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outreach email marketing - cover photo

A Guide to Effective Outreach Email Marketing

Each email outreach campaign you launch is a step towards understanding your audience better and sharing your message. It's like having a chat with millions, one email at a time. 

2024 yahoo email guidelines

2024 Yahoo Email Guidelines: What You Need to Know

In February 2024, Yahoo introduced changes that are impacting all emails sent to each Yahoo mail account. The new rules are designed to improve user experience and ensure that emails are delivered effectively.

outreach Gmail plugin - cover photo

The Outreach Gmail Plugin Review – Is it Any Good for Cold Emails?

The Outreach Gmail plugin is handy, but it comes with a lot of baggage. Complex onboarding, lack of transparency in pricing, and it's more suited only for enterprises.

outreach email examples - cover photo

13 Amazing Outreach Email Examples for Cold Sales

Success in email outreach comes down to the right mix of tools and tactics. Our outreach email templates provide a sturdy base to launch your campaign. 

Best Email Outreach Software - cover photo

19 Best Email Outreach Software to Get More Sales

Finding the right email outreach software can change your approach to cold emails. It’s about quality, not quantity.

how much does outreach cost - cover photo

How Much Does Outreach Cost? The 2024 Outreach Pricing Guide

Sales engagement platforms don't have to have complex or hidden pricing. At Woodpecker, we give you the tools you need to turn cold leads into customers with cold email marketing. But it's not just that.

sdr cold email template - cover photo

12 Best SDR Cold Email Templates to Skyrocket Your Sales

A cold email strategy doesn't require an elaborate sales process. All it takes is a great cold email template to help you reach your ideal customer.

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