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Instantly alternatives - cover photo

Best Instantly Alternatives For 2024

While Instantly AI brings a lot to the table for cold email campaigns, certain drawbacks may lead users to seek alternatives.

Black Friday 2023: Tools for Automation That Can Effectively Boost Your Sales

You made it to the right place if you are looking for great Black Friday 2023 offers for great automation tools. There is plenty to choose from. Did any of them catch your eye?

The Risks and Rewards of Using Automation on LinkedIn

In our last post about LinkedIn, we looked at some of the names you’ll find on the long list of tools available for automating certain activities on the world’s biggest platform for professionals.  And in that post, before we started looking at individual tools, we included a short reminder that, officially, LinkedIn forbids their use and putting them to work on your profile can result in bans or suspensions from your account. 

How to Use LinkedIn to Build Your Personal Brand

We might not like to admit it, but the truth is we’re all influenced by the power of brands. The coffee we drink, the shoes we wear, the electronics we buy and a million other things are all determined by the brand names that we prefer.

How to Get Prospect Emails with Instagram

You already know that Instagram is an excellent platform for growing brand awareness, engaging with your followers, and even collecting user-generated content. However, because it’s more popular for B2C businesses, not many B2B businesses and marketers realize it’s also great for collecting emails for cold outreach. 

9 Top Sales Assistant Tools to Increase Your Sales

Sales assistant tools are platforms that can help you automate tasks and sales processes to improve your sales productivity. They also help increase the efficiency of sales prospecting.


How to Prospect High Ticket Clients to Get Results

Testing AI Tools to Write Email Subject Lines

AI can help you write better subject lines, or can it? We looked at a few tools to see what they can produce and the results might surprise you.