Email Marketer’s Opinion on Waalaxy + 6 Alternatives

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Choosing Waalaxy may be the answer to easy cold emailing and finding LinkedIn email addresses. But it’s not the only tool that promises such benefits. There are a bunch of equally good (and for some even better) alternatives.

Before you decide to choose Waalaxy, take a look at its competitors: features, limitations, and pricing.

Waalaxy at a glance

The tool helps you find more clients. Waalaxy makes LinkedIn tasks easy like sending many contact requests or setting up times for them. It also works for sending cold emails in bulk.

Who may find it useful? Anyone who wants to get more business through LinkedIn and email.


Key features

  • Email finder – helps you get email addresses for your LinkedIn contacts.
  • Many integrations – Waalaxy works with other software to make your work easier.
  • Campaign tracking – you can see how well your email campaigns are doing.
  • A/B testing – you can test different messages to see which one works best.
  • AI prospect finder – a smart way to find people who might want your service.
  • It lets you manage multiple LinkedIn accounts and run multiple campaigns easily.
  • Waalaxy guarantees the safety of your LinkedIn account.
  • Users can use a single Sales Navigator account for multiple accounts.


  • Limited cold email features make it hard for many users to reach people through email.
  • Waalaxy allows you to send up to 200 invitations per week, so it might be a con for those who need more expansive reach.
  • High-level plans are the only ones with cold emailing automation, which can be a problem for some budgets.
  • Waalaxy focuses more on LinkedIn than on cold emailing, which might not fit everyone’s needs.
  • The free version has many restrictions, making it hard for users to test its full potential.
  • It does not naturally work with Hubspot, which can be a drawback for Hubspot users.
  • Marketers might find it difficult because they can’t use all email features freely, and navigating the user interface can be tricky.


Waalaxy offers different plans:

  • Free version. Start with no cost. It includes basic LinkedIn features, 80 invitations per month, 25 email finder credits, and more.
  • Advanced at €112/month. Focused on LinkedIn with 800 invitations per month, 25 email finder credits, and more.
  • Business at €160/month. The most complete option with LinkedIn and email features, 800 LinkedIn invitations, 500 email finder credits, and cold emailing automation.
  • Inbox Waalaxy. An extra service for better LinkedIn messaging at €20/month.
  • Extra Email Finder from €0.01 per email found.

#1 Woodpecker

The platform helps agencies and businesses run successful cold email campaigns. Woodpecker integrates with top email marketing tools, ensures emails reach real people, and delivers personalization at scale.

Woodpecker homepage - an alternative to Waalaxy

Key features

  • Email list verification – makes sure your emails go to real people.
  • Email warmup – prepares your inbox for campaigns, mimicking real interactions.
  • AI automation – personalizes emails at scale.
  • Analytics and split testing – shows what works and what needs improvement.
  • Centralized client management – organizes multiple clients in one location.
  • Team and individual support – aids diverse industries in cold outreach improvement.
  • Personalized campaigns – craft messages that resonate with recipients.
  • Continuous deliverability monitoring – detects issues early, ensuring inbox placement.
  • White-label reports – offers branded insights, and simplifies client updates.
  • Easy tool integration – facilitates smooth campaign execution.
  • Helpful support team.


It’s not as focused on LinkedIn as Waalaxy. However, Woodpecker uses tools like, integrated natively, to find emails on LinkedIn. It leverages company domain queries from LinkedIn profiles for this. It’s useful for Woodpecker campaigns and to target specific markets.

📚 Read more: How Can You Find an Email from a LinkedIn Profile.


Cold Email Plan at $29/month includes 500 contacted prospects and 2,000 stored prospects. Follow-ups are free. It also comes with:

  • Free email warm-up tool.
  • Free email address verification tool.
  • Free unlimited team members and email accounts.
  • Features like inbox rotation, bounce shield, condition-based campaigns, A/B tests, and an AI email assistant.
  • Add-ons and integrations, such as API keys and connections to HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Zapier, are available in the marketplace for an additional $20/month.

Woodpecker also offers products like Agency for lead generation, AI Video for personalized videos, and Prospects for finding verified leads.

#2 Smartlead

A handy option for businesses to grow by reaching more people. Smartlead is a cold outreach tool that allows you to send many cold emails at once.

Smartlead homepage


Key features

  • Deliverability capabilities – your emails reach the inbox, not the spam folder.
  • Unlimited email warmups – make sure your emails are ready to send.
  • Email followup automation – sends follow-up emails automatically.
  • Unified inbox – all replies come to one place for easy management.
  • Pre-done templates and cold emailing automation.


  • Only the most expensive plan gets add-ons.
  • Some users find Smartlead not very reliable.
  • The user interface (UI) could be better and simpler.
  • The design is too basic, and setting up can confuse users.


  • Basic plan at $39/month. It may work for marketers and includes 2000 active leads, 6000 emails per month, and more.
  • Popular plan at $79/month. It offers 10000 active leads, 40000 emails per month, and extras like a custom CRM and email guide assistance.
  • Pro plan at $94/month. It’s the best value for money for marketers to manage large-scale operations, with 30000 active leads, 150000 emails per month, API access, and unlimited seats.

#3 is a sales engagement platform that supports cold outreach. Technical skills are not needed to start. You get tools like a sales CRM, a Chrome plugin, and a LinkedIn prospect finder.

Snovio - Waalaxy alternative


Key features

  • Email and LinkedIn automation – sends cold emails and automates LinkedIn messages.
  • Sales CRM – organizes your sales process.
  • Chrome plugin and LinkedIn prospect finder – helps you find and save potential leads directly from your browser.
  • Automated sequences – set up automated sequences for following up with your leads.


  • Some users face user experience issues.
  • Email verification sometimes misses the mark.
  • Data enrichment could improve.
  • Costs can rise quickly if you need many email addresses.
  • The business plan aims to provide value, but these challenges might affect some users.
  • Pricey for smaller businesses and teams.


  • Trial at $0/month. A way to try with 50 credits, 100 email recipients, and more.
  • Starter at $39/month. Includes 1,000 credits, 5,000 email recipients, and features like bulk lead search and a personal implementation manager.
  • Pro at $99/month. Expands on Starter with 5,000 credits, 10,000 email recipients, and additional features like email A/B testing and team data sharing.
  • Managed Service starts at $3,999/month. takes over your email and LinkedIn outreach with a custom lead gen campaign and more.

#4 Mailshake

It is a sales engagement tool, designed to manage connections across platforms. Mailshake helps businesses send cold emails, connect over the phone, and use social media.

Mailshake - Waalaxy alternative


Key features

  • Email verification – checks emails to make sure they’re good to send to.
  • Easy campaign setup – quickly start your email campaigns.
  • Integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, or Pipedrive.
  • AI-supported and LinkedIn automation – uses smart tech to automate tasks and manage LinkedIn connections.


  • Upgrading could use some improvements.
  • Customization options don’t meet all needs.
  • Customer support can take a while to respond.
  • New users might find the tool a bit confusing.
  • Problems with exporting prospects and uploading leads for emails.


  • Starter at $29/user/month. Includes mail accounts from any provider, 1,500 email sends per month, and more.
  • Email Outreach at $59/user/month. Builds on Starter with more features like email personalization and advanced scheduling.
  • Sales Engagement at $99/user/month. The top tier adds a power phone dialer, LinkedIn automation, and priority support.

#5 Yesware

Yesware is a tool for sales teams to simplify email outreach. It promises it make it easy to find leads and boost the conversion rate.

Yesware - Waalaxy alternative

Key features

  • Email tracking – lets you see when someone opens your emails.
  • Multichannel campaigns – reach out on different platforms, not just email.
  • Email template – save time with ready-to-use templates.
  • Outlook add-on and Chrome extension – you can use Yesware directly in your browser.


  • Salesforce integration only in the Enterprise plan.
  • The free version offers limited features.
  • Users report that reminder alerts sometimes fail.
  • It takes time to learn how to use sequencing effectively.
  • It may be overwhelming at first.


  • Free Forever – basic tools for those just starting. Includes basic email tracking and 10 campaign recipients per month.
  • Pro at $19/seat/month for solo professionals and small teams, offering unlimited tracking and 20 recipients.
  • Premium at $45/seat/month designed for growing sales teams, with team reporting and unlimited campaigns
  • Enterprise at $85/seat/month for large teams needing Salesforce features, offering advanced integration.

#6 Evaboot

Evaboot is a platform for gathering contact information. It’s a LinkedIn Sales Navigator that helps companies quickly export data for cold outreach campaigns.


Key features

  • Lead export in CSV format – takes leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and puts them in a file.
  • Data cleaning and formatting – makes the data neat and useful.
  • Lead filtering – finds the right new prospects by sorting them.
  • Email finding and verifying – Uses advanced search to find and check emails.
  • A relatively easy learning curve.


  • Limited to lead finding and exporting – does not send emails or manage sequences.
  • Data might lack depth – users report this issue repeatedly.
  • High email bounce rates – some emails gathered might not reach the intended recipient.


Only one plan is available. With a monthly subscription, you pay $29 per month for 500 credits (which you may expand). Each lead exported costs one credit, and finding an email also costs one credit. Exporting one lead with an email uses two credits.


Before even if you have chosen the tool, it’s always worth going through the review pages to seek both negative and positive feedback to clear any doubts you may have. An honest review is better than none, right?

Also, if you feel that Waalaxy is not exactly what you expect, or you want to focus more on cold email and need a LinkedIn email finder only occasionally, we recommend trying Woodpecker — easy, effective, and affordable!

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