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How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

We might not like to admit it, but the truth is we’re all influenced by the power of brands. The coffee we drink, the shoes we wear, the electronics we buy and a million other things are all determined by the brand names that we prefer.

How to Get Prospect Emails with Instagram

You already know that Instagram is an excellent platform for growing brand awareness, engaging with your followers, and even collecting user-generated content. However, because it’s more popular for B2C businesses, not many B2B businesses and marketers realize it’s also great for collecting emails for cold outreach. 

9 Top Sales Assistant Tools to Increase Your Sales

Sales assistant tools are platforms that can help you automate tasks and sales processes to improve your sales productivity. They also help increase the efficiency of sales prospecting.

Testing AI Tools to Write Email Subject Lines

AI can help you write better subject lines, or can it? We looked at a few tools to see what they can produce and the results might surprise you. 

woodpecker dux soup integration

How to Find Your Ideal Client on LinkedIn and Target Them With Dux-Soup

Connecting and engaging with professionals on LinkedIn is part of every effective cold B2B outreach. In this guest post, Beth Baxter from our friends at Dux-Soup takes you through the steps to follow to generate and manage leads like never before.

linkedin automation tools

14 LinkedIn Automation Tools That Make Outreach Easier & More Efficient

Sales and marketing teams have long known about the potential goldmine of contacts to be found on LinkedIn but many are just now discovering the shortcuts to success offered by LinkedIn automation tools.

Cold calling and cold emailing

Cold Calling, Cold Emailing — One, the Other or Both?

When you’re the one starting a conversation with a sales prospect, cold calls or cold emails are usually the way you get the ball rolling.

Woodpecker b2b sales prospecting checklist for success

B2B Sales Prospecting Techniques – a Checklist for Success

B2B prospecting is always a challenge but there are some shortcuts to success. I’ve put together some tips for boosting your chances with some simple but effective improvements you can make to your cold outreach.