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Customer Case Study: Behind the Scenes of We Are Team Rocket’s Lead Generation Process

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from one of our clients. Tom, co-founder of We Are Team Rocket, was offering to share their story: how he and Daniel Edmeades went about creating their own growth marketing agency that now generates up to 79% reply rates for their clients. If you’d like to find out how they combine various channels to get these outstanding results, what unique snippets they use and what their follow-up approach is based on - keep reading.

Customer Case Study: How Pearl Lemon Leads Grows on Personalized Emails

Would you like to meet one of our clients and get to know what their lead generation strategy is? Deepak Shukla from Pearl Lemon Leads, a lead generation agency, shares how his team uses Woodpecker in their daily work. Keep reading to get an insight into how they approach their prospective customers.

Customer Case Study: ProSales Connection Shows Their Lead Gen Process

It’s always a great pleasure for us to talk to our customers and hear how Woodpecker helps them solve their pain points and grow their businesses. This time I’ve talked to Dora Fredenburg from ProSales Connection, who is one of our loyal customers. She shared how they use Woodpecker to make their cold email outreach as easy as possible and generate more leads, both for them and their clients.

How SaaS for E-commerce Can Generate Leads Through Email:

Positive feedback from a satisfied customer is always a huge motivator that gives us wings. Recently we had a pleasure to interview team who shared their experience with Woodpecker and told us a few words about how it helped them reach new customers. Read the full story below.

Customer Case Study: How Uses Email to Help their Clients

I got the pleasure to talk with one of our customers, Kwesi from, who uses the Woodpecker Agency Panel. Kwesi answered all of my questions about cold emailing at their company, and I'm sure you can get a lot of useful advice from it.

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