Is Evaboot The Ultimate Tool for LinkedIn and Email Outreach?

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At the moment of writing, LinkedIn has over one billion users around the world. LinkedIn data is a wealth of opportunities for outreach, new business opportunities and sales. Evaboot is a handy tool that allows you to get the most important info from LinkedIn in one place.

This app connects to the LinkedIn sales navigator, and salespeople can use Evaboot to build reliable lists and automate the most tedious LinkedIn tasks they do every day.

Let’s find out more about what Evaboot does, how it works, and whether it’s a must-have tool for every sales rep and business consultant.

A bit about Evaboot


Building lists of leads can be a tedious job, but you don’t have to search far and wide – LinkedIn and more specifically, LinkedIn Sales Navigator have all the information you need. The trouble is that the info there can only be used for LinkedIn outreach.

When you connect Evaboot with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you can extract the most important information from the app and further use it for outreach in channels such as email. You can save the time you spend building lead lists and focus more on the closing process.

Top Evaboot features

Evaboot connects with LinkedIn Sales Navigator, allowing you to fetch data in a clean format. The Sales Navigator extraction works in a tidy way so that you get neatly formatted data, with names, companies, emails, and other info in the appropriate column.

And if you don’t want to use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator all the time, you can grab their Chrome extension instead. When you’re on someone’s profile, click and extract the necessary data.

Speaking of which, you can extract the data in CSV format, making it easy to get qualified leads to your CRM or email marketing tool in a very effective manner.

Besides finding emails with no manual labor required, you can also verify those emails to make sure they actually exist before sending out email campaigns. The Chrome Extension makes it easy to reach out to new contacts directly from LinkedIn Sales Nav, without doing post scraping or other complications.

Downsides of Evaboot

While the LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration is very good, it does not allow you to automatically launch email campaigns. The reason is simple – Evaboot is just a scraping tool, and you’ll need other tools for email marketing.

There is no way to launch or create sequences, personalize your outreach, or do anything else with the clean data you have. While this tool does save a lot of manual work, and it’s significantly cheaper than some alternatives, it needs more features to be competitive.

Evaboot pricing

This is a relatively inexpensive tool, and you can grab it for as little as $29 per month, and there is a free trial available. For $29, you get 500 credits per month, which is actually pretty good – and since this is an honest review, we’ll have to say that. Finding an email takes one credit and exporting it takes one more. So, for finding and exporting an email, you’ll need two credits.

In other words, Evaboot lets you find and export 250 emails per month in their cheapest pricing plan.

Top Evaboot alternatives for email scraping and outreach

Maybe you’re looking for a new Evaboot alternative that gives you easy access to both LinkedIn Sales Navigator and email features, or maybe you need an amazing product that offers even more? Here are some tools we strongly recommend if Evaboot is not your cup of tea.



Woodpecker is your cold email assistant that works well for in-house sales teams as well as agencies that generate leads for their clients. You can start with an email list (from a tool such as Evaboot) and then verify your emails to ensure they’re legit. It integrates well with your chosen CRM and allows you to create sequences, personalizing each email based on available data.

Not only that, but you can also create workflows – what happens when someone opens, replies to, and clicks on an email. Once you have that on lock, split-test your campaign and find out which approach works best for your target audience.

Our unique algorithm mimics the behavior of a real human being, and coupled with our deliverability monitor, you can make sure you always get through to the inbox and not the spam folder. The shared inbox as well as our detailed statistics dashboard helps you keep an overview of your campaigns at a glance.

It starts at just $29 per month, and the best part is – you can get started for free!



Findymail is a direct competitor to Evaboot, and it offers pretty much the same features. You can scrape and export leads directly from LinkedIn Sales Navigator and use them for outreach. It integrates with CRMs, as well as other email marketing tools such as Woodpecker to facilitate easily automated campaigns.

The only problem is the size of your team – no matter which plan you get, you can’t have more than 10 people in your team. For the price you’re paying, Findymail could offer more features.

You can try it out veryfing 10 email addresses for free with the Trial plan. And for a validated sheet of emails with this tool, you have to pay as much as $49 per month to get started.

Apollo is an end-to-end engagement and prospecting tool for sales teams. You can use it for lead sourcing, enrichment, lead scoring, and sales communication, all in one place. Like Evaboot, it has a Chrome extension to help you collect LinkedIn data with one click.

You have to be handy with your tools because the wealth of features will require some learning and the customer support at Apollo is not known for being excellent. Also, the pricing plans are not very flexible for smaller teams.

Pricing starts at $49 per user per month with “unlimited” email credits, and there is a free version to try the tool out. homepage is a complex sales engagement platform that combines a variety of tools in one. From collecting leads from platforms like LinkedIn, creating outreach sequences, storing your lead data in the CRM, and more, it has a rich toolset for sales teams. There is also a Chrome extension to let you find lead data directly from your browser.

On the other hand, it’s not rainbows and sunshine with all the time. Many users complain about the enrichment providing inaccurate data, as well as email campaigns crashing when they go out. If you want to quickly enrich your lists with accurate data for reach outs… might not be the best fit.

Prices start as low as $30 per month, while the free trial gives you 50 credits to try it out.

La Growth Machine

la growth machine - homepage

La Growth Machine is a multichannel sales engagement platform that allows you to send outreach campaigns across email, LinkedIn and Twitter. It also lets you export leads in CSV from LinkedIn Sales Navigator, filter and find emails as well as verify them. What was time consuming earlier is now easier with LGM.

It also comes with data and email enrichment and allows you to launch personalized sequences across different social media platforms. You get detailed analytics and tracking as well as integrations with the biggest CRM platforms out there.

On the downside, it requires you to get the most expensive plan to benefit from all the best features. There is also no centralized dashboard to track all outreach activities in one place.

A free trial is available for 14 days, and paid plans start at 50EUR/month.

Wrapping up

Evaboot is an excellent tool if you’re looking for something to get a stakeholder list of emails and simplify LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraping. It saves time and money, and for what it’s worth, it does it all well in its required manner. But it doesn’t do any email outreach – all it does is seamlessly import data from one place to the next.

For proper cold email outreach that gets results, you need a tool for sequences, personalized outreach, and split testing, with proper email deliverability features. In other words, you need Woodpecker.

Sign up today and grab your free trial!


What is LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and how can it benefit sales professionals?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a powerful tool designed to help sales professionals find and engage with potential leads. It offers advanced search and filtering options, making it easier to build targeted lead lists and enhance sales efforts.

How does the LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper work?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper is a tool that automates the extraction of lead data from Sales Navigator accounts. It helps sales professionals gather contact information and build lead lists more efficiently by scraping data directly from LinkedIn profiles.

What features does the Sales Navigator Chrome extension offer?

The Sales Navigator Chrome extension provides quick access to LinkedIn Sales Navigator features directly from the browser. It allows users to perform Sales Navigator searches, view lead profiles, and save contacts to lead lists with one click, streamlining the prospecting process.

How can email enrichment enhance lead data from LinkedIn?

Email enrichment enhances lead data from LinkedIn by adding verified email addresses and other contact information to the existing profiles. This process ensures that sales professionals have clean data and can reach out to leads through multiple channels, increasing the chances of successful engagement.

What are the benefits of using a LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper?

Using a LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper provides benefits such as saving time on manual data entry, ensuring data accuracy, and building comprehensive lead lists. It helps sales teams quickly gather and clean data from LinkedIn profiles, making the lead generation process more efficient.

How can filters in LinkedIn Sales Navigator search improve lead generation?

Filters in LinkedIn Sales Navigator search allow sales professionals to narrow down their search criteria based on specific parameters such as industry, job title, location, and company size. This targeted approach helps in finding leads that match the ideal customer profile, improving lead quality and sales outcomes.

What is the role of clean data in the sales process?

Clean data plays a crucial role in the sales process by ensuring that the information used for lead generation and outreach is accurate and up-to-date. This minimizes the chances of errors, enhances the effectiveness of email campaigns, and improves overall sales performance.

How does the LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper integrate with email enrichment tools?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper integrates with email enrichment tools to automatically add verified email addresses and other contact information to the scraped lead data. This integration provides a comprehensive lead profile, enabling sales professionals to reach out to leads through multiple communication channels.