Introducing Manual Tasks: Schedule In-app To-dos to Close More Deals

manual tasks

It’s my pleasure to announce that we’ve just rolled out a new feature called Manual Tasks.

If you’d like a reminder in your campaign to make a phone call to a prospect in between emails or to send a social media connection request before the first follow-up, you’ll love this feature.

Manual Tasks will help you increase your chances of closing deals, allow you to better organize your workflow, and manage prospects.

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How to Set Achievable Sales Targets for an Outbound Sales Team

How to Set Achievable Sales Goals

It’s no secret that outbound sales are a numbers game. Prospecting tactics and strategies are important, but not setting clear and achievable sales targets is like jumping in a taxi with no destination in mind; it’s not so smart and it’s simply a waste of money.

Today on our blog, we give the stage to Thibaut Souyris, the CEO and Founder of SalesLabs, who will tell you how to set your sales goals so they’re ambitious, but achievable.

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How to Avoid the SPAM Folder?

How to Avoid the SPAM Folder?


When you send out an email, it goes through a series of SPAM-filtering tests that determine whether it will be let through to the inbox.

And sure, this doesn’t really stand in the way of your email getting through when you want to just grab a coffee with friends (unless there’s 500 of them and you’re emailing them all at once with the same message), but it might prove problematic when you’re reaching out to prospects or clients and your messages keep being mistaken for SPAM.

See how to make sure your emails are getting exactly where you want them to – to the contact’s main inbox.

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6 Top Sales & Business Podcasts that You Should Listen to in 2020

6 Top Sales and Business Podcasts that You Should Listen to in 2020

Where do you get first-hand knowledge on sales and growing a business? Blogs, YouTube and various courses are probably the Top 3. And how about podcasts? They’ve gained huge popularity these years. No wonder, you can drive your car or train at the gym and learn new things at the same time.

I asked Vovik, the Head of Inbound Sales at Woodpecker, and Yuri, the Head of Outbound Sales, to recommend the examples of their favorite sales & business-related podcasts. Here’s the list.

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5 Ways to Leverage Webinars for SaaS Growth

In this article, Erkki Muuga, the creator of, will take a closer look at how to use webinars as a powerful and versatile tool to grow your SaaS product

Yep, webinars are more than just a great lead generation channel. They are also an effective way to engage your new and existing users, teach them how to get the most value out of the product, reduce customer churn, as well as establish your brand’s credibility and thought leadership in your niche. 

There’s more to good old webinars, than meets the eye. Let’s see.

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How to Set up a Domain and Mailbox for Cold Outreach?

How to set up domain and mailbox for outreach

When you’re getting ready to start sending cold emails, the first thing you should do is set up a separate domain and mailbox that you’ll use only for cold outreach. This is a necessary step mainly for your domain’s safety reason, but also it allows you to handle the responses from prospects more effectively because they won’t mix with other business emails you receive.

So without further ado, here’s a nutshell guide on how to correctly set up a separate domain and mailbox for cold emailing.

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How to Convert Free Trial Users into Paying Customers in SaaS?

How to Convert Free Trial Users into Paying Customers in SaaS

You might have the best SaaS product in the world, but still getting users to convert into paying customers won’t happen by itself.

This process needs to be thought through and designed so as to nudge the user in the right direction.

But how do you do so? What determines if users will convert or not?

I asked SaaS Growth Specialist Michał Fiech to help me out with this one and chime in on the topic.

Ready? Let’s go.

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