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sent automatically from your mailbox


cold email outreach & inbound lead nurturing

Send your emails & follow-ups

automatically, but one by one as if you were sending them manually

Follow-up automation visualization

Follow-up automation

Just set a number of days after which you want to automatically send a follow-up like this one.

Cold email personalization visualization

Cold email personalization

Contact unlimited number of prospects daily with personalized cold emails and build Predictable Revenue.

Opens & clickstracking

See who and when opened your email or clicked your link.

Reply detection visualization
Teamwork security visualization

Teamwork security

You and your teammates won’t address the same person twice if you don’t want to.

Integrate your mailbox in seconds

  • mail lists
  • mail lists
  • mail lists

Export your leads using

exporting services
exporting services
exporting services
exporting services
exporting services
exporting services


Testimonial Client

Andrzej grows his SaaS for website live calls

I'm building a start-up and I need to learn fast what my target group wants and needs. Cold outreach allows me to do that as I can directly contact my prospects. I couldn't afford spending half of my day sending emails. Woodpecker saves a couple hours a day. My favorite part is that it catches replies and sends follow-ups only to those who haven't responded.
Andrzej Morawski,
CEO at LiveCall.io
Testimonial Client

Emilia finds new deals for her software house

Woodpecker helped us polish and automate our sales processes. The tool is highly intuitive. Using it in a proper way dramatically increased the number of leads for Beside the Park. Give it a try!
Emilia Schudy,
New Business Manager at Beside the Park
Testimonial Client

Jakub connects with B2B clients of his app

Happiour has reached the phase when our mobile app featured the most famous food businesses in London Area. At this point, we wanted to find smaller, often overlooked places and enrich our offer. Woodpecker made it not only easy but also a pleasant experience. With automatic follow-ups we were able to get more responses from our prospective clients.
Jakub Czerwiński,
Business Development Manager at Happiour
testimonial image
Woodpecker's real power is that it connects up to your email. I use IMAP, and most apps I tried in this space -- screw it up. This one worked at the first try. The tool is fantastic. Check it out, I'm sure you're gonna like it.
testimonial image
This is a very user-friendly tool. The open rate is significantly higher than it was when I was using other mailing systems. I like that all replies get directly to my inbox. Plus, the ability to see the replies in Woodpecker as well makes work much easier if you use more than one email account for outreach.
Marek Tyniec,Marketing Specialist at Xfive.co
testimonial image
Woodpecker offers a great value because the value vs cost is really strong. It has a strong benefit for individuals like me who need to send bulk email. The support has been accurate, timely and courteous. I believe my deliverability is stronger and I have engaged with more clients using this app.
David Littman,Director, Business Development at Truth In IT

Automate all your follow-ups