Top Supersend Competitors for Cold Outreach in 2024

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Want to run super simple outbound campaigns and close more deals with cold emails? For marketing and sales teams, the choice of their cold email tool in 2024 is increasingly complex. The market is competitive, and finding the right tool that will get you high delivery rates with new contacts can be tough.

Today, we take a closer look at Super Send reviews and alternatives to find the best tool for you’d cold email campaigns and follow ups.

What makes people choose Super Send?

Super Send is a cold outreach platform that allows you to message prospects across different platforms: email, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can send manual messages from templates or use AI writing features in Super Send to personalize campaigns at scale.

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You can send connection requests automatically through LinkedIn, and for cold email, you can create and send personalized images based on the recipient’s name and data in your CRM.

The multichannel outreach is coupled with email verification, inbox rotation, and lead enrichment for your existing databases. For emails, you get split testing features, allowing you to see when the user responds so you can send more emails that perform well.

And what are some downsides of using Super Send?

Compared to established platforms in this niche, Super Send is still fairly new, and users state that new features are launched every week and month. As a result, most of these features are rough around the edges and don’t work properly. For example, the shared inbox for every account does not work as intended, and team members could miss some messages.

Also, the product onboarding for various features such as LinkedIn outreach is not ideal. If it is your first time using the website and tool, you’ll struggle to make sense of all the features in one go.

Super Send pricing

Super Send pricing starts at $30 per month, which gets you access to 6,000 emails you can send out. You get two campaigns at a time and one team with two email senders. There is a free trial available for 14 days.

The higher the subscription plan, the more messages you can send. Perhaps the best value is the plan at $75/month which gets you access to 75,000 messages to your audience per month.

Top Super Send alternatives for businesses and agencies in 2024

Suppose you want to connect with more clients in every campaign you send out, use automation to its fullest, combine different apps for outreach, and put the focus on contacting more leads. In that case, there are various Super Send alternatives that do the job well. Join us as we compare them below.


Woodpecker - an alternative to Supersend

Everything in one place you ever needed for cold email campaigns. Email inbox warmup and recovery, email list verification, deliverability monitor, and bounce shield are just some of the many features to protect your month to month unlimited campaigns.

The built-in algorithm sends emails at a natural cadence, helping you avoid getting flagged for spam, as well as sending to the same email address twice.

The detailed analytics dashboard gives you access to your key stats so you can see which emails are performing and what needs changing. Track your clicks and responses and do split testing of your campaigns for the best results.

At Woodpecker, you can personalize and automate your campaigns based on who the recipient is and what kind of action they take in your funnel. It integrates flawlessly with your chosen CRM, allowing you to get key data for your campaigns without worry.

The best part is – you can try it for free today!

Apollo - an alternative to Supersend

Apollo is a full-scale sales engagement, prospecting, and closing platform. It has all the tools in one, for lead enrichment and sourcing, outreach, pipeline management, and the rest of your sales processes.

The Chrome extension for communicating in Gmail and LinkedIn comes extra handy, and you can create sequences for both emails and calls. You can create content manually or use AI to give you a helping hand.

The integrations with CRMs are great, and so is the search function. The downsides are that the pricing is not very flexible (especially for smaller teams), and the customer support is not the greatest.

The cheapest pricing plan starts at $49 per month, and you can get a free trial to try out the tool first.


Saleshandy - an alternative to Super send

Saleshandy is a Super Send alternative for outbound cold emails in various use cases, from sales to recruitment and account management. It comes with a single unified inbox with email warmup features for new accounts.

Sender rotation and split testing allow you to test out different approaches and determine the most successful email campaign strategy. Email verification comes as a feature too, but you have to pay extra for it.

Integrations are rather limited, which is a problem if you rely on your CRM for contact management. The follow up feature does not come with the basic plan, which is not the case with the other competitors on this list.

Paid plans start at just $36 per month and there is a free 7-day trial available for trying the tool out.


Salesloft- an alternative to Super send

Salesloft is a sales engagement tool that has a range of features for cold outreach sales communication. From engagement to creating cadences, managing pipelines, forecasting future sales and more.

There is a host of interesting features, such as email templates, split testing, cadence automation (where you can automate follow ups based on lead activity), you get real-time analytics for your campaigns, and a host of flexible integrations.

On the other hand, you may have struggled with customization in the app, because something as simple as changing your email signature could become anything but simple. The reporting can break, and the dashboards stop functioning without rhyme or reason.

The nail in the coffin is the pricing – you can’t find out how much it costs until you talk to their sales team. There is no free trial or free plan.


Mailshake- an alternative to Super send

Mailshake is a sales engagement platform offering a rich suite of tools for contacting and engaging leads through email, social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as phone calls.

Some of its many great features include email verification, robust integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce, a built-in deliverability tool, a LinkedIn automation tool, AI writing, and more.

All of this comes at a cost – Mailshake is not very customizable, and for beginners, it can be very complex to navigate all the features. To add salt to the wound, customer support response times are not great either.

There is no free trial available for Mailshake, and the cheapest plan starts at $59 per month.

Conclusion on Supersend

Supersend has some amazing features, such as inbox rotation and being able to send connection messages to various platforms and potentially, unlimited contacts, But at the same time, some features do not work the best, and Super Send seems to be growing at a pace that is too fast for its own good.

If you want to get more out of your email campaigns and rule the world of cold email outreach, Woodpecker has the toolset to help you get there. For businesses and agencies, Woodpecker has everything to go from cold to closed quickly.

Grab your free trial to get started today!