La Growth Machine as a Sales Automation Tool – Top Alternatives

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Lead generation and sales is no longer a game of combing through lists of phone numbers and hoping to close something. Thanks to tools like La Growth Machine, you can save time and money and reach more people with multichannel campaigns and professional lead management.

Today, we take a look at La Growth Machine as a tool and find out whether it does what it promises – as well as what other tools can drive better results for your business.

La Growth Machine at a glance

La Growth Machine is a multi-channel prospecting, sales automation, and lead generation tool that lets businesses reach out to new leads via e-mail, LinkedIn profiles, and Twitter. What makes this app unique is not only its wide range of features for fetching available data and making contact with leads. The variety of platforms where you can send messages make La Growth Machine an interesting multi-channel option for sales and marketing professionals.

La Growth Machine

Top La Growth Machine features

Lead data enrichment is the start – where you can import leads to this app and it fills up other missing information, such as phone numbers, job title, company location and more. You can create automated outreach sequences for email, LinkedIn and Twitter, all from one, shared LGM inbox.

You can track and manage your leads in the app and automate what happens when a connection responds to a message. The sales automation tool allows you to schedule when you follow up and how as well.

You get detailed analytics and reporting and the integration with the most popular CRMs makes sure that no contact or messages slip through the cracks.

Why not choose this multi-channel prospecting platform?

For fully customized workflows, campaigns, and sequences, you need to opt for the most expensive plan in this tool. And once you do get it, you won’t get a shared, centralized inbox to track individual contributors.

In other words, every contact and piece of data, all the messages and campaigns are stored in individual dashboards. If you want to see messages to all of your leads, you have to go and respond from individual accounts.

One major downside of this app is that many competitors have a Google Chrome extension for outreach on LinkedIn and Twitter, while this tool does not. All in all, it’s a solid tool that offers a wealth of data that you can access in your browser, but it’s lacking compared to some major competitors.

La Growth Machine Pricing

The most basic plan starts at €50 per month, which gives you access to all the features and multichannel outreach on LinkedIn, Twitter, and email. However, lead qualification, AI writing features, API access, and Zapier integrations all come in the more expensive plan at €100/month.

You can purchase an LGM plan with a yearly, 6-month, 3-month or monthly commitment. There is a free trial available for 14 days.

Other tools that may be worth your time

This is not the only tool that allows you to import leads, do multi channel outreach, and engage your leads on LinkedIn, Twitter or email. Here are some other apps your team may like for connecting with prospects.



Everything you’ve ever needed from cold email in one place. Upload your list, and we’ll do email verification to make sure that the emails are legitimate. With our email deliverability tools, you’ll know you’re going to land in the inbox and not the spam folder.

Woodpecker integrates with your favorite tools, from CRMs to scheduling and calendar tools, allowing you to easily book meetings with clients. Split testing helps you determine the best cold email subject lines and copy and you can use a deliverability monitor to make sure you’re getting in the inbox.

Woodpecker works well for agencies, as well as businesses wanting to scale their cold email outreach. Whether you manage just your account or multiple for your agency clients, you can do it all from a centralized dashboard and inbox, all while staying compliant and flying below the spam radar.

And the best part is – you can get started for free!



Waalaxy is an automated lead generation tool that allows sales teams to get lead information from LinkedIn and connect on this platform. It also comes with an outbound email process that helps you harness the full power of cold email.

This tool is rich in integrations, and comes with a valuable split testing feature, an email finder, campaign tracking apps across channels, as well as an AI-based prospect finder to simplify outreach.

The problem with Waalaxy is that the cold email features are rather limited and only available in the highest plan. There are many integrations but they don’t work all that well, especially the Hubspot one which is crucial for so many salespeople.

There is a very limited free plan available, and paid ones start at 112EUR per month, making it a pretty pricey solution.


Overloop - homepage

Overloop is a full-stack sales engagement platform that allows teams to automate conversations through email, LinkedIn, and cold calls. Besides contacting leads, you can find them with Overloop, as well as enrich your existing lead data. You can easily run multichannel campaigns with email management and tracking and even create workflows and manage projects for sales teams.

On the other hand, the tool can get buggy and crash, which happens quite a bit with integrations such as Salesforce. The reporting is not ideal and compared to the competition, Overloop is a bit pricey.

Speaking of which, paid plans start at $49 per user per month, allowing you to run up to three campaigns at a time. There is no free trial available.

Apollo homepage is an end-to-end tool for sales management, lead engagement, prospecting, closing, and more. You can use it for lead enrichment, managing your pipeline, and all the way to making the closing sales call. It offers easy email and LinkedIn sequences with automation features, a Google Chrome extension so your team can connect with leads directly from your browser, and more.

While the tool is relatively easy to use, the downside is that if you get stuck, the customer support is not the greatest. Pricing is not very flexible for smaller teams, and it starts at $49 per user per month – there is a free plan to get you started.



Calling themselves an AI-powered revenue orchestration platform, Salesloft lets you find leads, communicate and engage with them and close new business, all in one app. It’s email-based and comes with features such as templates, sales cadences, A/B testing, real-time email analytics and flexible integrations.

On the downside, it’s a bit complex to figure out and use compared to the other entries on this list. It’s not exactly flexible either. The biggest culprit, though? No free plan or free trial and you have to get in touch with sales to find out how much it costs since there is no pricing on their website.


Making new conversations with prospects across different channels is a goal for many sales teams. Can LGM get you there? Sure, but to achieve sales success, you need a clean database that helps you connect with every prospect and break through the spam folder.

At Woodpecker, we have what it takes to turn prospects into customers. With our cold email and deliverability tools, you can create personalized emails at scale and get real sales results from your conversations.

Grab your free trial and get started today!


What is LA Growth Machine and how does it benefit businesses?

LA Growth Machine is a growth machine tool designed to help businesses generate more leads and grow their customer base. It uses multiple channels and a user-friendly interface to streamline the process of finding and contacting prospects, making it easier to convert leads into customers.

How does Growth Machine assist in generating more leads?

Growth Machine assists in generating more leads by leveraging multiple tools and channels such as email, Twitter, and sales navigator. It helps businesses efficiently manage their outreach efforts, track responses, and follow up with prospects to maximize lead conversion.

What are the benefits of using multiple tools in a growth machine?

Using multiple tools in a growth machine offers the advantage of reaching prospects through various channels, enhancing the chances of successful contact. It allows businesses to diversify their outreach strategies, collect comprehensive data on prospects, and improve the overall efficiency of their lead generation efforts.

How does a user-friendly interface improve the effectiveness of a growth machine?

A user-friendly interface improves the effectiveness of a growth machine by making it easier for users to navigate and utilize its features. This simplicity helps businesses quickly set up campaigns, manage contacts, and track messages, leading to more efficient and effective lead generation.

What role does Sales Navigator play in LA Growth Machine?

Sales Navigator plays a crucial role in LA Growth Machine by providing advanced search capabilities and insights on prospects. It helps businesses identify and connect with high-quality leads, facilitating more personalized and targeted outreach efforts.

How can LA Growth Machine help with follow-up messages to prospects?

LA Growth Machine helps with follow-up messages to prospects by automating the process and ensuring timely communication. It uses data and analytics to track the status of each contact, allowing businesses to send personalized follow-up messages that improve engagement and increase the likelihood of converting leads into customers.