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Best Signatures for Sales Emails: Let’s Analyze What Makes Them Effective

Email signature may seem like no big deal. After all, there are plenty of signature templates to choose from. You could just pick the one you like, customize it and paste into your email, right? This could be enough in the case of a regular business email signature. A signature for a sales email, however, requires a bit more attention as it serves an extra purpose -- it should increase your credibility in the eyes of your prospects and encourage them to reply to you.

What You Should Definitely Steal From Cold Email Templates

The core purpose of cold emailing is to start a conversation with a prospective customer and build a valuable business relationship off of it. However, to get there you need to catch your prospect’s attention and spark their engagement first. Your cold email copy plays a major role in achieving this goal. Coming up with compelling content is not a piece of cake, though. It takes time, effort and a substantial amount of creativity. Although copying a cold email template you found on Google won't get you any customers, seeing what others have written in their email copy is a source of inspiration. We studied quite a few cold email templates and summed up the most effective formulas you can steal to craft your own email copy.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Regain a Good Domain Reputation

Have a closer look at your campaign stats. If you notice that the open rate is taking a nosedive and the number of bounces goes sky high, it most likely means that your deliverability rate is at a rock bottom and your messages either end up in the SPAM folder or are not delivered to the recipients at all.

5-Minute Campaign Audit for a Cold Email Newbie

Are you just one click away from sending your first cold email campaign? Then this post is for you. Hold your horses for a moment, and spare a few minutes to do a quick campaign audit before you click the ‘send’ button. Here’s what you should check to make sure your campaign is all set and ready to go.

Easier Campaign Management in Woodpecker: Announcing Campaign Folders

Today, I have exciting news for you all. A lot of you have been asking for a feature that would allow you to better manage your campaigns. And today, we’re taking the feature from beta. What is the feature I’m talking about? It’s an option to organize your campaigns in folders.

Most Common Cold Email Problems – Did You Face Any of Them?

You put a lot of hard work into preparing your cold email campaign, yet you get poor results. Hardly anyone opens your emails or very few people reply. You start wondering if your efforts actually make any sense. Sounds familiar? Don’t give up just yet, though. I have some solutions to the most common cold email problems you may face.