How to Convert Free Trial Users into Paying Customers in SaaS?

How to Convert Free Trial Users into Paying Customers in SaaS

You might have the best SaaS product in the world, but still getting users to convert into paying customers won’t happen by itself.

This process needs to be thought through and designed so as to nudge the user in the right direction.

But how do you do so? What determines if users will convert or not?

I asked SaaS Growth Specialist Michał Fiech to help me out with this one and chime in on the topic.

Ready? Let’s go.

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Webinar Follow-up Templates for Your Webinar Email Sequence

webinar follow-up templates


A few posts back I showed you how you can maximize your webinar ROI by creating a webinar sales funnel. The foundation of the funnel are the follow-up emails for each stage: to drive more registrations, boost the show-up rates and post-webinar conversion.

In this blog post you’ll find a bunch of email templates for each stage of the webinar sales funnel and a few tips on how to turn more webinar attendees into customers.

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Czym są limity wysyłki e-maili u różnych dostawców usług pocztowych?

Musisz je znać – zwłaszcza, jeśli wysyłasz cold e-maile. Każdy dostawca usług pocztowyowych ma swoje własne limity wysyłki e-maili. Limity te mogą być dzienne, godzinowe, a czasami również minutowe. Jeżeli wysyłasz kampanie cold e-mailowe, nie wiedząc o limitach swojego dostawcy usług e-mailowych, twoje konto może zostać zablokowane zanim się obejrzysz.

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How to Make Prospecting More Productive with Google Sheets?

how to make prospecting more productive with google sheets


Desktop cluttered with dozens of CSV files, their copies, and copies of their copies. Sending CSVs back and forth between your team members. Time wasted on finding a way to stay organized despite the chaos. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Indeed, for many salespeople, it is a daily struggle.

So why not ditch the CSVs for something easier to manage and more teamwork-friendly? For example, build your prospect list in Google Sheets and have it integrated with your follow-up automation tool? No more copying, importing and exporting.

Let me show you how to make your prospecting more productive with the new Google Sheets integration, we’ve just rolled out.

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