Woodpecker.co debuts on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Emilia Pluta author at Woodpecker
2021 at Woodpecker

When our CEO Matt first mentioned us entering the stock market at an annual Woodpecker meeting 3 years ago, we thought of it in terms of “some day.”

At that time, it was a day in the strictly indefinite future. We thought about it in the same way one believes in arriving at a particular dream destination on Earth. No matter if it’s 5th Avenue in New York City, Icelandic fjords or a beach on the Atlantic Coast.

Dreamers always do their best to get there, to make their dreams come true, and once they’re there, they start pursuing the next ones. And this is exactly what we did to reach our goal.

On the 14th of September at 1:00 pm, we entered the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It’s a massive achievement for the whole team and a moment that we can pause to celebrate this success together, going back in time to our beginnings and our entire journey.

newconnect debut

We’ve started with cold emails

We did so because of Matt’s business experience and bootstrap approach to building or helping build other businesses. 6 years ago, while working on a different product, he and the team noticed the need to automate the outreach process.

It was the starting point for creating a tool perfect for outbound communication. Later on, seeing and understanding the changes in the market, we wanted to give our clients the ability to run cold outreach campaigns in an automated, multichannel, and effective way.

We’ve been around for the last six years. During this time, our tool has been changing dynamically, and so have the needs of our clients. Therefore, we’ve had to adapt our product over the years so it became an integral part of the sales process. Hence, we introduced quite a few Woodpecker integrations with such tools and social channels as Calendly, Pipedrive, HubSpot, Slack, Zoom, LinkedIn, and many others.

Our business development

Right now, Woodpecker is used by 3000 companies and 13 000 professionals worldwide.

Numerous integrations and continuous research of our client’s needs are just a few of Woodpecker’s growth guidelines. Our growth is reflected in the financial results, steady quarter-on-quarter revenue growth and the increasing number of clients from all over the world.

Financial growth and development are significant parts of running a company.

At Woodpecker, the development of our team is essential. 6 years ago, we started with 4 people on board. Our CEO Matt Tarczynski says that when he created Woodpecker with Maciej Cieśla in 2015, he wanted to create a place where they themselves would like to work and where the employees would feel comfortable and satisfied.

They managed to achieve it and created a place where over 60 people can freely fulfill themselves. Each of the team members is important here at Woodpecker, and all of us are given an opportunity to develop in a direction we feel is right for us. Job satisfaction, improvement of qualifications, and a positive work environment are extremely high on the priority list.

Debut on NewConnect

Woodpecker’s share price increased by 28% on opening day, making it a successful debut.

Yet, being listed on NewConnect is just the beginning of our stock market adventure. More than 90% of sales generated by Woodpecker and about half of Woodpecker’s users come from the most challenging market in the world – the United States. Currently, the solution is used by more than 13 000 professionals from around the world. That’s a lot.

As Matt, our CEO, noted during the debut on the NewConnect market on 14 September – taking into account the United States alone and the fact that 14 million sales professionals, 215 thousand marketing professionals, and 257 thousand PR professionals are active on that market, this is just the beginning.

Debut on the NewConnect market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Plans for the future

Besides our growth, expanding the team and developing our product, we want to make sure Woodpecker is a place for people who value living and working on their own terms. For those who want to be with us, who’d take an opportunity to foster their talents and grow with Woodpecker, these are the people we want to celebrate all future successes with, just like we did yesterday.

When it comes to the company’s development, our further plans and our dreams, we know that the SaaS model gives us great opportunities to scale the business. We know this is just the beginning. Debuting on NewConnect is just the first step.

A consistently pursued development strategy and unlimited potential of sales automation make us optimistic about the future. Therefore, our goal for 2022 and 2023 will be to move to the Warsaw Stock Exchange. We hope you’ll stay with us on this journey.


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