Top +10 Salesloft Competitors to Try in 2024

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Salesloft competitiors

Not every shiny tool fits all businesses, and Salesloft is no exception.

As you search for the ultimate sales engagement platform, remember that what works like a charm for one team might not suit another, especially if you’re tight on budget or a small team just starting out.

Find out more in our overview of the top Salesloft competitors for 2024, which might just be what your doctor ordered for your sales team.

Salesloft – what’s the tool about?

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform with a wide range of tools and features for sales pipeline management.

Salesloft - a sales engagement platform

Core functions and top qualities of Salesloft

The most robust ones that you may find handy, are…

01 Cadences

Sales reps can automate the key parts of the sales process, like emails and calls, using Cadence. It links with other apps and your CRM system.

Salesloft users might find it useful because it also tracks their sales activities.

02 Conversations

It’s a platform that captures and analyzes sales discussions. It uses artificial intelligence to transcribe and summarize each conversation, so it’s easier for sales leaders and customer success teams to get insights.

It is especially useful for teams looking to maintain consistent communication and leverage conversation data to support sales activities.

03 Deals

This tool supports revenue teams in managing their sales pipeline. It integrates with CRM systems to provide real-time updates and actionable insights on deal progress. Sales reps can edit and manage deals directly from the platform.

04 Forecast

Forecast is useful for sales teams, mid-market companies, and enterprise businesses.

It combines AI and real-time insights to predict sales outcomes. Revenue leaders can use the dashboard to view changes, analyze deal health, and guide future sales strategies.

On top of it, Salesloft offers revenue intelligence software, sales tracking software, call recording software, and cold email software.

Cons of Salesloft

While it packs some serious firepower, Salesloft is not the ideal solution for many sales teams. These are some of the most common complaints that arise in customer reviews:

  • Pricing details are not clear on the website.
  • A free trial is not available.
  • It’s hard to change your email signature.
  • The activity feed looks too busy and can be confusing.
  • You can’t customize reports to your liking.
  • Sometimes, the system makes duplicate records by accident.
  • Users report that having more analytics and extra coaching would help them understand the tool better.

How much does Salesloft cost?

Salesloft does not provide any pricing details. Also, Salesloft does not offer a free trial. Instead, you need to schedule a demo to test the platform before making a commitment to a paid plan.

There are three main packages: Essentials, Advanced, and Premier, each addressing different needs from pipeline management to deal conversion and revenue forecasting.

However, the lack of a free trial and unclear pricing details make it difficult to compare its value against other tools without first committing financially.

📚 Read more about Salesloft pricing.

Top Salesloft competitors

Salesloft has much to offer, but the lack of transparency and complexity of the tool might make you look elsewhere. That’s why we prepared the list of great Salesloft alternatives.

#1 Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a hub for managing cold emails, useful for teams and agencies.

Woodpecker - one of the best Salesloft competitors

Core functions and top qualities of Woodpecker

  • Email inbox warming tools keep your messages out of spam and improve campaign success.
  • Real-time email analytics let you see what works and what doesn’t for better targeting.
  • Automated and personalized campaigns adjust based on recipient reactions and integrate seamlessly with CRMs.
  • Natural sending patterns protect your emails from being marked as spam.
  • Manage all client activities from a single dashboard, simplifying operations.
  • Email deliverability monitoring around the clock to preemptively address potential issues.

Who is the tool best for?

Woodpecker is best for sales teams, marketing professionals, and agencies that focus on email-driven outreach. With its centralized dashboard, it is also useful for those managing multiple client accounts.

The platform supports teams with real-time analytics and automated campaign adjustments.

It’s a good fit for anyone relying on cold emailing to engage prospects and drive business growth.

How much does Woodpecker cost?

Woodpecker is available in monthly and annual plans.

The basic Cold Email plan starts at $29 per month, and if you opt for annual billing, you save 16%. The plan includes managing up to 500 prospects per month with unlimited follow-ups and the ability to store up to 2,000 prospects. There is also a free trial available to test the service before making a purchase.

#2 La Growth Machine

It’s one of the most popular sales engagement platforms for sales managers, sales and marketing teams. La Growth Machine supports multichannel prospecting including email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It enriches lead data and automates outreach sequences across these platforms.

La Growth Machine - one of the Salesloft competitors

Core functions and top qualities of La Growth Machine

  • Multichannel messaging automates outreach on email, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Lead data enrichment fills in missing information like job titles and contact details
  • Integrated sales automation schedules follow-ups based on lead responses
  • Automation and artificial intelligence (LGM Voice AI)

How much does La Growth Machine cost?

You can choose from three plans. The lowest starts at €60 per month. You can try the tool out with a 14-day free trial.

🤔 Cons of La Growth Machine

  • Custom workflows only in the most expensive plan
  • No centralized inbox for easy tracking
  • Lacks a Google Chrome extension for LinkedIn and Twitter outreach
  • Individual dashboards complicate message management
  • Fewer features compared to major competitors

#3 Mailstand

If your sales team is looking for cold email outreach software, Mailstand might be one of the choices. It allows merging mailboxes from various providers to optimize email outreach, and make sales processes more productive.

Mailstand - one of the Salesloft competitors

Core functions and top qualities of Mailstand

  • Personalized mail merge enhances targeted communication
  • Automated email sequences ensure timely follow-ups
  • Mailbox rotation prevents email fatigue and improves deliverability
  • A/B testing optimizes email campaigns by testing variations

How much does Mailstand cost?

Mailstand offers a 7-day free trial. Pricing starts at $12 per month for one mailbox, with packages increasing up to $95 per month for up to ten mailboxes. There’s also an option for unlimited mailboxes.

🤔 Cons of Mailstand

  • User experience is confusing and can be time-consuming
  • Feature set is less competitive compared to other platforms
  • Occasional software glitches disrupt workflows
  • Limited reviews available, raising concerns about credibility
  • Lacks some advanced features like AI support and deliverability tools

#4 Apollo

Apollo is a sales engagement platform that helps teams automate their outreach across multiple channels like email and LinkedIn. It focuses on lead generation, enrichment, and scoring, making it easier for sales teams to manage and execute their sales processes.

Apollo - sales engagement platform

Core functions and top qualities of Apollo

  • Multi-channel outreach with automated sequences
  • Lead scoring and data enrichment
  • CRM integration for streamlined sales management
  • Advanced analytics for tracking campaign effectiveness

How much does Apollo cost?

You can see how the tool works by signing up for the Free plan with basic, limited features. Paid plans start at $59 per user/month with the most robust plan at $149 per user/month, a minimum of 3 users, billed annually.

🤔 Cons of Apollo

  • Pricing lacks flexibility for small businesses
  • Customer support response can be slow
  • Data accuracy sometimes falls short
  • User interface feels outdated
  • Feature overload can overwhelm users

#5 Findymail

Findymail serves as an email finder and verifier. It also automates data export from platforms like LinkedIn.

Findymail - sales engagement platform

Core functions and top qualities of Findymail

  • Automated data export cleans and enriches contact information
  • You pay only for valid emails, making budgeting more predictable
  • Includes a Sales Navigator Scraper for better LinkedIn integration
  • Compatible with CRM systems for seamless data management

How much does Findymail cost?

Findymail offers three pricing plans. The lowest one costs $49/month for 1,000 verified emails, while the highest one costs $249/month and allows you to verify 15,000 email addresses.

🤔 Cons of Findymail

  • Steep learning curve for new users
  • Setup and navigation can be challenging
  • Limited integration with other tools
  • Does not always work smoothly with Chrome initially
  • Team member limit of 10 on all plans

#6 SuperSend

Supersend simplifies outbound campaigns for sales and marketing teams. It’s a Salesloft alternative that focuses on your cold email campaign effectiveness.

Supersend - sales engagement platform

Core functions and top qualities of SuperSend

  • Multi-platform messaging lets you reach out to prospects via email, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  • Automated personalization scales your campaign efforts using AI for content creation
  • Email verification and inbox rotation maintain high delivery rates while keeping your accounts safe
  • Lead enrichment and split testing optimize your outreach strategies

How much does Sersend cost?

Supersend comes with plans starting at $30 per month for the whole company, not per user. The Basic plan includes managing 2,000 active leads and sending up to 6,000 emails monthly. The Scale plan at $75 per month increases limits significantly, allowing for 30,000 active leads and 150,000 emails monthly.

🤔 Cons of Supersend

  • New features often have bugs
  • The shared inbox feature does not always work properly
  • Onboarding for LinkedIn outreach can be confusing
  • Constant updates may be overwhelming
  • Features can be complex for new users


It’s a sales engagement tool that helps you find leads and do cold outreach via email and LinkedIn. lets you collect leads, store them in CRM, and run automated email campaigns without hitting spam folders. - sales engagement platform

Core functions and top qualities of

  • Email finder and enrichment to get accurate contact details from LinkedIn
  • Drag-and-drop campaign builder with email templates for easy outreach
  • Automated drip campaigns to nurture leads
  • Full sales toolbox with CRM, analytics, and email tracking all in one place

How much does cost?

There are three pricing plans, starting with the trial at $0/month with 50 credits, 100 email recipients, and basic features. The highest offers 5,000 credits, 10,000 email recipients, and advanced features at $99/month.

🤔 Cons of

  • Setting up can be hard for beginners
  • Pricing is not very scalable, making it expensive for large email lists
  • Data enrichment often gives inaccurate results
  • Customer support is slow to respond to user issues
  • Users find the email finder sometimes provides low-quality data


Reply is a tool that helps sales teams with inbound and outbound sales, for example, sending cold emails on time and managing conversations.

Reply - one of the sales engagement platforms for a sales team, and one of the Salesloft alternatives

It makes setting up email campaigns easy and helps you stay connected with your contacts through automated emails.

Core functions and top qualities of Reply

  • Personalized email templates for higher engagement
  • Automated email sequences to keep in touch with prospects
  • Built-in email validation
  • Timezone detection to ensure optimal timing of emails

How much does Reply cost?

There are three bundles to choose from: sales engagement, AI SDR, and AI Chat. Let’s focus on the first one, though.

The lowest plan for sale engagement depends on the sending volume. It starts from $59/month for 1000 active contacts/month. The other plans have established prices – Multichannel at $99/user/month and Agencies at $166/month, with annual billing only.

🤔 Cons of Reply

  • Limited AI capabilities can restrict automation on a large scale
  • Email customization options are not extensive
  • Tagging system can complicate email sorting
  • Requires additional tools for email warm-up
  • Deliverability monitoring is not always reliable

#9 Klenty

Klenty is sales engagement software that automates outbound sales activities. It helps sales teams manage their cold outreach campaigns. The platform features various tools to optimize sales strategies and improve interaction with potential clients.

Klenty - one of the Salesloft alternatives

Core functions and top qualities of Klenty

  • Automated email scheduling enhances timely communication
  • CRM integration streamlines customer data management
  • Sales dialer and SMS automation expand communication channels
  • Email personalization tools increase response rates

How much does Klenty cost?

Klenty’s pricing starts at $60 per user per month and scales up to $125 per user per month for more advanced features. You can purchase Klenty plans on an annual or quarterly basis, but monthly options are not available. There is also a free trial to explore the features before committing.

🤔 Cons of Klenty

  • Outdated design and functionality
  • Full message and call automation is not possible
  • Each sales member needs a separate account
  • Missing LinkedIn automation in lower plans
  • Limited AI features for message replies

#10 Salesmate

Salesmate is a sales engagement software that provides tools for sales engagement, prospecting, and email outreach. Acquired by Freshworks in 2022, it aims to be the best CRM for teams focused on sales activities, which includes sales management features and more.

Salesmate - one of the Salesloft alternatives

Core functions and top qualities of Salesmate

  • Automated sales sequences streamline outreach efforts
  • AI-driven personalization tailors interactions with leads
  • Multichannel outreach including email, SMS, and chatbots
  • CRM integration for comprehensive sales management

How much does Salesmate cost?

Salesmate pricing starts at $29 per user per month and scales up to $79 per user per month, with custom pricing available for enterprise-level needs. There’s also a free trial for users to test features.

🤔 Cons of Salesmate

  • The complex feature set requires a learning curve
  • Some users report software bugs and crashes
  • Limited appeal if only CRM functionality is needed
  • Not suited for beginners due to its complexity
  • Requires significant time to fully leverage features

#11 Uptics

Uptics is a sales automation platform designed to enhance email outreach, CRM management, and task automation. The tool is geared towards small businesses, startups, and sales professionals.

Uptics - one of the Salesloft alternatives

Core functions and top qualities of Uptics

  • Email validation to boost deliverability
  • Spam checker to maintain sender reputation
  • DNS monitoring to protect email campaigns
  • AB testing to optimize email effectiveness

How much does Uptics cost?

Uptics pricing starts at $99 per month and scales up to $299 per month depending on the features included. There is also a 14-day free trial available for any of the plans.

🤔 Cons of Uptics

  • Pricing lacks transparency
  • Occasional software bugs
  • Complex onboarding process
  • Limited integration options
  • Customer support issues reported

Select the right sales engagement platform for your business

Salesloft has a lot to offer but isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. It’s especially challenging for small teams on tight budgets due to its vague pricing and lack of a free trial.

Making an informed decision about which sales tool to use means trying them out first. For many, Woodpecker serves as an excellent starting point with its user-friendly features and transparent costs.

Try Woodpecker for free!