5 Top Salesrobot Alternatives for Cold Outreach in 2024

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Salesrobot is a popular sales engagement platform that allows businesses to streamline their sales process. With this tool by your side, you can send multiple cold outreach campaigns through email and LinkedIn, allowing you to free up your time and get more qualified leads.

But what is Salesrobot is not your cup of tea and it does not boost leads as it promises? Today, we take a look at some Salesrobot alternatives that can help you run personalized outreach campaigns and get your sales teams closer to your target audience.

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Top Salesrobot features

Instead of personally emailing each customer, Salesrobot helps you run multiple outreach campaigns at once. This lets you get in touch with more prospects daily than you can imagine, bumping your conversions effortlessly.

Here are the best features in Salesrobot:

A central inbox for LinkedIn and email outreach: it lets your team get in touch with potential customers from one dashboard, centralizing communication efforts.

List imports from CSV: if you have lists of leads from lead generation agencies, simply upload them to Salesrobot and start reaching out.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration: connect your Salesrobot account with your LinkedIn one, allowing you to interact with accounts and LinkedIn groups and get more leads from this platform.

Automated follow ups: schedule when Salesrobot follows up with all your prospects, saving you tons of spent hours on lead gen.

AI writing assistant: help your team craft cold email and LinkedIn messages from prompts rather than going from scratch every time.

Why Salesrobot might not be the right fit for your company

If you’re considering using Salesrobot in your organization, you should know about the potential downsides of this software first.

The main problem is that Salesrobot is primarily a LinkedIn tool and it’s lacking in the cold email department. It’s more geared towards LinkedIn outreach and if you want to write cold emails, you’re better off spending your money elsewhere.

This comes with a second set of problems: Salesrobot is built on top of LinkedIn, which means that it’s tied to its algorithm. With each algorithm change, you can expect Salesrobot to break or some of its tools to malfunction.

What do the reviews say?

Almost every Salesrobot review out there praises their top-notch customer service. In general, users state that it’s fairly easy to use and you won’t get stuck with your outreach campaigns.

At the same time, many reviews state that LinkedIn integrations can cause problems every time there is a new algorithm change.

Salesrobot pricing

The most affordable Salesrobot plan starts at $99 per month, which gives you access to one email and one LinkedIn account. With this setup, you can send up to 800 connection requests and over 6,000 LinkedIn group messages.

There is a free trial available for 14 days.

Top 5 Salesrobot alternatives for cold outreach campaigns

Want more features, more sales conversations at lower pricing? Here are the top Salesrobot alternatives to look at in 2024 and beyond.



The all-in-one tool that can help you grow your business with cold outreach. Built for businesses and agencies, Woodpecker can help you create and scale cold email campaigns, break through the noise and get real results from email as a channel.

You’re protected from the start with real-time email verification, inbox warmup, a deliverability monitor and a bounce shield. This ensures you reach prospects daily, instead of going to the spam folder.

Our algorithm helps you send emails in natural patterns and avoid sending the same message twice. You can track your marketing and sales efforts from a centralized dashboard with all your key data in one place.

Start out your emails with templates and then personalize based on the data from your CRM. Split test your campaigns and set conditions for your campaigns – how and when they should go out and what events trigger additional emails. Monitor the deliverability of your emails and protect yourself from bounces, all with Woodpecker.

At just $29 per month, you can get started with Woodpecker and reach up to 500 people with cold email every month.

Sign up and get started today for free!


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Overloop is a sales engagement platform with a similar feature set to Salesrobot – it lets you connect with people through cold emails, LinkedIn messages and cold calls. What makes this tool different is that you can make cold calls with prospects directly from your browser.

Besides messages and calls, Overloop can help you find emails and manage all of your sales leads from a central dashboard. You can easily launch multichannel campaigns and track your efforts with detailed campaign metrics. Last but not least, you can create workflows and task management structures directly in Overloop.

While it has a great set of features, there are some downsides you should be aware of. The tool can get buggy and as you scale your number of users and campaigns, expect things to break. More specifically, integrations, such as the Salesforce one.

When it comes to pricing, you can start at $49 per user per month, which gets you three campaigns at a time. There is no free trial available.

Super Send


Once again, similar to Salesrobot but with a twist. Super Send lets you automate your cold outreach through email, LinkedIn and Twitter. The multichannel cold outreach is done through a unified inbox for all channels.

As your emails go out, you can verify them and ensure that you’re sending them to real people. The inbox rotation feature helps you stay out of the spam folder and protects your sender reputation. You can do split testing with all of these platforms and use their built-in AI writer to craft personalized messages at scale.

While there is a wealth of features, bear in mind that this is a fairly new tool, so some of them might break from time to time, especially the LinkedIn one.

Prices start at $30 per month, which is good for 1,000 messages across all platforms. A free trial is available for 14 days.

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine

La Growth Machine is a powerful multichannel cold outreach platform that works across email, LinkedIn and Twitter (X). While it shares some of the features in Salesrobot, it also brings some unique ones to the table.

With La Growth Machine, you can do lead data enrichment, which allows you to start with a lead and LGM fills out the missing data points. You can run automated sequences and track their efforts with detailed analytics and reporting. On top of all this, La Growth Machine integrates well with popular CRMs.

While the reviews are generally good, users mostly complain about the lack of a centralized inbox for their sales team. Also, there is no Chrome extension, which is a common feature in most cold outreach tools.

Prices start at €50 per user per month, and you can get a free trial for 14 days.



Salesblink focuses just on emails, but it’s fully powered by AI. Using artificial intelligence for writing, you can create email sequences and personalized outreach campaigns at scale.

This platform is built for booking more meetings, and it all starts with safety – you can warm up your inbox before sending any outreach emails. There is a built-in meeting scheduler in the app, allowing recipients to book directly with you from Salesblink. This is all backed up with a centralized analytics dashboard.

While it has a rich feature set, getting familiar with all those features can be complex as the onboarding is lackluster. Also, the B2B email database is pretty outdated, according to most users.

Prices start at $25 per month and a free trial is available for 7 days.


While many companies rely on Salesrobot for their cold email and LinkedIn outreach, the truth is that it leaves much to be desired in terms of features. It’s primarily built for LinkedIn and if emails are your primary channel to engage customers, take a look at some of the alternatives mentioned above.

Or simply get started with Woodpecker today and automate your cold outreach with personalized emails that drive real results!