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Who is it for?

  • Email senders who want to avoid problems with email deliverability
  • Cold email newbies who want to set up their domain and email address for outbound
  • Salespeople who want to create an email sequence that gets delivered smoothly
  • Email senders who’d like to understand all the technical nitty-gritty of email automation

What's inside

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Know-how supported by experience

The data we gathered from thousands of emails sent using Woodpecker over the years gave us a solid foundation for creating this guide. Use our experience-based advice and create a campaign that gets delivered without any hiccups.

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Practical tips

We aimed at presenting the matter of deliverability in a straightforward and practical way, so you can get straight to optimizing your campaign. Thanks to numerous examples you’ll be able to put theory into practice without any trouble.

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Easy-to-grasp content

We did our best to explain complex processes in simple words. You won’t be baffled by technical jargon or difficult terminology. Each section is supported by a follow-up reading recommendation in case you wanted to delve into the topic.

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Technical expertise

The guide has been created in close cooperation with Wojtek Blazalek, the Head of Integration & Deliverability Team at Woodpecker. Wojtek supported us with his extensive knowledge on the matter of email deliverability and email automation and watched over the technical correctness.

What you'll learn

How email automation tools work vs. how Woodpecker sends emails

How to warm up a new domain and email address

Author photo

Mary Siewierska

Mary is a Content Specialist at Woodpecker. Before she came to Woodpecker in 2017, she had never sent a cold email in her life. Yet, compiling all the knowledge from Woodpecker blog, learning the inner-workings of Woodpecker app, & the guidance of Wojtek Błażałek, the Woodpecker Email Deliverability Expert, Mary managed to get to the core of email deliverability and email-sending process.