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Justyna Waciega

Content Marketing Specialist

Justyna is a Content Marketing Specialist at Woodpecker with a passion for travelling. She graduated the University of Edinburgh where she studied International Business in 2022.


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Best 11 Email Outreach Tools to Test in 2024

If you run a business, you need to reach out to your customers – at least until they come to you. However, doing it manually might not be the best idea.

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Best 9 AI Outreach Tool for Savvy Marketers

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Email Sequence Tools: An Overview of Leading Software

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Smartlead vs Instantly: What’s Better For Outreach Campaigns?

Both Smartlead and Instantly are solid choices for cold email outreach campaigns. They offer features that can connect businesses with their prospects. However, while they are good, there are even better solutions available that can elevate your outreach efforts.