Best 3 Alternatives to Mailstand

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Ever felt like you’re reaching out at the wrong time, or your software limitations are stopping you from really scaling up?

It might be due to the tool you use.

And when it comes to reaching new customers, the right cold email tool is your ace. If you feel that Mailstand is not your winning bet, or you’re about to make a choice, we’ve got something for you.

Explore the top 3 alternatives to Mailstand and find out how they can help you break those limits and scale your efforts.

What is Mailstand?

Mailstand is cold email outreach software that’s supposed to scale your email marketing efforts. It allows marketers to merge mailboxes for better email outreach.


Does it deliver on its promises?

Mailstand: key features

  • A/B testing
  • Mailboxed merging
  • Timezone detection
  • Unified view for your inboxes
  • No contact limits for campaigns
  • You can use multiple mailboxes on one campaign
  • When setting up campaigns, you can set limitations, and send patterns on the mailbox level. Mailstand will then automatically follow your rules to prevent oversending emails at the wrong time.

Tool’s challenges

  • Mailsatnd’s confusing UX complicates navigation. It may waste your valuable time that could be better spent elsewhere.
  • It falls short in features compared to rivals, limiting its appeal.
  • Occasional glitches disrupt workflow.
  • The lack of reviews on trusted platforms raises questions about credibility.
  • Missing features like deliverability tools, templates, and AI support may narrow its performance.


You can try it out with a 7-day free trial. There are five packages, starting at $12 per month for one mailbox and going up to $95 per month for up to 10 mailboxes, with an option for unlimited mailboxes too.

Features common across all plans include automated email sequences, mailbox rotation, a merged team inbox, unlimited contacts per campaign, customizable sending schedules, A/B template testing, and more.

Users’ reviews

It’s the best source of information about the tool. However, there are very few reviews online on popular review platforms like G2, Capterra, or Trustpilot.

  • “The UX is a bit frustrating on different levels.” Source: G2.
  • ”Could use some improvement. The features and offering are great for the price but I feel like it’s that kind of tool that once you land a couple of customers and can afford better sales engagement solutions” Source: G2.

Alternative #1: Woodpecker

Consider Woodpecker as a viable choice for your email outreach needs to connect with more people.

Woodpecker - an alternative to Mailstand

It serves a broad spectrum of users, including agencies, teams, businesses, and individuals across various industries.

Discover the advantages Woodpecker can offer, such as robust cold campaign capabilities and competitive pricing, all in detail!

Woodpecker: key features

  • All clients in one place – easily handle all client accounts from a single, user-friendly dashboard.
  • Warm-up & recovery – keeps your email deliverability at its best.
  • Constant deliverability watch – monitors your email results, helping you fix potential problems early.
  • White label client reports – provides your clients with up-to-the-minute reports, all under your own brand.
  • Easy integration with your tools – fits right in with your current software and email services for a smooth operation. Learn more about Woodpecker’s integrations.
  • Email list verification – minimizes the risk of sending emails to invalid addresses, enhances deliverability, and protects sender reputation.
  • A/B testing – enables testing of email elements to identify the most effective strategies, directly impacting campaign success.
  • Condition-based campaigns & manual tasks – automates follow-ups based on recipient actions, and personalizes the outreach.
  • Unlimited follow-ups and team members – encourages persistent engagement with prospects and supports team collaboration without additional costs.

Tool’s challenges

  • API access is extra charged.


It starts at $29 per month if you want to contact up to 500 people. Because the price depends on how many contacts you have, it’s for businesses of all sizes.

Adding more team members is free, and with more hands on board, you can better organize email campaigns.

You can try it out with a 7-day free trial.

Users’ reviews

  • “We switched from Yesware to Woodpecker, and it’s the best business decision we’ve made all year.” Source: G2.
  • “I like that you can do the A/B testing with this tool. Also, the dashboard is very intuitive, and easy to use.” Source: G2.
  • “It’s intuitive, easy to use, has a great support team, organizes very interesting webinars… and, simple – works perfectly!” Source: G2.
  • “Easy to use and understand software with great deliverability results.” Source: G2.
  • “Out of the three platforms I’ve tried for cold emailing, Woodpecker has the most intuitive user interface and easiest-to-understand pricing.” Source: G2.

Alternative #2: Smartlead

Smartlead‘s software for cold email outreach helps companies grow their outreach.

Smartlead - an alternative to Mailstand

It’s mainly for cold emails, but if you want to use more ways to reach out, Smartlead lets you do that too.

Smartlead: key features

  • Deliverability capabilities
  • Unlimited email warmups
  • Email follow-up automation
  • Unified inbox
  • API

Tool’s challenges

  • There’s one add-on but available only for the highest plan subscribers.
  • Users report the tool is not the most reliable.
  • UI could be better.


You can choose between three plans that start at $39/month. You can also go for a custom plan or try it out with a free trial.

Users’ reviews

  • “The tool is maybe a bit too ‘raw’ in terms of design.” Source: G2
  • “It is slightly complex, and often my MX inbox gets disconnected with confusing instructions on processing to the next steps.” Source: G2
  • “While Smartlead offers many beneficial features, it occasionally lags, which can be a hindrance in time-sensitive scenarios.” Source: G2
  • “Loading sometimes takes toooo long, need to refresh the inboxes manually as they didn’t fetch new email in real time.” Source: G2

Alternative #3: Uptics

Uptics is a cold email outreach platform that comes with a CRM system, multichannel sequencing (phone, SMS, power dialer), and AI support for minor task automation.

Uptics - an alternative to Mailstand

Uptics: key features

  • Email validation
  • Spam checker
  • DNS monitoring
  • Email warmup
  • A/B testing
  • Centralized email inbox

Tool’s challenges

  • Some users complain that the price is too high
  • Occasional bugs
  • Getting started is confusing
  • Integration capabilities are not the greatest – there are only 6 tools enlisted


Prices start at $99/month, with 25,000 contacts and 2,500 email lookups. Each can be tried out for free. A forever free plan with limited capabilities is also available, as is an enterprise custom package.

Users’ reviews

  • “To succeed with cold email these days, you need to send small quantities of email from a large number of email accounts. This can quickly become expensive with Uptics.” Source: G2.
  • “They often change their business model and how they charge their users… the change in the business model gives me an uneasy feeling.” Source: G2.
  • “Lack of integration with Pipedrive is causing me massive issues.” Source: G2.
  • “The platform seems to load very slowly at times, and not sure why.” Source: G2
  • “For example, it would be great if Uptics offered more automation features, so you could spend less time on administrative tasks and more time selling.” Source: G2.

Choose a cold email outreach platform that suits you best

While Mailstand is the solid starting point for your cold email campaigns, its feature set and the sparse feedback across popular review platforms might raise some eyebrows.

Woodpecker emerges as a standout choice if you aim to scale up and seek a more robust option for cold emailing.

Are you considering giving Woodpecker a try?

Explore how it can boost your email marketing strategy and help you reach people faster. Sign up for free today!