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How Do You Generate Recruitment Leads?

As a recruiter, you know that the only way to get the attention of potential applicants is to stand out from the crowd. It’s not easy, but with the right tools at your hand, you can generate recruitment leads through outreach via email.

How to Get More Customers Using Cold Emails

That’s the question every business owner and salesperson asks themselves: how do I get more quality customers? Usually, generating new business opportunities takes a lot of time an effort.

vidoe prospceting guide - a picture of a camera

How to Get More Clients with Video: a Guide to Video Prospecting

In recent years, video has skyrocketed in popularity worldwide. And included within an email, it gets additional superpower. So we thought it'd be interesting for you if Darius from Dubb shared his insights and tips. Keep reading to find out how to make an A+ prospecting video, what mistakes to avoid, and how to include videos in your sales process. 

Black Friday - sales automation tools

Black Friday 2022: Automation Tools That Will Help You Drive Sales

Sales automation tools are a huge time-saver. While there are no one-size-fits-all solutions, there's enough choice to pick one that will be just right for you. And sometimes you can get them for less - like this Black Friday season. Take a look of some of the offers I've collected for you.

email warm-up: manual or automated?

Woodpecker Warm-up & Recovery Is Now Available on Free Trial

Drumroll please. You can now use Woodpecker Warm-up & Recovery on the trial for free. That’s right – you don’t have to pay a penny to start using it right after you sign up.

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How MooseCat Recording Books Artists, Managers and Producers with Woodpecker

If you’re growing a small business, you know that it requires wearing many hats. You’re often doing tasks that would easily fit into several job descriptions. That’s how it is for Mike and Carly at MooseCat Recording, a private boutique recording studio.

Cold email trends - illustration

5 Cold Emailing Trends to Look Into in 2022

You already know that cold emails are a powerful way to move conversations forward quickly, even if they’re starting at zero. And just like any other form of outreach, much of the success of your cold emails depends on how you use that super-short time window to communicate your message.