4 Best Lemlist Alternatives for 2024

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While Lemlist is often praised for its capabilities in sales automation, personalizing cold emails, and tracking campaign performance, it’s not always the all-in-one solution it promises to be.

Numerous user reviews highlight areas where it falls short. So, the fact you’re looking for Lemlist alternatives is not surprising at all, and we hope this article can help you with that.

We’ve provided the options that can help you build a better sender reputation and open up millions of new business opportunities.

What is Lemlist?

Lemlist is an email outreach tool developed for sales and marketing professionals. Its main purpose is to help users create, send, and track personalized email campaigns. It’s one of the options for those looking to automate their cold emailing process.

Lemlist - a tool for sending cold emails

Key features of Lemlist

Let’s take a closer look at its capabilities.

Cold emails

The features can help you send engaging cold emails and reach new people. The idea is to make cold emails personalized, but there’s no guarantee of the response rate.

Deliverability tools

Lemlist offers tools for technical setup, including SPF, DKIM, and DMARC configurations. Deliverability tools try to ensure that emails are sent to verified addresses, which is supposed to help with overall email deliverability. However, it’s charged extra – $29 per seat.


Before starting your main email campaigns, you can ‘warm up‘ your email account. This is a process where you improve your deliverability, and it might help in opening up more business opportunities.

Spam check

It checks your emails to see if they’re likely to be marked as spam. It’s a way to try and keep the quality of your emails, but it’s more about avoiding negative flags than enhancing content.


It’s supposed to help personalize the follow-up messages. However, like any automated tool, the level of personalization is limited to the software’s capabilities.

As a sales engagement platform and one of the choices for improving email marketing, its feature set looks quite decent. There are some drawbacks, though.

Why should you look for alternatives to Lemlist?

There are the reasons pointed out by the Lemlist users.

01 Lemlist’s got limited flexibility in campaign management

Users voice their need for more control. The tool doesn’t let them sort and filter campaigns the way you want. It’s a super useful feature for teams and agencies who run diverse, multi-channel campaigns.

02 There are constant changes and confusion about it

Tired of playing catch-up with constant updates? User reviews reveal that Lemlist’s frequent changes are more puzzling than helpful as they disrupt team workflows. Maybe it’s better to consider a stable alternative that introduces new features without the chaos.

03 Lemlist comes with high pricing and additional charges

Many feel the pinch with Lemlist’s high pricing, even more so when extra features add up. Need an affordable, effective outreach tool, possibly even with a free plan? You’ll find some more wallet-friendly options in this article.

04 It lacks good customer support, and there are service issues

Feeling lost and waiting for support that never comes are common issues among Lemlist users. Slow responses and complex processes for solving problems are driving users to seek out the best alternative, one where quality support is a priority and your team isn’t left in the dark.

05 User point out bugs and integration challenges

Technical snags like these are major setbacks for effective campaign management. For a smoother experience, consider a platform that’s known for its reliable performance and seamless integration capabilities.

Lemlist pricing

There are two main plans: Standard ($59/month/seat/month) and Pro ($99/seat/month). An Enterprise option is also available, and it comes with a custom pricing.

The Verifier tool has its own pricing. For 1,000 verified emails, you pay $50.

Users’ opinions

Users praise personalization and customization features, but some of them point out that “Lemlist is not the tool for mass outreach using cold email and it only allows you to add one email inbox at a time.” (source G2)

Best 4 Lemlist alternatives

As you may see, Lemlist has its drawbacks. Have a look at the other cold email tools, maybe your choice is here!

#1 Woodpecker

It’s one of the Lemlist alternatives to consider. There are three main tools that you can use: Cold Email, Sales Assistant, Agency. A robust option for generating leads.

generate millions of leads with Woodpecker

Strong suits of Woodpecker:

Only agency features

They empower teams with centralized control. Agencies can manage tasks across multiple client accounts and, thanks to this, improve team coordination. Ideal for agencies seeking robust outreach solutions.

Multichannel outreach

Looking for seamless outreach across various channels? Woodpecker is a great pick here. Your campaigns will be diverse, dynamic, and far-reaching.

Security in email outreach

It’s a Woodpecker’s priority. The tool comes with:

  • data encryption
  • backups and infrastructure security
  • protection against DDoS attacks, firewalls
  • private IP addresses
  • GDPR compliance

and more. All to safeguard data against fraud.


With detailed and advanced analytics and reports, users can monitor campaign performance (hard and soft bounce rates, reply, click, open rates, and more), making decisions based on data to optimize their outreach strategies. A built-in AI interest level detection is a big plus.

Smooth integration for even better lead generation

Woodpecker integrates easily with many software and email providers, fitting perfectly into your existing toolkit. Check the integration list.

White-label client reporting solutions

Agencies can brand these reports with their own identity and provide clients with professional, real-time access to campaign data. The feature gives more transparency and supports long-term business growth through detailed analytics and insights.

Deliverability tools

Be sure your cold outreach doesn’t end up in the spam folder, thanks to Woodpecker’s deliverability tools. You can personalize messages, monitor deliverability metrics, and understand bounce reasons – all necessary for successful email campaigns.


You can use AI to create personalized videos (which would probably take you plenty of time). It’s a cold email template but in a video form.

Woodpecker pricing

Pricing depends on how many prospects have you reached. For example, for 500 contacted prospects, you pay $29/month.

Users’ opinions

The tool received many positive reviews. The tool is easy to use, and some users claim that they “really liked the quality of reports I could export from the platform. Easy to create AB testings and create automatization sequences.” (source Capterra)

#2 Instantly

It is a cold email software used to scale outreach campaigns.


Instantly - a tool for sending cold emails

Strong suits of Instantly:

  • B2B lead database
  • cold email templates
  • private community access

Instantly challenges:

  • Users may find customization options for email campaigns somewhat restrictive.
  • The platform’s user interface can be challenging to navigate.
  • The pricing might not be as competitive or clear compared to other tools, which could be a concern for budget-conscious users.

Instantly pricing

Subscription plans start at $37/month, with a limit of sending 5,000 emails per month in a lower plan.

Users’ opinions

The users much appreciate Instantly’s ease of use. However, some reviews put the platform in question, for example: “Their deliverability is terrible over time.” (source: G2)

#3 Salesloft

This Lemlist alternative has a bunch of tools for sales, and one of them is cold email software.


Salesloft - a Lemlist alternative

Strong suits of Salesloft:

  • CRM integration
  • Email tracking
  • Email cadences
  • A lot of tools, which might be a bit overwhelming

Salesloft challenges:

  • Task sorting and management are not user-friendly, with no ability to save sort preferences by time zone.
  • The activity window is crowded, making it hard to quickly view important items like emails and tasks.
  • Users report emails often end up in the spam folder which undermines outreach efforts.

Salesloft pricing

No pricing details provided.

Users’ opinions

Some reviews highlight the responsive support team, but some point out serious problems with the overall performance of the tool: “After 8 months of using Salesloft, it’s still not working as it should.” (source: Trustpilot)

#4 Saleshandy

For those seeking new customers through cold email outreach, Saleshandy stands out as one of the alternatives.

Saleshandy - a Lemlist alternative and a tool for cold outreach

Strong suits of Saleshandy:

Saleshandy challenges:

According to the users:

  • The features are not that advanced compared to other Lemlist alternatives.
  • The A/B automation and follow-up sequences can be overwhelming and time-consuming to set up.
  • No built-in CRM, warm-up tool.
  • Workflows could be more flexible and reporting more robust.

Saleshandy pricing

It starts at $36/month.

Users’ opinions

Reviews are quite mixed: “All the great things don’t matter because your clients won’t receive the emails” (source: G2), so there are users who complain about the deliverability, but also some claim that “Email deliverability is great” (source G2).

Conclusion: Is Lemlist a sales engagement platform for you?

The Lemlist alternatives we’ve explored vary in features to suit any type of business. Take a moment, go through the pros and cons, consider their pricing and make a decision that would be best for your business and possibilities.

Ready to see the difference?

Our top pick is Woodpecker. Rich in capabilities, ideal for teams and agencies, with lots of solid features for cold emailing. Sign up and get free access for 7 days!


Is there a free version of lemlist?

Yes, lemlist offers a free trial, allowing users to test its features before committing to a subscription plan.

What is the difference between woodpecker and lemlist?

Woodpecker focuses primarily on cold email campaigns with basic follow-ups, while lemlist offers more advanced personalization and integration capabilities for multichannel sales engagement.

What is the difference between outreach and lemlist?

Outreach is a comprehensive sales engagement platform suited for larger sales teams, whereas lemlist is more focused on personalized cold email outreach for smaller sales processes.

What is the difference between mailshake and woodpecker?

Mailshake is geared towards broader email outreach campaigns and offers tools for social media and phone outreach, while Woodpecker is more specialized in automated cold email outreach for B2B sales.

What is Lemwarm?

Lemwarm is an email warm-up feature within lemlist that helps increase the deliverability of your cold email outreach by gradually building the reputation of your email accounts.

Is Lemwarm included in lemlist?

Yes, Lemwarm is included in lemlist and is part of their service to enhance the effectiveness of your cold email outreach tool by warming up your Gmail account.

How many emails can you send per day with lemlist?

The number of emails you can send per day with lemlist depends on the user’s email provider limits and their chosen plan’s capabilities.

What is the best email automation tool?

The best email automation tool depends on specific needs; however, lemlist is highly regarded for its ability to send personalized cold emails and manage cold email outreach campaigns effectively.

How many emails can you send per day on lemlist?

With lemlist, you can send a varying number of emails per day, typically influenced by the limits set by your email provider and the type of lemlist subscription you have or unlimited email accounts options for email warm up.