Integrate Woodpecker
with Pipedrive
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Pipedrive is a sales CRM and pipeline management software. Thanks to Woodpecker and Pipedrive sync, you can export data from Woodpecker to Pipedrive automatically.




How does it work?

Native integration for Team Pro Users

Try out the native Pipedrive integration with Woodpecker that is available in beta. It would help us a lot if you could test the integration and share your feedback.

Head to the blog to learn how to get access to the integration:

Announcing Native Pipedrive Integration Available in Beta >>

Integration via API aggregators for everyone

You can integrate Pipedrive with Woodpecker via Zapier or PieSync.

Using PieSync, you can set up a two-way sync between Woodpecker prospect base and your contact base in Pipedrive. Once a new contact is added to one of the tools, the two contact bases will sync automatically.

In Zapier, there are plenty of trigger-action based integrations you can set up to automate some of the most daunting tasks for your sales team.

For instance, when Woodpecker marks a prospect as ‘replied’, a new deal can be automatically created in Pipedrive. Or, if you want to add just the interested prospects to your pipeline, only the replies marked as ‘interested’ may be turned into Pipedrive deals. The latter is a ready-made zap template you can use from right here:



But there’s much more than that! There are plenty of available triggers and actions that you can arrange into your own custom zaps for Woodpecker and Pipedrive integration via Zapier.

How to set it up?

If you want to use this integration, you need an account on Zapier or PieSync, in addition to your Woodpecker and Pipedrive accounts.

To sync Woodpecker with Pipedrive via PieSync, you log in to your PieSync account and choose Woodpecker and Pipedrive as your two apps to sync. You authorize the apps by pasting an API key from each of them into PieSync, choose the range of data to be synced, confirm, and there you go – your databases get synced automatically from now on. Without hard coding.

To understand the details of how it works and get a step-by-step setup tutorial, check the resources in the Help & tutorials section at the bottom of this page.

If you want to integrate Woodpecker with Pipedrive via Zapier, on a trigger-action basis, you log in to your Zapier account and create zaps for the events that you want to take place automatically. First, you choose the trigger in one app, and then you choose the action you’d like to happen in the other app when the trigger event takes place. Again, there is no hard coding involved. All you need is the API key you just copy and paste to authorize your Woodpecker and Pipedrive accounts in Zapier.

For more details, the list of available triggers and actions as well as setup instructions, check the resources in Help & tutorials section below.

Automatically synchronize your prospect and client data