Woodpecker Warm‑up & Recovery

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Woodpecker Email Warm-up

Changes at Google make Woodpecker's manual warm-up even more useful

  • Bad news from Google

    Unfortunately, Google recently decided to end support for the warm-up process for Gmail accounts. Automated warm-up & recovery for Google accounts ends on February 6, 2023.

    Read more about changes
  • Good news from Woodpecker

    Note that Google is only making automated warm-up & recovery impossible. Woodpecker lets you achieve the same result through manual methods.

    Read article on how to do it manually
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Keep the benefits of automation

You can still use automated warm-up with these email providers

Warm up automatically with

Exchange and Office email warm-up in Woodpecker

What do you get with a warm‑up & recovery system?

  • Top deliverability

    Your emails hit Inboxes, not spam folders

  • Time saved

    You can focus on making sales while Woodpecker works behind the scenes

  • Good sender reputation

    Woodpecker builds a good sender reputation or recovers it for you

How it works

  1. 01Turn it on with one click. Woodpecker will take care of the rest
  2. 02Decide if you just want to warm up an email address or a whole domain
  3. 03Woodpecker automatically sends warm-up emails, pulls them out of spam and puts them in Inboxes
  4. 04The warm-up scenarios constantly get improved by experienced deliverability experts

Why use Woodpecker’s Warm-up & Recovery?

  • No extra costs. It’s included in the price for all Woodpecker users
  • Not only for warming up, but also recovery
  • Warm up emails or a whole domain
  • Keep your campaigns running and use recovery at the same time
  • Intelligent system that takes care of the whole warm-up process for you
  • Warm-up scenarios developed continually by our deliverability experts
Woodpecker Auto Warmup System
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