What Tools & Integrations Will Help You Get More Leads From Webinars?

tools & integrations to get more leads from webinars

When organizing webinars, lots of elements need your attention. Picking the right topic, promoting the event so people sign up, actually hosting the webinar, and following up afterwards are just some of them. It might be easy to drop a ball or two when you’re trying to juggle so many.

But you can use certain tools and integrations to make this juggling easier and reap full benefits of a webinar.

Read this article by Luca Ramassa, Content Manager at LeadsBridge, to find out what those are.

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How to Find Your Product’s Compelling Value Proposition With Email?

How to find your product's compelling value proposition?

Finding a compelling value proposition when entering a new use case for your product or expanding to a new niche can be tricky. Of course, you can trust your intuition and make a guess, but in case it’s a miss, you’ll waste time.

Instead of making blind guesses, it’s wiser to make decisions backed by data. The simplest way to find out what value proposition speaks best to the new segment of prospects you’re targeting is to A/B test different approaches. That’s what we did.

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How To Deal With 10 Most Common Insurance Sales Objections

most common insurance sales objections

If you sell insurance, then you’ll agree there’s nothing worse than dealing with sales objections that stop you from writing a new policy.

If you want to overcome this, then you’ve found the right article.

Today, David Duford, the owner of BuyLifeInsuranceForBurial.com and the author of three best-selling insurance sales books, will detail his word-for-word rebuttal scripts to defeat the top 10 most common insurance sales objections.

Let’s get started!

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Introducing Manual Tasks: Schedule In-app To-dos to Close More Deals

manual tasks

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’ve just rolled out a new feature called Manual Tasks.

If you’d like a reminder in your campaign to make a phone call to a prospect in between emails or to send a social media connection request before the first follow-up, you’ll love this feature.

Manual Tasks will help you increase your chances of closing deals, allow you to better organize your workflow, and manage prospects.

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How to Set Achievable Sales Targets for an Outbound Sales Team

How to Set Achievable Sales Goals

It’s no secret that outbound sales are a numbers game. Prospecting tactics and strategies are important, but not setting clear and achievable sales targets is like jumping in a taxi with no destination in mind; it’s not so smart and it’s simply a waste of money.

Today on our blog, we give the stage to Thibaut Souyris, the CEO and Founder of SalesLabs, who will tell you how to set your sales goals so they’re ambitious, but achievable.

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