Best Cold Email Software of 2023: 10 Top Tools Compared

Mateusz Supel

You decided to take your sales to the next level. You’re on the lookout for a cold email tool that will fit into your needs perfectly and speed up your sales cycle.

The thing is, though, that there’s a big choice of cold email software out there, and sometimes it’s not easy to find the one that’s right for you.

I’ve made things a little easier for you and prepared a list of the best platforms for cold emailing to help you make up your mind.

What should you look for in a cold email software?

First things first – what features should a good cold emailing tool have?


  • a sending algorithm that sends emails at random time intervals, just like a person would;
  • email verification to avoid bounces and protect your domain reputation;
  • warm-up with different scenarios: email, domain, and sender reputation recovery;
  • custom tracking domains


  • custom fields


  • automated follow-ups
  • reply detection (which stops the sequence);
  • A/B testing


With business tools you’re using right now, for example:

  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Calendly

Woodpecker Cold Email


We make sure Woodpecker’s sending algorithm is geared towards the best deliverability. Woodpecker sends emails at random moments within a specified time frame to mimic human sending.

And every time an email gets out, the email address gets verified just before it’s sent. The built-in real-time email verification helps you to avoid bounces.

Woodpecker is the best platform for cold emailing since we also offer a Warm-up & Recovery system that’s included in the price for our users. (Warm-up & Recovery is not available for Google users). The system has 3 different types of scenarios: email warm-up, domain warm-up, and recovery to regain a good sender reputation (all of those require a different type of scenario).

email warm-up & recovery Woodpecker

With Woodpecker you can also track your clicks safely with custom tracking domains.

What makes our cold email tool stand out from the competition are the Deliverability Monitor and Bounce Shield.

Deliverability Monitor keeps track of your sending process and deliverability trends. By using this feature, you can notice if there are any potential issues with your deliverability, and react in time to avoid them.

Deliverability Monitor - track your sending trends

Bounce Shield prevents potential deliverability drops by stopping you from exceeding your email’s provider sending limits. Woodpecker automatically pauses your campaign for several minutes if you’re about to exceed them, so you don’t get blocked for 24 h by your email provider.


Of course, all cold email tools allow you to send automated follow-ups – that’s their very core feature.

Woodpecker detects replies from your prospects, and automatically stops the sequence when someone responds or schedules a call via Calendly.

Besides that, with Woodpecker you can A/B test your messages. You can test up to 5 variations of a message to see which one worked best.

You can also send follow-ups in the same threads as the opening message.


You can use snippets (custom fields) to add a human touch to your messages and easily personalize your outreach.

To better tailor your messaging, you can set conditions based on prospect’s behavior, and even start your campaign with a condition (to contact two segments of prospects with one campaign flow).

You can also send emails in the prospect’s timezone. Woodpecker will automatically match the country with the timezone once your prospect’s country is included in your data.


Woodpecker is natively integrated with such tools as:

  • Calendly
  • Pipedrive
  • HubSpot
  • Google Sheets
  • LeadFuze
  • UpLead
  • Hunter
  • and more

Free trial & pricing

Free trial: 7-day free trial

Pricing: You pay for what you use. You build your own plan by picking how many emails you want to send and which add-ons you need:

  • Advanced campaigns
  • API keys & integrations
  • Woodpecker Agency

The cheapest plan starts with $39/month/slot.

Our Warm-up & Recovery system and email verification is included in the price.

If you go with the annual plan, you get 2 months for free.

See pricing>>

Snov io features

Deliverability verifies your emails, but it does so in bulk. You need to import the list. This means they’re not checked in real-time. doesn’t offer an email/domain warm-up feature, so you’d have to handle the process manually.

Automation & personalization gives their user an option of A/B testing.

They are, however, available for users starting with an M plan. So, if you have an S plan or freemium, you won’t be able to A/B test your emails to find the best performing version

You can add conditions to your campaigns that are based on prospect’s behavior.

To personalize your emails, you can use custom fields.

Integrations is natively connected with Pipedrive. To use it with other CRMs and tools, like HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Salesforce and Asana, you’d have to do it via Zapier.

Free trial & pricing

Free Trial: offers a free trial.

Pricing: There are 6 options:

  • S, for $39 per month – for startups and solo entrepreneurs. Includes 1000 credits and 5000 unique recipients.
  • M, for $99 per month – for small sales and marketing teams. Includes 5000 credits and 1000 unique recipients.
  • L, for $189 per month – for companies expanding their reach. Includes 20000 credits and 30000 unique recipients.
  • XL, for $369 per month – for sales teams. High-powered solution. Includes 50000 credits and 50000 unique recipients.
  • XXL, for $738 per month – for agencies and enterprises. Includes 100 000 credits and 100 000 unique recipients.

Reply io features


Reply has a warm-up feature. You have to pay for it extra, though – $29/month per account. This cold email software validates the email addresses on your list with a built-in integration, and you can also use custom tracking domains.


Reply detects when someone writes back to you, and you can also A/B test your messages to see which one gets better engagement.


This cold email tool allows you to personalize the content of your emails with variables. You can also use conditional variables to add conditions of if/else format within your sequences.

Free trial & pricing

Free trial: You can try Reply 14 days for free.

Pricing: There are three types of plans: Sales Engagement, Email Search, and Email Warm-up.

  • Sales engagement is divided into 3 user types. For businesses, the prices are $70 a month per user (starts at 3 users), $60 a month per user (starts at 5 users), or $50 a month per user (starts at 10 users).
  • Email Search has three options, too: free, $49 a month with 5000 email credits a month, and $99 a month with unlimited email credits a month
  • Email Warm-up – $29 a month per email account


quickmail features


Quickmail gives their users an option of email warm-up. This feature is called Auto-Warmer and it’s free for up to 50 inboxes per account.

This cold email tool allows you to verify emails, but it’s an extra cost – you need to buy credits every time you want to verify your list.

Personalization & automation

If you’d like to increase your prospect engagement with email personalization, you can do it with Quickmail’s integration with Hyperise.

You can A/B test your emails with Quickmail and see which variation does a better job.

If you’d like to send a follow-up in the same thread as your opening message – well, you wouldn’t be able to do it with Quickmail.


Quickmail integrates with email verification tools like DropContact, ZeroBounce, and NeverBounce, and other business software, such as Aircall, Twilio and Slack.

Free trial & pricing

Free trial: Quickmail offers a 14-day free trial.


  • Auto-Warmer Plan is free
  • Starter Plan: $59/month. You can send 500 emails a day per inbox with this plan. Everything from the free plan plus Bounce Detection, Multi touch email campaigns, auto follow-ups, Live notifications.
  • Pro Plan, for $79/month. Everything from Free and Starter Plan plus Zapier integration, Conditional Steps, Auto import spreadsheets and weekly deliverability report. You can send 1500 emails/day/inbox with this plan.


lemlist features


Lemlist is one of many cold emailing tools which offer a warm-up feature (they called it Lemwarm). It allows you to handle the warm-up process automatically, but only in one scenario, which means the process looks the same if you’re warming up a domain and an email account.

When it comes to email verification – another crucial deliverability feature – Lemlist is integrated with Bouncer, but it’s not a built-in integration. To use it, you need to set it up using an API key and configure it on your Bouncer account, and then every time you want to verify your list, you need to do it in your Bouncer account.

Lemlist offers custom domain tracking, which helps to track clicks safely. This cold email tool lacks a way to monitor your deliverability stats, though, and it doesn’t protect you from exceeding your email provider’s sending limits.


Lemlist has a reply detection feature – when a prospect replies or clicks on a link, it will stop sending the rest of the campaign automatically.

They also allow you to A/B test your emails, which is a plus. You can’t send follow-ups in the same thread, though.


With Lemlist, you can use liquid syntax and spin syntax to personalize your message. You can also add a text to an image which you attach in your email, and build a landing page.


Lemlist is natively integrated with such CRMs as Salesforce, Hubspot and Pipedrive.

Free trial and pricing

Free Trial: Lemlist offers a free 14-day trial.

Lemwarm isn’t available on the trial.

Pricing: There are three pricing plans:

  • Email Warm-up – $29/month (only lemwarm);.
  • Email outreach – $59/month;
  • Sales engagement – $99/month/


Outreach io features

Outreach is a more robust platform for enterprises, and as such is on the higher end in terms of price.


Outreach offers many features, but a warm-up system is not one of them. This cold email tool also doesn’t verify the email addresses on your list. You can use custom tracking domains, though (they’re called Branded URLs).


You can put prospects in an automated sequence (called a playbook).

You can A/B test your messages with Outreach.

This cold email tool also offers products such as Outreach Kaia (an in-call transcription assistant) or Outreach Commit (helps you with sales forecasts).


You can use snippets to personalize your emails, and build message templates.


Here are some of Outreach’s native integrations: Salesforce, Google Calendar, Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Free trial & pricing

Free Trial: doesn’t have a free trial.

Pricing: In order to see how much you’d have to pay, you’d need to request that info on their pricing page.


mailshake features


Mailshake has a warm-up system – they’ve acquired Warm Up Your Email. When you want to use it, you need to start with setting up the daily sending volume.

This cold email tool also offers email verification – you have to buy credits to conduct it, though, and it’s done in bulk, instead of in real-time before each email goes out.

Automation & personalization

As in all the other cold emailing software, you can use custom fields to personalize your emails in Mailshake.

When someone replies, Mailshake pauses your sequence.

A/B testing, which is also included in Mailshake, allows you to test variations of your campaign to see what works better.


Mailshake is natively integrated with some of the CRMs, such as Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Salesforce.

Free trial & pricing

Free trial: no free trial.

Pricing: Here’s Mailshake’s pricing:

  • Email Outreach option – 59$ per month
  • Sales engagement option – 99$ per month

Apollo io features

Another one of the best cold email outreach software is Apollo which is strongly focused on helping you with prospecting. Let’s see how it looks in terms of necessary cold email features.


Apollo won’t help you with your email or domain warm-up, nor with validating your email list.

But they do offer custom tracking domains for safe click tracking.

Automation & personalization

Like every cold emailing platform, Apollo allows you to use custom fields for personalization. You can also A/B test your messages with the software.


This cold email tool doesn’t have a large integration base, and to use them you’d need Zapier. Some of them include Salesforce and Hubspot.

Free trial & pricing

Free Trial: a 14-day trial, limited to 50 email credits per month.


  • Basic plan – $49 per month. Limited to 200 email credits per month.
  • Professional plan – $99 per month, unlimited email credits and 50 mobile numbers per month.
  • There is also a Custom plan, where you receive everything from the Professional plan, plus some advanced options.


klenty features


You won’t be able to automatically warm up your emails and domains with Klenty. Also, if you’d like to have the email addresses on your list verified, you’d have to use a separate tool to do so, as this cold email tool doesn’t offer such a feature.

You can use custom tracking domains, though.

Personalization & automation

Klenty’s Liquid Templates can help you with personalizing your emails, and you can also record and add videos to your messages (if you integrate Klenty with Hippo Video).

This cold email software also allows you to use A/B testing to see which template in a running campaign gets a better response rate.


Klenty is natively integrated with tools such as Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, Salesforce and Slack.

Free trial & pricing

Free trial: 14-day free trial

Pricing: There are 3 price plans:

  • Start up, billed $55 monthly, includes Email Cadences, API, Zapier Integration, Gmail plugin and Mail Merge.
  • Growth, billed $85 per month, includes everything from Start up plan, plus CRm integrations, video personalization, multichannel outreach and more.
  • Enterprise, including all options from Growth plan, billed $145 per month, also includes Monthly customer success review, Monthly deliverability reports and IP based login restrictions.


yesware features

Yesware is an add-on for Gmail and Outlook that helps you track your emails.


With Yesware, you won’t be able to put your email or domain warm-up on autopilot. This cold email tool also won’t verify your email list to make sure your emails don’t bounce.

Automation & personalization

Yesware notifies you when your recipient engages with your email, so you can follow up with them.

It also offers email templates that might help you write messages (although using ready-made templates isn’t the best idea).

It’s not possible to A/B test your emails with this cold email software, so it might be difficult for you to see which template in your emails works best for the open rate.


You can integrate Yesware with Salesforce and LinkedIn (which means adding LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Gmail), and several other tools.

Free trial & pricing

Free Trial: 14 day trial.

Pricing: There are four paid plan options:

  • Pro Plan – $19 seat/month, includes some of the features as: Unlimited email open tracking, unlimited attachment tracking, unlimited email link tracking, personal activity report and email and phone support.
  • Premium plan – $45 seat/month, includes pro features, plus unlimited teams, removal of yesware branding, Zoom meeting integration, team reporting and some more.
  • Enterprise – $85 seat/month, including everything from Premium plan, plus all Salesforce integration option, trusted IP ranges, Dedicated customer success manager and some more.
  • Custom plan – including everything from Enterprise option, plus RingCentral telephony integration, Pay by Invoice, Legal review, Security review and many more.

Ready to send cold emails?

Hope this list of the best cold email software to send cold emails makes it easier for you to choose. There are a lot of cold email tools out there, and it might seem difficult to find out which one is best for you.

Some of the cold email software focus more on personalization and others on deliverability. Good news is that most of these cold email tools you can test during a free trial.

Now, when you’re ready to start your first cold email campaign – or if you’d like to switch from another cold emailing software – and actually have your emails hit your prospects main inbox, give Woodpecker a go and start your free trial.

Connect with any email client and start your cold email journey with Woodpecker.