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email warm-up: manual or automated?

Woodpecker Warm-up & Recovery Is Now Available on Free Trial

Drumroll please. You can now use Woodpecker Warm-up & Recovery on the trial for free. That’s right – you don’t have to pay a penny to start using it right after you sign up.

MooseCat Recording logo

How MooseCat Recording Books Artists, Managers and Producers with Woodpecker

If you’re growing a small business, you know that it requires wearing many hats. You’re often doing tasks that would easily fit into several job descriptions. That’s how it is for Mike and Carly at MooseCat Recording, a private boutique recording studio.

Cold email trends - illustration

5 Cold Emailing Trends to Look Into in 2022

You already know that cold emails are a powerful way to move conversations forward quickly, even if they’re starting at zero. And just like any other form of outreach, much of the success of your cold emails depends on how you use that super-short time window to communicate your message.

How to Safely Scale up Your Cold Email Outreach

Here’s the scenario. You only recently started with Woodpecker but you already see the massive potential you’ve unlocked with cold emailing. After a bit of experimenting and browsing through our massive library of guides and other helpful resources, you’re comfortable with the basics of good subject lines and persuasive content and maybe you’ve even mastered the concept of ready-made email sequences.

lead generation services - picture

Outbound Lead Generation Services: Here’s How to Choose the Right Expert

Let me take a guess: you’re looking for a lead generation service, but so far you’ve been overwhelmed with the options and don’t quite know who to choose to fulfill your lead generation needs.

illustration for a blog post about LinkedIn tools

7 LinkedIn Contact Export Tools to Get a Prospect’s Email

A while back, we published a blog post about ways to find a prospect's email address from LinkedIn. Today, we're following up with an extended list of tools you can use to do so. Gaurav Sharma, the CEO of Attrock, a digital marketing company, shares his top picks. Over to you, Gaurav.

Done and Delivered logo

Introducing Done & Delivered – Our Newest Video Series

Before joining Woodpecker, about 8 months ago, I had never heard about cold emails. I didn’t know what they were, or any of the rules and best practices associated with them. You could say that I was… left out in the cold. But, this week marks the premiere of my own deliverability-focused video series, D&D. So, you may be wondering - how did it come about?

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