Customer Case Study: How Pearl Lemon Leads Grows on Personalized Emails

Pearl Lemon Leads Customer Case Study

Would you like to meet one of our clients and get to know what their lead generation strategy is? Deepak Shukla from Pearl Lemon Leads, a lead generation agency, shares how his team uses Woodpecker in their daily work.

Keep reading to get an insight into how they approach their prospective customers.

About Pearl Lemon Leads

Pearl Lemon Leads is a lead generation agency created in London with a diverse team of professionals working remotely from all over the world. It was founded in 2014 by Deepak Shukla.

Deepak’s experience in search optimization and his entrepreneurial spirit – as well as dissatisfaction with the results he was getting from an external agency – was what led him to start an agency of his own.

Could you tell us what you do at your company?

My name’s Deepak Shukla. I’m the founder of the Pearl Lemon Group – a lead generation and SEO agency based in London with a globally distributed team working to help our clients grow their companies.

How did you start your company?

I started my company from a spare room in my mum’s house, where I moved back at 30 years old, after a failed application to the British Special Forces.

I decided to start a lead generation agency. I haven’t planned on running that kind of business, but after hiring several agencies and freelancers I got fed up with the results I was getting, so I decided to try it myself.

My goals with building an agency were to prove to myself that I could do it, to build something that I was proud of, and to move out of my mum’s house.

What do you use Woodpecker for?

To manage our clients’ lead generation activities. We run cold email campaigns for several clients, but we also like to experiment and run various tests. So we use it for reaching out to prospects on:

  • job boards,
  • classified ad sites,
  • LinkedIn (where we target Executives)
  • directories (where we search for Agencies), and more.

The UI is superb and easy to use, and the stats board reports are excellent for keeping our clients up-to-date. They let us stay on track as well.

Who are your ideal customers?

Anyone who wants to have B2B appointments booked into their calendar in any Western English speaking market. We work with several app-developers who got some great results – one client just landed a 50k contract.

Furthermore, many of our clients are looking for Fortune 500 B2B leads. We even have some B2C lead gen agencies as clients.

How do you get a prospect base?

We use tools to create prospect lists. Typically, we build them with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and a variety of in-house data mining tools, and by looking at public databases such as AngelList and Crunchbase.

How many prospects do you usually have in a single email campaign?

We add no more than several hundred prospects in one email campaign. A bigger prospect base becomes difficult to truly personalize, as then you’re basically using the same message each time.

Of course, our prospect list depends on the total addressable market size of our client. We work with an SEO agency that doesn’t have strict criteria for choosing clients, so the numbers can rise. But generally, we like to keep it small.

Do you send follow-ups?

We always send follow-ups. 3 is our minimum, but sometimes we send up to 7 follow-up messages.

What about personalization?

It’s critical – most people don’t get this part right. The scaled email that reads exactly the same just doesn’t work. We have dedicated VAs that customize every email with custom snippets to make each of them unique.

What’s your best open and reply rate?

88% open rate with a 13% reply rate. This is for a cold email campaign and is something we’re really pleased with. And how did we make it happen? By using custom snippets.

What have you gained by using Woodpecker?

We approached many of our prospects and generated leads for ourselves and our clients with Woodpecker. A big chunk of them converted into paying customers.

What do you like most about Woodpecker?

That it’s built for agencies and has a beautiful UI. I enjoy using Woodpecker. No other tool has such a clear and explicit agency panel!

To sum up

What part of Pearl Lemon Leads’s strategy did you find the most interesting? I liked how they experiment in their campaigns and test what works best for them and each of their clients.

I also liked that Deepak stressed the importance of personalization: the ‘one email for every prospect’ approach just doesn’t work. Customizing their emails has helped them to build a steady flow of leads, and I’m sure they’ll keep getting great results if they stick to this approach.

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