Snov io: 2024 Review, Pricing and Top Alternatives

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Launching amazing email marketing campaigns always seems so easy when you see someone else’s emails hit your inbox. But maximizing your own email marketing efforts requires a lot of preparation, strategy, hard work, and the right tool. is a popular app for email drip campaigns that does it all from A-Z. From finding valid email addresses, using their email verification tool, to sending out personalized email outreach messages.

But is any good, and what alternatives should you consider?

A bit about

Snov. o homepage is a sales engagement and outreach tool that lets you collect leads, store them in a CRM platform and do targeted cold outreach without hitting the spam folder. While there are many apps out there that can help with your outreach efforts, stands out because it has a full sales toolbox.

Besides cold outreach via email, it also has support for LinkedIn. You can use the email finder extension to go on LinkedIn and find emails of your targets, making lead generation effortless. You can also use the email enrichment process – when you have some details, fills out the rest so you can have more personalized email campaigns.

The good sides of for email campaigns

Most users praise the email finder that helps them with lead generation. The Chrome plugin combined with the accuracy of the email finder make lead generation easy for sales teams.

The drag-and-drop campaign builder powered up by email templates lets you reach and engage leads even if you have no previous experience with cold outreach. The user-friendly interface has all the important information in one place. There are email analytics, along with a tracker for each email that goes out.

The drip campaigns help deliver growth even for companies that never created such a campaign before. Overall, this sales toolbox is easy to use and can help a business of any size amplify its lead generation efforts and get more sales.

The downsides of using for your sales and marketing efforts

While there is overwhelmingly positive feedback about this tool, some novice users struggle with setting it up. The biggest complaint is probably that the pricing is not very scalable and that with a large number of addresses for email outreach, becomes very expensive, which can be a constraint for the average small business.

While the email finder is generally accurate, users complain that data enrichment is not and that it gives a low number of accurate results. Many users complain about the customer support which is not very responsive. pricing

The most affordable plan is $30 per month, which gives you 1,000 credits for 5,000 email recipients. You also get three email inbox warmups, unlimited mailbox rotation, unlimited sender accounts, and follow-ups.

There is a free trial with 50 credits and 100 email recipients, which may not be enough for the average user to test out the cold emailing features in Your best bet is trying out the paid version and sending out a few campaigns to potential clients.

Top alternatives for email drip campaigns in 2024

If you’re looking for more revenue, fewer follow-ups, and a less time-consuming setup, you may want another tool to send cold emails.

Here are some other platforms that you should consider for your next drip campaign.



Whether you’re an agency or a business that wants to power up your outreach with new features, Woodpecker has everything you may need in one place. First, we help you set up and warm up your email inbox so you don’t hit the spam folder. We then provide you with an email verifier to check that your addresses are real before doing any outreach.

When warming up your account, we use a unique algorithm that sends out messages similar to a real human being. This not only helps you reach the primary inbox but also avoids sending emails to the same account twice.

You can create easy drip campaigns with our drag and drop builder and set up automation. You choose what happens when someone opens an email or clicks on a link. Monitor everything from a single dashboard and get a clear overview of your bounce rate and other key metrics. You can split test your campaigns to find out which of the sent emails drive the best results.

The integrations are plenty, for different uses in your sales team. There are CRMs like Pipedrive and Hubspot, communication tools like Slack and scheduling tools such as Calendly. And if you need more help, you can create your own integrations with Zapier.

There are plenty of email templates to help you get started and you also get access to AI features for easy personalization. The email deliverability tool ensures that you’re always breaking through to the main inbox.

Woodpecker pricing starts at just $29 per month, allowing you to contact 500 prospects and store 2,000 in your Woodpecker account. You get free email warmup and verification and unlimited team members and accounts. It also comes with inbox rotation and bounce shield, as well as an AI writing email assistant and split testing.

The best part is that you can get started completely free.

Grab your trial of Woodpecker today!



Apollo is similar to in that it offers a toolbox with all the apps a sales professional may need. You get sales intelligence, engagement, prospecting, and closing features. Unfortunately, it does not have its own CRM platform, but there are options, such as the Hubspot integration that can do the trick.

There is a great email finder to help you get started, and launching sequences and measuring their success is pretty easy. As for the downsides, the first one that users complain about is that customer support is dreadful.

The pricing starts at $49 per user per month and there is a free trial account available too.



Want to add calls to the mix? Overloop is a sales engagement and outreach platform that combines cold email, LinkedIn outreach and cold calls. There is an email finder and email management tool and you can launch multichannel campaigns across different platforms.

The problem is that not all of this works as it’s intended. The tool can get buggy and slow and the integrations do not work flawlessly. Scaling is difficult as the pricing gets very steep, very fast.

Speaking of which, it starts at $49 per user per month, which gets you three campaigns at a single time.



Continuing with multichannel tools, Mailshake starts with emails, but then adds social media and cold calls to the mix. It’s easy to set up and use, and creating a campaign is a breeze. It’s packed with features, including a Pipedrive integration, support for Hubspot and other CRMs. You also get email verification and AI support for creating outreach messages across different channels.

The downside of Mailshake is that there may be too many features for a beginner, so using the more advanced ones requires longer onboarding periods. Compared to some other tools on this list, there are not many customization options for emails. Last but not least, the customer support could be better.

There is no free trial, and the cheapest paid one starts at $59 per user per month.



Uptics is one of those tools that have a feature set very similar to It starts with a CRM but it comes with a full set of outreach tools for email and social media. You can set up and launch multichannel sequences and campaigns all from a single dashboard.

You get email validation to ensure the addresses are legitimate before reaching out and DNS monitoring helps you make sure you stay out of the spam folders. Email warmup helps prepare your address for outreach and once your emails start going out, you can use the split testing feature to find out the best-performing version of your messages.

However, there are occasional bugs in this tool and many users complain that getting started can be difficult. Pricing is on the high side, and it can get confusing if you have a large number of contacts. Also, the integrations are very limited as you only get access to six tools that Uptics integrates with.

According to their website, prices start at $99 per month, but you don’t get to find out how much precisely. You can only book a demo and talk to the sales team to learn how much Uptics is going to cost your company.



Klenty is another full-blown sales engagement platform that allows businesses to do outreach from Gmail and their browser and connect with leads and prospects. There are plenty of features for newbie and professional sales managers.

It does not have a built-in CRM but it does come with great CRM integrations. You can create campaigns from scratch and schedule follow ups easily, thanks to the user-friendly UI. Automation is pretty advanced, and you can tinker with both the inbound and outbound sales processes. There is a multichannel inbox where you can see incoming and outgoing messages across different channels.

As for the downsides, the tool feels a bit dated in terms of design and functions. There are frequent bugs happening in the tool. You cannot fully automate calls and messages, no matter how much the tool promises these services. Unfortunately, every sales team member needs to have their own account.

When it comes to pricing, there are three pricing bundles, with four pricing plans, which can be pretty confusing. However, the cheapest one starts at $50 per month.

Reply is a multichannel outreach platform that allows inbound and outbound sales teams to close more deals with personalized messages. It’s one of the most popular tools in the game, and for a good reason – it has a varied mix of features for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

You get A/B testing features as well as if-campaigns, helping you test out hypotheses with your target audience. Follow ups are easy to create and schedule, and you can view them in a single thread in the centralized inbox. Timezone detection helps your team send messages to the right leads at the right moment. There is a database of contacts that you can use for outreach and each plan gets some AI credits for creating and personalizing messages.

This is exactly the gripe of may users, on top of a few other things. Customers complain about the lack of customization options for outreach messages, too. There is no deliverability monitor that can help you determine if you’re hitting the primary inbox or not. There is a wealth of features that can be overwhelming at first.

There is a free plan with no email outreach automation included. Paid plans start at $59 per month and there is a free trial that you can get for 14 days.

Conclusion helps sales teams deliver growth, engage leads, and get more sales through the door. The email tracker, Chrome extension, and reply detection are all handy features but in the end, just may not be the right tool for you.

If you send emails to a large number of contacts, can quickly get very expensive.

If you want an alternative that helps you set up great drip campaigns for your business that has email verification and great automation and AI features, try Woodpecker. Sales managers and marketers love Woodpecker because it gets them more revenue with less work.

Grab your free trial today!