One Woodpecker – Three Products, or How We’re Changing

Woodpecker's 3 products

When Woodpecker was founded in 2015, it was a simple, intuitive app to automate cold emails. Well, Woodpecker is 7 years old now. And it has grown. It’s matured. As an app and as a company. Now it also matures as a brand.

Woodpecker is still the simple, intuitive app to automate cold emails. But it’s also so much more.

We actually see it now as three powerful products for Cold Email, Sales Assistant, and Agency. That’s how we’ve named the products. To keep it as simple as possible. And to make it even more intuitive for our users, who have different needs and workflows.

Here’s more about what the products are and how they’ll work for our present and future customers.

What is Woodpecker?

Woodpecker is not just an app. It’s a brand. Like, for instance, Virgin or… Apple (we wish!).

And it’s a European company creating SaaS products that help you live on your terms.

That’s us.

And these are our 3 SaaS products

Woodpecker Cold Email

It’s a simple yet powerful cold email tool that allows you to automate sending emails and follow-ups straight from your mailbox.

You connect any email account in seconds. You warm up your email automatically with one click. You easily create and start a campaign with automatic follow-ups and reply detection. You strike up a conversation.

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Woodpecker Sales Assistant

It’s a clever tool that works like an assistant who helps you in multichannel sales outreach.

You connect your email account, you install the Woodpecker Calls app, you add tasks to be done on social media. You create various sales paths within one campaign to increase your prospect’s engagement. You test, improve, and scale your outreach.

Woodpecker Agency

It’s the best tool out there for lead generation agencies running cold email campaigns on behalf of their clients.

As an agency, you get safe separate accounts for each of your clients. You log in to all those accounts from one panel with a single click. You get Deliverability dashboard adjusted to agency workflow, where you can constantly monitor deliverability rates for all your clients in one place.

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In all Woodpecker products, you get:

  • Free contact list verification. Woodpecker has a built-in integration with Bouncer that verifies each email address you send to, in real time. Right before your message is sent, completely free.
  • Full Deliverability package. The most powerful deliverability tools there are: Deliverability Monitor, Bounce Shield, Domain audit and more.
  • Free & unlimited follow-ups. Follow-ups don’t use up your daily limits. You send them for free.
  • Free & unlimited users. You can invite your team members to Woodpecker free of charge.

What’s changing for the present Woodpecker customers?

All Woodpecker customers are able to use all the features they were using so far – nothing’s changing here. The pricing stays as it was for you, as well. You’re actually using one of the 3 products right now. Soon you’ll just see some new “clothes” on them.

The new colors have already appeared on the Woodpecker website. But you’ll also see them in the app soon.

How’s that change helping new customers?

As you land on the Woodpecker website, you choose one of the three products. The one that matches your workflow best. If you’re not sure what to choose, start from Woodpecker Cold Email.

Then, we take your hand and lead you from the website, through the product onboarding, to customer service adjusted to your specific workflow and individual needs.

We want to show you a path — to make the beginning easier for you. Then, as you figure out what you need, you’ll be able to adjust the set of features to your needs.

Regardless of the product you’ve chosen, you’ll be able to switch the add-ons on and off and manage the sending limits.

Can I switch between the 3 products?

Yes. There will be one login to all the products. As you change the way you use Woodpecker, the products will automatically adjust to you. You’ll know when the switch happens. You won’t have to worry about that. And you’ll be always logging in from the same place.


Email warm-up tool - Woodpecker

Woodpecker Warm-up & Recovery: Warm up Mailboxes and Domains Automatically

We’ve just launched an email warm-up and recovery feature - included in price for all our premium users. 

Get your Prospects’ Email Addresses Verified: Native Bouncer Integration

We’re excited to announce that Woodpecker has joined forces with Bouncer to help you decrease your bounce rate, boost deliverability and protect your sender’s reputation. What is Bouncer? It’s a tool that verifies your prospects’ email addresses and sends messages only to validated email addresses, ensuring not a single unwelcome email address slips through. We’ve been testing Bouncer and other email verification tools for some time to choose the one that works best for us and offers the most value to our users, and Bouncer turned out to be the one we were looking for.

Woodpecker for B2B Lead Generation Agencies

In the renaissance of cold emailing, some companies made outbound lead generation the core of their business. We call them lead generation agencies, as they offer the service of generating B2B leads for the sales teams of their client companies. The agencies send numerous emails and follow-ups on behalf of their clients. Managing so many cold email campaigns at the same time can be a real drag. That's why we've implemented a separate set of features dedicated to lead generation agencies in Here's how you can handle all your clients' campaigns within Woodpecker's agency panel.