Salesmate as CRM and Email Tool: Top Alternatives

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No matter how much the world advances in technology, sales is one of those engines that keeps it moving. The main difference is that nowadays, sales reps have one tool with all the sales management, engagement, and sales forecasting features, instead of 20 different ones. Salesmate is a software vendor that gets a lot of attention lately, and for a good reason.

Salesmate is primarily a sales CRM, but it comes with a wealth of sales automation features that are guaranteed to shorten your sales cycle and bring new sales leads into your pipeline.

Let’s take a look at our honest review for 2024.

We’ve examined what this CRM software can do for your business and why it may (not) be the right choice for you.

What is Salesmate?


Salesmate is not just one tool – choosing Salesmate means opting for a host of tools for sales engagement, prospecting, and email outreach. This tool was purchased by Freshworks in 2022, and they set out to create the best CRM for front-line teams that live and breathe sales.

Top Salesmate features for your sales team

Besides being a modern CRM software that helps automate repetitive tasks and create opportunities for your sales team to shine, Salesmate also offers email outreach features.

Creating sequences and automated follow ups is very simple, and anyone can do it fairly quickly. You can create personalized experiences for each recipient with two things: the data in the CRM and the built-in AI personalization tools.

It also has a website chatbot that can help you with email campaigns by nurturing leads and sending them further down your sales funnel. You can also create lead forms for your website, which is something that most other apps in this category don’t have.

Besides emails and dialing, you can also send SMS campaigns and personalize them with AI. No matter how you use Salesmate, you can do split testing to determine which approach helps you get the best results from this sales management and marketing automation tool.

The downsides of using Salesmate for sales automation

The rich feature set in this software vendor is both a blessing and a curse. Every honest review out there you can find will tell you that exploring all of these features and navigating them requires significant time and effort. It’s definitely not for newbies, so factor in the time it takes to adopt this tool.

There are very few businesses that are going to need just the CRM functionalities, and many sales teams already have a CRM and just need outreach tools on top of that. So, it’s definitely built for a unique type of audience.

Also, some of the most helpful reviews state that while it is an incredible CRM, they found Salesmate buggy, and it crashed consistently in both the desktop and mobile apps.

Salesmate pricing

Salesmate has four pricing plans, depending on your needs and budget.

The Basic plan starts at $23 per user per month and gives you the most essential features, such as contacts, companies, and deals – what you get in a typical CRM. You also get email tracking, synchronization, and email templates.

Next is the Pro plan at $39 per month which unlocks more advanced features. You get workflow automation, marketing automation, product management, goal management, field-based permission and custom dashboards and reports.

The Business plan costs $63 per user per month and here you get the power dialer so you can make sales calls based on your lead data. You also get team and task management features, which come in handy if you have a larger sales team.

Then there is a custom plan with personalized onboarding, dedicated account manager, unlimited dashboards and priority response from the support team.

For all of these plans, you can purchase add-ons, such as automation journeys, conversation inboxes, calling credits, and many others.

Top Salesmate alternatives for improving your outreach and sales process

As you’ve seen so far from this honest review, Salesmate has tons of features that can help you speed up your sales cycle and get more deals through the door. But what if you need something simpler for customer interactions? What if all of that marketing automation does not tickle your fancy?

Here are some excellent alternatives to Salesmate that help you create a more efficient sales process.



Woodpecker is the all-in-one email outreach platform that helps you get more sales from cold emails. Whether you’re in an agency or a business that relies on emails to win new deals, there are plenty of features to help you get there.

You can warm up your inbox before sending out any emails and once you’re ready, Woodpecker verifies all of your addresses to make sure you’re reaching out to real people. We use natural sending patterns that mimic how actual human beings send emails – which helps you stay out of the spam folder and prevents you from emailing the same contact twice.

You can create drip campaigns and sequences with an easy visual builder. Automate what happens when someone opens, clicks through or replies to your email. You also get email tracking and analytics in a detailed dashboard.

Integrations are abundant, from CRMs like Hubspot and Pipedrive to email marketing apps like Mailchimp, all the way to communication tools like Slack.

The best part is that Woodpecker’s pricing is affordable, even for small teams. For just $29 per month, you can get started and reach up to 500 contacts while storing 2,000 of them in your database.

Grab your free trial of Woodpecker today and update your sales process to the 21st century!

Reply is a multichannel sales engagement platform that allows sales team to refine their sales process with inbound and outbound communication. Unlike Salesmate, it focuses on cold email outreach instead of the CRM as its main offer.

It allows you to create and personalize cold email campaigns with built-in email validation. You can split test campaigns as they go out and track their progress from a single dashboard. The tool has timezone detection, which prevents emails from going out at the wrong time, so the recipients can’t miss your cold messages.

The problem is that there is no deliverability monitor, which comes by default in some cheaper tools. AI credits are not abundant, and you have to purchase extra. The tool is not intuitive for beginners and it takes time to learn all the features.

There is a free 14-day trial, and paid plans start at $59 per month. is a collection of tools for sales teams that make it easy to generate leads and connect with them through cold email and LinkedIn. It’s similar to Salesmate in a way that it has a CRM as a starting point for your sales process.

You can find emails with, verify them, create drip campaigns, warm up your inbox before sending out campaigns, and track your progress from a central dashboard.

There are some issues, though – the accuracy of emails that the tool finds is not the greatest, and the same goes for lead enrichment. The pricing is not very scalable, and it gets very expensive if you have a large contact database.

Prices start at $30 per month, and there is a free trial with 50 credits available for outreach.



Apollo has everything in one place to make your sales process run smoothly. Sales engagement, prospecting, and outreach – and all of that starts with lead enrichment and generation. It has a decent search function, and the CRM integrations are pretty good too, especially with Hubspot.

The problem is that the pricing is not very flexible, and that especially affects smaller teams. Like Salesmate, it’s rich in features and you’re going to take some time to figure out all of them. And to make things worse, the customer support is not ideal either.

The pricing starts at $49 per user per month which gets you unlimited email credits.



Mailshake is a sales engagement platform that helps with workflow automation through email, social media, and phone conversations. There are many great features, from email verification to easy campaign setup for drip campaigns and sequences. There are generous integrations with CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and others.

The upgrading options are not the greatest, though, and customization options for email outreach are rather limited. Customer support times are pretty long, so if you get stuck with workflow automation or something else, you’re in for a wild ride, especially because the tool is confusing for beginners.

Prices for Mailshake start at $59 per user per month, and there is no free trial available.



Whether you work in-house or as a part of an agency, Salesblink can help you book meetings more easily, thanks to its AI-powered outreach. Before you even get going, this platform has an email inbox warmup that helps your business stay away from blacklists.

The sales AI lets you create single emails as well as sequences and drip campaigns. Based on the data from your CRM, it uses AI to personalize each message and increase your chances of turning leads into customers.

We wouldn’t call this tool top notch though, for a few reasons. It’s pretty complicated to use, so set aside some time to learn all the new features so that you can create personalized experiences for your recipients. If you want to find new leads, be prepared to do some digging because the B2B database is rather outdated.

Prices for Salesblink start at $25 per month, and the free trial is valid for seven days.



Send cold emails, LinkedIn messages and make cold calls with Overloop, the self-proclaimed #1 outbound platform. If you don’t know how to get started, you can tap into Overloop’s database to find new leads, or you can connect your LinkedIn account and get the contact details from there.

You can create single- or multi-channel campaigns and track emails and other messages from a single dashboard. What makes Overloop unique is that besides all of the sales tool features, it also has a task management one to help you streamline the activities among your team members.

On the downside, the tool is not very scalable, so if you have a large number of contacts, it’s going to become pretty expensive. Integrations are not the best, and they can break easily, especially Salesforce.

Prices start at $49 per user per month, which is good for three campaigns at a time.



Calling themselves a revenue orchestration platform, Salesloft is essentially a group of sales tools put together to streamline the way you communicate with customers. It boils down to reaching out to B2B leads with cold emails through templates and other tools.

You get real-time analytics for your ongoing campaigns, as well as split testing to find out which emails work properly and which ones should be ditched. Automation can be set up for cadences, determining what happens when someone clicks through and opens an email.

The biggest issue with this tool, though? The pricing – you simply cannot find out how much this app costs unless you book a demo with their sales team. There are three plans, but you can’t see what they are or how much they cost.



Klenty is another sales engagement platform that allows businesses to get more customers through cold outreach. There are many reasons why businesses choose Klenty, but one of the primary is that the tool is super easy to use and set up.

It integrates with major CRMs to allow you to contact leads directly from your browser, and you can automate the most tedious parts of inbound and outbound communication. You can create simple or complex outbound sequences and automation workflows to determine what happens when a recipient opens an email or clicks on it.

Pricing is very complex, with three pricing bundles and four pricing tiers, so you’re going to spend some time figuring out what Klenty is going to cost you. However, the cheapest plan comes in at $50 per month.



Agencies, startups and consultants can use Breakcold to get in touch with new leads or engage their existing ones and get more sales through the door. It’s a sales CRM with pipeline management and a cold email feature, so it’s similar to Salesmate in more ways than one.

You can create email sequences and personalize them manually or with the use of AI. There are no limitations on your campaigns – how many you can create or personalize. There is a unified email inbox so all of your teams can collaborate from one dashboard. Also, there is an inbox rotation feature to help you stay on the safe side of email outreach.

Users report that Breakcold comes with a steep learning curve and that mastering this software is not easy for beginners. Unfortunately, it’s not too focused on cold emails compared to other tools, and the CRM feature is more highlighted here.

Prices start at $29 per month, and you can grab a free trial to try this tool out first.

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine

If multichannel is the basis of your campaign outreach, La Growth Machine is one of the top choices, as it lets you reach out via email, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The sequences you create can be run from a single dashboard and across platforms, all from one place.

You can do lead management and lead enrichment and power up your existing sales data. There are detailed analytics and reporting so you can track the success of your email campaigns. The platform does not come with its own CRM tool, but there are plenty of CRM integrations you can choose from.

The downside of LGM is that to get the most out of it and build custom sequences and workflows, you need to get the most expensive annual subscriptions. While there are detailed analytics, you cannot track them from a single dashboard – each user gets their own. There is also no Chrome extension, which has become default for outreach apps.

There is a free trial that you can get for 14 days, and paid plans start at €50 per user per month.



Amplemarket is an AI-powered sales engagement and prospecting tool that allows businesses to have more personalized customer interactions without wasting time on manual tasks. It gives you access to a lead generation database so you can get new emails and verify them immediately in Amplemarket. There are multi-channel sales flows, an outbound dialer, an email spam checker and a deliverability monitor for your outgoing emails.

On the flip side, the tool is quite complex, as any honest review will tell you. Onboarding is pretty much non-existent, and you’re left to figure things out on your own. There are issues with the task management feature, too.

Pricing is not exactly transparent, as it is not disclosed publicly – you have to reach out to get a quote.


Salesmate is a highly capable tool that can help your sales team with sales outreach, workflow automation, and filling up their sales pipeline. It provides solid value for money, but what if you don’t need complex computer software that has all of those tools in one place?

If you need something that simplifies outreach, is user-friendly, and has advanced drip campaigns and sequences, get Woodpecker instead. With Woodpecker, any sales team can send cold emails and follow-ups and get more revenue through the door.

Grab your free trial of Woodpecker today!