Top 5 Salesblink Alternatives for Cold Email in 2024

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Artificial intelligence is the hottest revelation in the world of business in recent years and many businesses tried using it in their sales outreach – but with little success. If you’re not using the right tool, your sales teams are going to end up driving more people away than closing new deals.

Salesblink helps fix that. In just a few seconds, you can launch and scale personalized emails to potential clients, follow ups based on their reactions, and close deals with confidence. Today, we take a look at Salesblink for email marketing and how it helps salespeople close more deals.


Salesblink is a tool that helps salespeople use AI tools for outreach without sounding like robots or missing the primary inbox. In most cases, salespeople in your company have already tried some version of ChatGPT to establish a connection with prospects, but to this date, have not had much success.

Salesblink uses their proprietary language model called BlinkGPT, to help companies with personalized outreach for their sales and marketing efforts.

Salesblink helps companies create entire sequences for email outreach, personalized based on the recipient and the product or service you’re trying to pitch. There is an email warmup feature that helps with outreach – Salesblink prepares the domain for your business so you can send out outreach emails without fear of getting blacklisted.

There is a detailed analytics dashboard with your sales stats, so you can see which outreach emails are successful and which ones miss the mark. It integrates with popular CRM software, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Close, Pipedrive, and others.

For more lead gen opportunities, there is a meeting scheduler feature that works similarly to Calendly. Your sales team members can send a link to their personal calendars. The recipients can then review the time and date and book meetings with sales directly from an email.

If you see a review of Salesblink that is mostly negative, it’s most likely a company that purchased their deal on AppSumo. From their lifetime deal until 2024, many things changed in Salesblink as a business that you won’t be able to see on their website.

Salesblink used to offer a B2B sales lead database, allowing businesses to search a list of companies and pick targets for sales outreach. It’s discontinued now, along with their support for LinkedIn outreach. You could generate leads and do domain search for potential targets – allowing you to find companies or people based on job title. Hence why many customers who purchased this tool before are now not very happy.

In terms of current features, many customers complain that Salesblink can get buggy, especially with email warmup. There are many features in this software and navigating them all takes a lot of time. In many cases, all of these sales outreach features require detailed onboarding to master, and this is where Salesblink is not that great.

Scheduling emails for sales outreach can also be buggy, especially if your list is inaccurate. Unfortunately, Salesblink does not include email verification, which is crucial for email marketing or any team that wants to close deals efficiently.

Also, customer support – not the best.

Prices for Salesblink start at $25 per month, which gives you 6,000 emails, unlimited sending email accounts, unlimited email warmup, unlimited templates, and more.

The difference between this one and the more expensive plans is only in the number of emails you can send out. For $79, you get 50,000 emails and for $179, you get 100,000 emails per month.

There is a free trial available for seven days.

Salesblink may not suit your needs, which is okay because there are plenty of alternatives out there. Ones that include LinkedIn outreach, allow you to find companies, do more personalized follow ups, have a better integration with CRMs, and more.

Here are the top alternatives to Salesblink.



Everything in one place to excel with cold email outreach. Woodpecker caters to two audiences – businesses and agencies who want to add more pipeline to their sales team.

Woodpecker starts off by warming up your inbox so that you’re ready to create and send engaging emails. It can then verify your entire database so that you’re only sending out to real human beings and not fake addresses.

It helps you personalize emails and create sequences based on automation. When someone reads or opens up a message, Woodpecker can follow up instead of you, amping up your productivity. There is a detailed dashboard with your most important email analytics, helping you track every response and opened email.

Split testing lets you try out different versions of the same email on your target audience, and our platform offers a variety of templates that you can adjust and change thanks to AI.

Woodpecker plays well with most email marketing software, which means you can send messages directly from tools like Mailchimp. For even more automation, you can connect Woodpecker to your favorite CRM via integration, such as Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, Pipedrive, and many others.

Pricing starts at just $29 per month for 500 emails – and you can sign up and get started for free today!



Scale outbound campaigns for your company with this tool that combines the power of LinkedIn outreach and email automation. In most cases, outreach software does just that – outreach, but Saleshandy has a built-in CRM, letting your company kill two birds with one stone.

A unified inbox helps sales and marketing teams work from the same place. There is split testing available, as well as inbox rotation to help you improve the security of your sender reputation.

On the downside, there are limited integrations in the lower pricing plans, especially with CRM tools. The follow-up feature is not included in the cold email plans either. Speaking of which, as you’ll see from their website, there are many plans to choose from, which can get confusing.

Prices start at $36 per month, and there is a free seven-day trial available for this software.



Looking for all-in-one sales software? Breakcold offers a sales CRM tool, pipeline management and cold emails, all in one app, for agencies and marketing and sales teams. The CRM is where it starts, and it’s a great solution for a company that is not already tied to an enterprise solution like Hubspot or Salesforce.

There are unlimited email campaigns available, with inbox rotation to keep your company domain safe. The problem is that the tool lacks detailed analytics and filtering, which can be tricky if you’re sending out huge volumes of emails. The general complaint is that there are many advanced features, which are not developed to their full extent.

There is no free trial in Breakcold and the paid plans start at $29 per month.



Want to mix sales and marketing cold emails and LinkedIn outreach? Overloop does all of that with its software and you can also do outbound calls. There’s an email finder feature that helps you find new leads and manage your existing ones.

For your sales team, you’re going to love the workflows and task management features.

On the downsides, customer reviews claim that the tool is not very scalable and that it can get buggy easily. Especially the integrations, which can break often. Compared to the competition, Overloop is fairly expensive.

Speaking of which, it starts at $49 per user per month, which is good for three campaigns at once. There is no free trial available.



Quickmail is a cold outreach tool for businesses and agencies that allows you to easily manage and automate your campaigns from a single tool. You can create individual emails or automated drip campaigns to help book more meetings and close deals.

There is an inbox email warmup tool, inbox rotation and split testing for the most personalized emails that hit the inbox every time.

On the flip side, the warmup feature is slow compared to most competitors. The user experience is not the greatest and you can expect some issues with onboarding. The customer support is not the greatest in terms of efficiency and speed.

There is a free trial available for 14 days and paid plans start at $49 per month for $30,000 emails.


Salesblink has a lot of great features that any company can use for their outreach efforts. But as we explain, this software may not be the best for all types of companies. If you’re looking for tools with a bigger feature set, more automation capabilities and more personalized outreach, there is one platform out there that has it all in one place.

With Woodpecker, your business or agency and reach out to prospects from any domain, with highly personalized content, proper email warmup, accurate email verification and more. Make your prospects open, respond and purchase.

Grab a free trial of Woodpecker today!