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Should You Use a Mass Email Sender? - cover photo

Should You Use a Mass Email Sender?

Mass email senders work wonders when used right. Crossing into spammer territory is easy if you're not careful. Use them wisely to ensure your emails are welcome, not unwelcome. 

Salesmate - features picture

Salesmate as CRM and Email Tool: Top Alternatives

Salesmate is primarily a sales CRM but it comes with a wealth of sales automation features that are guaranteed to shorten your sales cycle and bring new sales leads into your pipeline. Let's take a look at what this CRM software can do for your business and why it may (not) be the right choice for you.

Snov io: 2024 Review, Pricing and Top Alternatives - cover photo

Snov io: 2024 Review, Pricing and Top Alternatives

Snov.io helps sales teams deliver growth, engage leads, and get more sales through the door. The email tracker, Chrome extension, and reply detection are all handy features but in the end, Snov.io just may not be the right tool for you. 

Overloop alternatives - cover photo

Overloop for Outbound Emails: The Best Alternatives

Overloop is a great outreach tool, but it comes with its own set of challenges. The user experience is not the greatest, it can break often and the pricing is anything but amazing. There are better options out there but which one should you pick?

Top 5 Salesblink Alternatives for Cold Email in 2024 - cover photo

Top 5 Salesblink Alternatives for Cold Email in 2024

In just a few seconds, you can launch and scale personalized emails to potential clients, follow ups based on their reactions, and close deals with confidence. Today, we take a look at Salesblink for email marketing and how it helps salespeople close more deals.

Amplemarket - cover photo

Amplemarket for Sales Intelligence and Outreach: Top Alternatives

If you want to close deals with AI driven workflows and crush your revenue goals with email, get Woodpecker instead! We'll help you reach more prospects with our built in personalization and get in touch with real customers.

Saleshandy - cover photo

Saleshandy for Cold Emails: Features, Opinions, Alternatives

Saleshandy packs features but may not click with everyone and their needs. Even though the tool comes with a great tool set, its flaws, like limited integrations, steep learning curve, and price, might be disqualifying for some.

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