Overloop for Outbound Emails: The Best Alternatives

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Outbound is an excellent channel for marketing and sales and thanks to modern tech, you no longer have to sit around and write emails manually for hours. Overloop (formerly known as Prospect.io) is one of the top tools in this industry and niche and it promises to solve many problems in one place.

Sales engagement, cold emails, cold calls, and breaking through the noise in the inbox – it’s all possible with Overloop. But does the tool deliver on its promises and how effective is it for cold outreach?

Today, we answer these questions and take a look at some popular Overloop alternatives.

What is Overloop?


Overloop is an all-in-one outbound platform that combines cold emails, LinkedIn automation and cold calls, helping you engage existing leads and sell to them, as well as reach out to new targets.

Overloop has been around since 2016, although in different shape and form. In 2021, the tool changed its name to Overloop from Prospect.io, marking a change in the direction of the tool. Besides outreach, Overloop became a full-fledged CRM that helps users manage their entire sales operations from one place.

Top Overloop features

Overloop lets you get in touch with prospects across multiple channels from one dashboard. You can launch campaigns via email and LinkedIn and set up outbound cold calls. All of the lead information is stored in the Overloop CRM, making it easy for your team to collaborate on outbound campaigns.

You can also use Overloop to find and manage leads according to your criteria. Besides starting from scratch and finding new leads, you can enrich the existing ones and complete the missing information.

You can also create workflows and manage tasks for your sales team, assigning them outreach tasks and responsibilities, which is a feature not commonly found in outreach tools.

Some downsides to using Overloop

There are a few cons to using Overloop for outbound outreach. The biggest one is that the tool is not very scalable and growing the number of your campaigns and users is not very easy. Unless you have very basic outreach needs, you’re quickly forced to opt for the most expensive plan, and even that might not be enough for advanced users.

The user experience is not the greatest and many users report that the app can get slow and buggy and even crash. This is especially true for integrations, which do not work as intended, especially the Salesforce one. Last but not least, this tool is very expensive compared to the competition.

Overloop pricing

Overloop pricing starts at $49 per user per month, which is good for three campaigns at a time, and it gives you 100 credits for the email finder tool. The more expensive plans give you some improvements: $82 gets you 25 campaigns at a time and 250 email finder credits.

The most expensive plan is $125 per month, which gives you access to unlimited campaigns and 500 email finder credits.

Top Overloop alternatives for outbound emails

Overloop may have a decent set of features, but the buggy performance and pricing structure may be enough to put you off from it and look elsewhere. Here are the top Overloop competitors to be aware of.



Just sending cold emails is not enough. They need to be properly personalized, sent to segmented audiences and all of that from a domain that is prepared for outreach. This is where Woodpecker comes in.

Built for businesses and agencies, Woodpecker does email outreach from A-Z. Before your campaigns go out, Woodpecker verifies your emails to make sure you’re sending to real people. Then we do email inbox warmup to make sure you are safe from blacklists and stay away from spam folders. The Deliverability Monitor keeps tabs on how many of your emails make it to their destination and gives you suggestions on what to fix.

You’ll get details about your campaigns in an analytics dashboard that shows your key metrics in real time. Clicks, opens, bounces and much more – all in one place. Using our proprietary system, you can personalize each email before it goes out, so it’s catered to the person receiving it.

Automation is easy to set up too, as you can determine what happens when someone clicks on an email or opens it. There are integrations with the most popular email marketing tools, CRMs and other business apps to make your life easy.

Pricing is super affordable at $29 per month for 500 contacts, and there is a free trial available too!



Looking for a wealth of features in one place? Breakcold is a CRM, sales engagement tool, pipeline management and cold email? Breakcold has a rich feature set for companies that want all of their sales operations in a single app.

You get a CRM as your starting point, where you can select and segment contacts and send unlimited email campaigns. Personalization is possible based on CRM data, allowing you to break through to the primary inbox more easily. Inbox rotation helps you send emails in a more natural pattern and avoid blacklists.

The complex nature of this tool, however, means that onboarding is not easy and that there is a steep learning curve for beginners. Users complain about integrations not being very functional, as well as the tool being overly focused on CRM instead of cold email.

There is no free plan and paid plans start at $29 per month.



Cold email and LinkedIn outreach go hand in hand, and Salesrobot is a tool that is capable of handing both efficiently. Whether you already do both or you start from scratch with Salesrobot, getting off the ground is easy as you can import contact lists from CSV files.

A LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration helps with outreach, just as much as a shared inbox where your team members can collaborate and see who is on top of what.

This tool is more focused on LinkedIn, so if you’re looking for something that is more about email, tough luck. It relies heavily on the LinkedIn algorithm so any major changes will be reflected in how effective this tool is.

Pricing starts at $99 per month for one LinkedIn and email account, and there is a free trial available.



To continue in the same direction, Waalaxy is another tool that is more geared towards automating LinkedIn activities. With Waalaxy, you can send automated connection requests and messages and spend more time selling and less on tedious processes.

Connect your LinkedIn account and find email addresses of your prospects for outreach. You can then do split testing and campaign tracking directly from Waalaxy. The problem is, all of the good email features come in the highest pricing plan.

The free plan comes with many restrictions and to unlock some features (such as the Hubspot integration), you’re forced to upgrade to the highest tiers. In general, the major complaint of many users is that the tool is more geared towards LinkedIn than cold email.

There is a very limited free plan and paid ones start at 112EUR per month.



Quickmail is a purebred cold email tool for agencies and businesses looking to scale their cold email outreach. You can use it for creating personalized campaigns, sequences and followups, all the while improving your deliverability with personalized outreach messages.

There is an email inbox warmup for new accounts, as well as multiple inboxes that you can rotate for the best deliverability. Split testing is possible too and you get detailed reports about your campaigns and their success.

This comes at a price of user experience, which is not that great according to user reviews. Email warmup is slow, so new accounts can’t get off the ground very quickly. On top of that, customer support is not stellar either.

Prices start at $49 per month for 30,000 emails and a free trial is available for 14 days.


Overloop is a great outreach tool, but it comes with its own set of challenges. The user experience is not the greatest, it can break often and the pricing is anything but amazing. There are better options out there but which one should you pick?

With Woodpecker, you get everything you need to prepare your domain for outreach, send highly personalized campaigns and get real sales results from your emails.

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