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Best Cold Email Tools for 2024

There are plenty of cold email tools out there, so how do you choose the right one? Don't worry – we've got you covered.

3 Best Smartreach Alternatives for 2024

Check out what Smartreach has to offer and why is it worth looking for its alternatives. Learn more about the best four platforms.

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3 Best Fast Outreach Alternatives for 2024

Fast Outreach is a tool created to handle promotional email communications. But is it as good as it promises? Check out its alternatives.

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4 Best Lemlist Alternatives for 2024

Lemlist is often praised for its capabilities, but it's not always the all-in-one solution it promises to be.

9 Tips for Making Your Cold Emails More Persuasive

Here’s your mission, should you choose to accept it. Write a brief email to someone who doesn’t know you and who is not expecting to receive anything from you and persuade them to do something that you ask. 

woodpecker ai tools part 2

AI Guide for Writing Cold Emails: Part 2 – Prompts

Prompts are very important when creating AI-generated content because it tells the AI tool everything about the kind of content you want to produce. The more information you provide in your prompt, the more aligned the final product will be with what you have in mind. 

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AI Guide for Writing Cold Emails: Part 1 – Frameworks

It’s no secret that AI text generation tools can get the job done faster than you can. And more creatively than you can. And with more detail than you can. And do it all in a hundred different ways you would probably never think of on your own. 

Recruiting Email Templates For Cold Outreach

Employment recruiters are discovering the power of cold emails in their daily challenge of connecting with top talent to fill client positions. Effectively reaching out to job seekers and others who aren’t even necessarily looking for a job switch is how conversations start and cold emails have become a must-have for any successful recruiter.