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Customer Case Study: ProSales Connection Shows Their Lead Gen Process

Sandra Wilk - Senior Content Creator at Woodpecker

It’s always a great pleasure for us to talk to our customers and hear how Woodpecker helps them solve their pain points and grow their businesses. This time I’ve talked to Dora Fredenburg from ProSales Connection, who is one of our loyal customers. She shared how they use Woodpecker to make their cold email outreach as easy as possible and generate more leads, both for them and their clients.

About ProSales Connection

ProSales Connection is a B2B sales and marketing agency with a focus on lead generation. Their core customer base consists of B2B companies who offer a complex or technical solution.

ProSales Connection was born out of its founder’s growing dissatisfaction with the marketing agency’s poor results in generating high-quality leads for his sales team. Believing that this process could be improved, he decided to set up his own company.

People behind ProSales Connection believe that predictable prospecting can drive sales, and that’s why they put a lot of effort into manually building prospect lists. They are also advocates of advanced personalization, and always use custom snippets in their cold outreach emails.

They’re based in Houston, Texas.

Read the full interview to see the details of how Woodpecker helps ProSales Connection in their business journey.

Could you tell us what you do at your company?

Absolutely. ProSales Connection is a growth-driven sales & marketing agency. For the past 11 years, we’ve helped B2B companies, who offer a complex or technical solution, generate demand, build their sales pipeline, and meet with more of their ideal prospects — building a set of processes that creates predictable revenue growth.

How did you start your company?

ProSales Connection was launched after our founder and CEO became increasingly frustrated with the marketing agency’s ability to deliver real leads and sales meetings for his sales teams. He believed that it was possible for a focused marketing agency to help B2B companies generate real engagement with prospective clients through proven prospecting processes.

In 2009, he launched ProSales Connection with a mission to help businesses grow by connecting sales teams with qualified prospects. The business has grown and capabilities have expanded to now include Sales Development, Digital Marketing Outreach and Inbound Marketing programs.

What do you use Woodpecker for?

As a B2B Sales and Marketing agency, we offer a variety of inbound marketing and cold outreach programs to include cold email outreach, LinkedIn networking, and cold calling.

We use Woodpecker for cold email outreach to generate business for our clients and ourselves.

Who are your ideal customers?

Our ideal customers are B2B companies who offer a technical or complex solution. They typically are a technology-based solution like SaaS, IT Hardware, IT Solutions Providers & Managed Service Providers.

How do you get a prospect base?

We create our own. We use various lists sources. Some of my favorite include LinkedIn Sales Navigator, D&B Hoovers, and UpLead to find prospects. Each of our lists is hand-curated and verified to ensure the best quality. We never buy lists.

How many prospects do you usually have in a single email campaign?

It depends on the client. If the campaign is very specific and targeted or the message requires deep personalization, then we enroll as little as 15-20 prospects. On the other hand, some of our bigger campaigns have 800-1000 prospects.

However, we never enroll more than 250 in a single campaign, but rather segment our list to achieve better results.

Do you send follow-ups?

Yes, in each of our campaigns we send up to 6 follow-up emails in a seven-week cadence, one email per week.

What about personalization?

We highly personalize our campaigns. We always use snippets like {first name}, {title} and {company}, but also create custom ones, based on what we hope to achieve in a particular campaign. That is where 15 snippets provided by Woodpecker come in very handy.

What’s your best open and reply rate?

I must say, when we started using Woodpecker, we noticed much higher open and reply rates. Our best open rate was 83.3% with a 38.9% reply rate. That campaign was sent to 130 prospects over seven weeks. The client was a K12 software company, and our highly-targeted prospect list consisted of mid-level education industry professionals.

What have you gained by using Woodpecker?

Our cold email outreach strategy has improved a lot since we started using Woodpecker. The seamless automation Woodpecker provides allowed us to spend more time on creating personalized messages and hand-curated lists because we didn’t have to worry about technology.

What do you like most about Woodpecker?

What we like the most about Woodpecker is that it is so easy and convenient to use. We can set up our campaigns in less than 30 minutes. Monitoring the stats is super easy, and all the details are just a click away. Another thing that we like are helpful articles that explain everything in a simple and informative way. Our marketing team is a big fan of the Woodpecker blog.

What’s in it for you?

Thanks for your kind words, Dora! I’m glad you guys find Woodpecker super useful, and that you enjoy reading our blog.

I hope that the case of ProSales Connection gave you insight into how you can make your cold outreach process easier and faster. I definitely enjoyed the “no more than 250 prospects per campaign” piece of advice.

If you’d like to take Woodpecker for a test ride, click on the button below and try it for free.


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