Salesloft Pricing in 2024 – How Much is Salesloft?

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Have you been searching for Salesloft pricing everywhere but need help finding it? Their website doesn’t provide such information, but we’ve done some research for you.

Let us present you with their packages, what they include, their pros and cons, and most importantly, how much they cost.

What is Salesloft, and who is it for?

Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that helps sales teams manage their work and reach more customers in less time. It’s equipped with tools for building pipelines, contacting customers, and predicting future sales outcomes.

Salesloft - one of sales engagement platforms for digital selling tasks

It supports different operations, such as sales coaching, and revenue operations, and suits many roles sales managers and leaders, account executives, sales development, and customer success.

Due to the complexity of the tool’s capabilities, it may be suitable for bigger teams and departments with more complex requirements.

One of its tools is sending email software:

  • You can send emails directly or schedule them for later.
  • The platform lets you personalize emails with templates.
  • You can track who opens your emails and clicks on links inside them.
  • The system offers suggestions to make your emails better.
  • You can use the platform to manage follow-ups and responses.

And now, let’s discuss its pricing plans.

Salesloft pricing – packages overview

⚠️ But before, an important thing to note – Salesloft does not come with a free trial. To try it out, you need to book a demo.

For many, especially those with tight budgets, it could be a major drawback.

Salesloft pricing

Salesloft Essentials

It is the lowest plan, mainly focused on growing your sales pipeline and providing insights into sales performance.


  • Automated structured workflows
  • Engagement analytics
  • Pipeline performance
  • Tailored rep insight
  • Team trends
  • Guidance on seller development

Salesloft Advanced

It’s best suited for teams that want to convert deals and attract customers. It’s also the most popular plan among users.


  • All of the Essentials plan
  • Workflows to progress pipeline, close opportunities, and increase the customer lifetime value
  • Call recording
  • Transcription
  • Analytics integrated into the seller workflow
  • Deal intelligence
  • Pipeline visibility, from prospecting to conversion

Salesloft Premier

This is the highest plan that adds the capabilities of generating predictable revenue quarterly.


  • All the Advanced plan ones
  • Automatic forecast roll-up
  • Submission
  • AI-driven next actions

This is what Salesloft states on its website. There are not many features listed and described. They claim to be an orchestration platform, so it’s supposed to manage the sales pipeline from start to finish.

Salesloft offers many tools, such as Sales Tracking Software, Deal Intelligence Software, Cold Email Software, Sales Pipeline Software, and more, but it’s hard to estimate which packages offer what.

The price is not convincing compared to other sales engagement tools, considering that you cannot use the platform before committing financially.

How much does Salesloft cost?

The pricing is not stated clearly, users say that Salesloft estimates the price based on what you need.

However, to give you a general overview of the numbers you can expect, Salesloft costs around $1,000/user/year with a minimum of 3 seats. Using the dialer also costs $200/user/year extra.

The other source states that for a company with 200 employees, pricing could vary from $17,600 to $36,600.

Companies with 1,000 employees might see costs ranging from $34,300 to $55,100, while firms with over 1,001 employees could encounter prices between $55,700 and $116,700.

Also, if you choose a two-year contract, the cost per user could decrease by 14%.

User reviews of Salesloft pricing:

  • Alice K. notes that Salesloft’s pricing might be too high for smaller companies or startups with limited budgets. She also mentions that while Salesloft connects with various CRM systems, setting up these integrations can be difficult and may sometimes need extra technical help.
  • Salesloft user pointed out that a key drawback is the lack of flexible pricing based on different user roles.
    They suggested that a more tailored pricing model, which accounts for how various roles use the platform, could be beneficial. For example, roles that primarily access reports might be charged differently from those using more of the platform’s operational features.
  • Rowel C. suggests that improvements in pricing strategies, a more detailed onboarding process, better email deliverability, broader social media integration, and improved reporting and analytics features could make SalesLoft an even more effective tool for optimizing sales processes and boosting revenue growth.

Some other reviews:

  • John W.: Salesloft may have better conversation intelligence.
  • Salesloft user: It would be useful to have more access to analytics and additional coaching sessions to better understand the tool.
  • Sergio S.: Deals solution could be more robust.

Try a Salesloft alternative with easy, transparent pricing

Woodpecker has clear pricing and a free trial to check it out!

Woodpecker is an all-in-one tool for cold emails. It is not that complex, but it doesn’t provide as many tools as Salesloft. Woodpecker, primarily focused on cold outreach efforts, would be a great choice for agencies.

Woodpecker - a tool for cold emailing and sales tasks

Woodpecker comes with two main products Cold Emails and Agency.

Woodpecker pricing

💸 Cold Email Plan:

Monthly price: $29

Annual savings: Save 16% with yearly billing

✔️ You can send emails to up to 500 prospects per month

✔️ All follow-up emails are free

✔️ Store up to 2,000 prospects

✔️ Free warm-up email accounts: 2

Feature list:

  • Inbox rotation for multiple email accounts
  • Deliverability monitoring to spot issues quickly
  • Sending volume monitor to prevent email bounces
  • Human-like sending randomization for natural delivery
  • Adjustable daily sending limits for campaigns
  • Sending based on the prospect’s timezone
  • Spam words and links checker to improve email deliverability
  • Condition-based campaigns for tailored follow-ups
  • Organize campaigns in folders for better management
  • A/B tests to optimize message effectiveness
  • ‘Out of office’ inbox auto-filtering
  • AI email writer for quick campaign setup
  • GDPR compliance ensures data protection

💸 Agency Plan:

Monthly price: $29 (same as Cold Email)

Annual savings: Save 16% on annual plans

Same features as the Cold Email plan, and also:

  • All client stats in one panel
  • Agency outreach calendar
  • Global blacklist for all clients
  • Client connects mailboxes without sharing passwords
  • View-only access for clients
  • Automated audits for client domains
  • Centralized billing for all clients
  • Email-LinkedIn-call combined sequences
  • Manual tasks (Calls, SMS, LinkedIn)
  • 1-on-1 onboarding (chat with us to book)

💸 Custom Plan:

Price and features are tailored based on your specific needs.

✔️ Ideal for larger sales teams or those needing specific services

Feature list:

  • Custom legal support and agreement
  • Dedicated success manager
  • Onboarding and migration services
  • Campaigns and account audits
  • Early access to new features
  • Longer trial period
  • Bundle pricing for add-ons
  • Discounted pricing for large volumes
  • Seamless integrations, such as with Bouncer’s email verification service

➕ Add-ons:

  • API, webhooks, and integrations: $20/month
  • White-label reporting app: $5/month per active client
  • Warm-up service: $5/month per inbox
  • AI Video: Starts at $29/month for 100 credits

Salesloft vs Woodpecker – which is better for sales teams?

one of the customer success managers thining about sales cycle

Source: Storyset

Woodpecker offers a clear and easy-to-understand pricing model. It has two main plans priced at $29 per month. Both plans provide tools to help sales teams manage their sales process smoothly. The tool includes features like email tracking and GDPR compliance, which are useful for anyone in sales.

On the other hand, Salesloft offers a range of tools for complex sales activities but does not share clear pricing details online. They require you to contact them for pricing, depending on your team’s needs.

Woodpecker also gives you the option to try their service for free, which Salesloft does not offer.

Choose the right sales engagement platform for your sales team!

For sales teams looking for a straightforward, cost-effective sales engagement tool focused on cold emails, Woodpecker might be a better choice.

Woodpecker’s winning points: a clear pricing structure and essential features that support the sales process, such as a free trial which allows teams to try before they buy.

Salesloft’s winning points: more advanced tools and customization, but it lacks transparent pricing and a free trial, making it potentially less accessible for smaller teams or those with strict budgets.

Still, considering your options? Try out Woodpecker for free! It costs you nothing but time.