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10+ Sales Pitch Examples for Agencies

Looking at different sales pitch examples can help you create your own unique pitch. Check out the ones we've provided!

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14+ Business Email Templates for Digital Agencies

agency sales outreach

How to Do Agency Sales Outreach in 2024

In the relentless pursuit of sales, agencies are finding that the usual tactics just don't cut it anymore. It's a tough game where creativity meets necessity. 

How to Use AI in Cold Email Campaigns for Clients

Have you used AI to help you out with cold outreach campaigns for your clients? It seems everyone and their mother are testing the hottest new AI-powered tools right now. And it's no different for cold outreach senders. We've invited our pals from Setupad to share how you as an agency can power up the campaigns you're sending on behalf of your clients with AI. Let's dive in.

Client Reporting – 6 Best Practices for Agencies 

Graphs, metrics, statistics, reports… Are you having trouble connecting all of the data in a way that truly demonstrates the value of your services to your clients? You might be uncertain as to how many details your reports should contain or which metrics are most important. And even if you have the right selection of metrics, you might still struggle to organize them in a logical order.

How Can Agencies Improve an Ongoing Relationship with a Client?

Finding new clients is - not surprisingly - one of the top priorities agencies have. But it's after you've closed the deal that the next challenge comes up. And it's not a small one!

Agency Talks: from an expert to a lead gen agency owner

In the early days of your career, it's much better to learn from the experience of others than to figure it all out on your own. After a few years, if you’re persistent, you’ll become an expert in your chosen field, and that's when many people start thinking: “As an expert, I can sell my service on my own behalf instead of working for someone else.". 

How to Check the Technical Settings of a Client Account

If your email doesn’t reach the inbox of the recipient, your campaign will be doomed to fail. No prospect will interact with your content, no matter how great it is. That’s why you need to check three essential technical settings before scheduling the first shipment.