Join our extraordinary Woodpecker Team

Who we are

We are a team of 60 people motivated to work together on creating something special.

We enjoy each other’s company and genuinely care about the product we are developing.

Some of us have been here since the beginning (in 2015) and we do our best to maintain a start-up atmosphere.

What we do

We know growing a business on your own terms can be a struggle and Woodpecker was created to make it less of a struggle.

Woodpecker is a multichannel AI assistant that helps B2B companies grow and become independent by starting and nourishing valuable business relationships.


Our values

Trust and respect

We treat each other equally no matter the role. We try to always assume the best intentions and be fair to one another.


We accept that everyone can make a mistake and we know when it’s time to ask for help. We are open to feedback and use it to grow.


When we do something, we try to do it the best way possible. We plan big but start small to test our ideas and make sure we are doing meaningful stuff.

Because being here is like being at home, it’s like being with friends

Margaret Chief Operating Officer

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Because I can be myself, I can do
whatever I want, I can realize myself

Mike Customer Support Specialist

We decided to create a company in which we’d like to be employed ourselves

Matt CEO & Co-founder