Improve your sender reputation for top deliverability rates

Woodpecker Email Warm-up

Land in the main inbox, not the spam folder

  • Warm-up add-on improves your email reputation. Using AI, it warms up your account through real conversations.

What do you get with warm-up?

  • Top deliverability

    Your emails hit Inboxes, not spam folders

  • Time saved

    You can focus on making sales while warm-up works behind the scenes

  • Good sender reputation

    Woodpecker builds a good sender reputation

How it works

  1. 01Go to the add-ons in your Woodpecker account
  2. 02Activate the warm-up
  3. 03Go to Accounts and select where you want to add warm-up
  4. 04All set. Now the warm-up scenarios will work continuously in the background of the email accounts you have selected

Why use warm-up?

  • It's at least 5 x cheaper than other warm-up tools

  • It opens, replies and moves emails automatically if they end up in the SPAM folder

  • Powered by AI interacts positively with your email account with real emails and email content.

  • Your email receives real replies from real accounts

Improve your sender score right away

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