & Founder of Veth Group

The central hub for your cold email outreach

  • Dedicated agency dashboard
  • Agency API
  • Automated Inbox Rotation
  • Guest viewer options for clients
  • Free email validation (valued at $2000)
  • Email warm-up via Mailivery
  • Deliverability Monitor
  • AI response sentiment
  • White-label reporting solution (add-on)
  • Provider limit protection

Fill your clients' pipelines and streamline your team's workflow

Scalability Manage 100 accounts as easily as 1
  • Run all client accounts, data, campaigns and reports in one place
  • Easily move between client accounts without constantly logging in and out
  • Add unlimited team members at no extra cost

"As our agency grew, we needed a more robust, agency-specific interface. With Woodpecker, we can manage all our clients in one place, and we have peace of mind, knowing the data is robust and stats reliable.”

Timothé Enault, Founder of LeadActiv
Deliverability Build and keep a high email reputation
  • Scale your outreach without worrying about provider limits with Inbox Rotation
  • Warm up email accounts automatically via Mailivery
  • Avoid domain blacklisting with free built-in email validation

“I've experimented with over 50 similar tools in search of the best solutions. Woodpecker is the best of its caliber. Its consistently high open and response rates make it the ideal choice for my agency."

Emilia Mosiewicz, Founder of 7 Labs
Client reporting Easily report to clients
  • Provide as accurate data as possible with a detailed stats breakdown
  • Invite clients to track stats on their own by inviting them as guest-viewers
  • Offer a premium experience with a white-label reporting solution

“Woodpecker has been our one-stop shop for outbound campaigns from the very beginning. One of the things we love about it is that we can easily generate reports and send them directly to our clients.”

Katarzyna Kurpisz, Co-founder of Growify

And you won't have to pay for these...

  • Unlimited email address validation for free
  • All follow-up emails
    for free
  • Unlimited team members for free
  • Unlimited email accounts for free
  • How hard is it to start? Count to 3:

    • Invite your client to join
    • Import prospects
    • Create a campaign & send