3 Best Smartreach Alternatives for 2024

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Are you quite unsure about Smartreach? Or maybe you’re looking for email outreach platforms because your previous software drove you crazy?

Whatever the reason is, you’ll find here the three best Smartreach alternatives to boost your lead generation.

We’ve gathered key features, valuable user reviews, and cons. Keep reading to see which one of these picks could finally put an end to your email headaches.

What is Smartreach?

It’s a sales engagement platform that uses AI to reach the audience. Smartreach is equipped with features for agencies with a focus on email automation. Also, it’s supposed to help a business manage leads and prospects.

Smartreach - a tool that allow a business manage leads

Key features of Smartreach

Some say it’s one of the best email outreach software, but there are also contrary opinions.

The tool looks pretty promising, but how does it perform in practice? Let’s take a look at the list and learn what users have to say about its functionality.

Multichannel outreach

Smartreach lets you contact people in many ways. You can use email, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, SMS, and phone calls.

Shared Inbox

This is like a team email box. Everyone in your team can see and reply to emails. A shared team inbox may help work together, lowering the chances of missing emails.

AI content

Smartreach uses AI to assist you in writing cold emails. It can suggest what to write and even improve subject lines.

Cold emailing

Their cold email system is straightforward (but not very advanced) and focused on sending your emails to people. It checks email addresses before sending and helps avoid spam filters.

Email deliverability

The service makes emails reach the primary inbox of recipients thanks to email verification. The email deliverability features are built-in. You can run spam test, or use email warm up.

Why should you look for alternatives to Smartreach?

If you invest in something, you want to see the value for money, right?

Before you decide, read the cons that might harm your business.

Many tools, but not so many pricing options

Smartreach offers many tools and capabilities, and for a company that needs to focus only on sales engagement, it might be a waste of potential. There are four main subscription plans, and when upgrading the Email Outreach plan, you don’t upgrade it in this context. The higher plan centers on sales engagement, not expanding email capabilities.

Not so many integrations

Smartreach has a limited number of integrations. Users who have their toolkit of favorite platforms may find it disappointing that it doesn’t connect seamlessly. On top of it, some report that the existing integrations could be better.

Unintuitive to use

If a lead management system is confusing or less intuitive, it could make campaigns less successful and negatively impact even the sales process. And this is something that Smartreach users complain about.

What do users think about Smartreach?

Many of them point out a helpful support team and ease of use when managing marketing campaigns. There are a few negative opinions, though:

“Spam detection still doesn’t work up to optimal limits” (source: Capterra)

➡️ If Smartreach’s spam detection isn’t operating at its best, it may lead to a lower deliverability rate of emails and impact the success of email campaigns.


“Their sync with Hubspot is very weak” (source: Capterra)

➡️ For some, it might be a decisive factor because they highly rely on other tools, and robust integration is their priority.


“Price is a little too much, in my opinion.” (source: Capterra)

➡️ Price is also a major factor when deciding about what tool to use. The best would be if a tool has reasonable pricing thresholds, so every type of business can take advantage of the tool.


“Most importantly quick turnaround time from the support team for any small issues is impressive.” (source G2)

➡️ Always check the reviews to check on the customer service experiences.

Smartreach pricing

Starts at $23/month/seat. There are four plans, and only two of them have a free trial, though.

If you don’t feel like choosing Smartreach, we’ve got four alternatives you could try out.

Best 4 Smartreach alternatives

They are: Woodpecker, Instantly, and Fast Outreach.

#1 Woodpecker

Woodpecker, as an alternative to Smartreach, features unique tools for cold emailing, sales assistance, and agency use.

Key features of Woodpecker

Check out how they help you with email generation. For many, it’s a go-to tool.


Woodpecker - best email outrech software and achieve sales quotas
Agency-centric features

Woodpecker has features that let agencies manage multiple client accounts from one place. They’re useful in coordinating tasks and are ideal for agencies that need strong outreach tools.

Multichannel outreach for successful marketing campaigns

Diverse campaign options support campaigns across various channels (email-LinkedIn-call combined sequences) and make your cold email efforts more dynamic.

Prioritized security

Woodpecker prioritizes the security of your cold emailing. They include measures like data encryption, GDPR and protection against online threats to keep your data safe.

Advanced tracking

You’ll find detailed analytics that offers actionable insights for optimizing your email campaigns.

Smooth integration with existing tools

Integrating Woodpecker with other software and email providers is straightforward. There are only a few steps to take, and you can use your favorite platforms with ease.

Strong deliverability features

You can be confident that your cold outreach emails won’t end up in spam. Woodpecker’s deliverability capabilities allow for personalizing messages and monitoring deliverability rates.

AI support

The tool also uses AI to let you create personalized emails. This includes an option to make personalized videos. It saves time and adds a unique touch to cold emails.

Woodpecker pricing

The pricing structure is based on the number of prospects contacted. For instance, reaching out to 500 prospects costs $29/month.

What do users think about Woodpecker?

Many sales leaders are happy with Woodpecker’s email campaign system:

I like that Woodpecker not only automates my messaging but also gives the possibility to customize the first message for one particular prospect. As a result, even though my campaigns are automated, they still have a personal touch.” (source: G2)

➡️ Personalization is something that might grab prospects’ attention, and might make your open rate go high.


I really liked the quality of reports I could export from the platform. Easy to create AB testings and create automatization sequences.” (source Capterra)

➡️ At Woodpecker, you have in-depth analytics and reports at your fingertips. Users can monitor campaign performance details, such as hard and soft bounce rates, reply, click, open rates, and more.


I like the management of templates for emailing. I was able to add images, signatures, and links. Personalization was important for us, so adding changeable elements is a massive advantage of Woodpecker.”

➡️ The existing templates for emailing make your job much faster and more efficient.

#2 Instantly

If you’re looking for a tool for cold emailing to reach the prospects, you may want to try Instantly.

Although there are many opinions that this is an amazing tool, some users have slightly different views.


Instantly helps business get more deals

Key features of Instantly:

  • generative AI
  • B2B database
  • lead verifier

Challenges you may face:

  • users report that deliverability features don’t work as supposed to
  • limited features
  • long processing time
  • rare customer-driven feature updates

What do users think about Instantly?

Blocklist feature is a joke (only applies to new leads, only when uploaded). Lead search within campaigns is limited and only capable of filtering by keyword and status.” (source G2)

➡️ It may mean you might end up contacting people you shouldn’t. And that’s a big no-no if you want to have a good sender reputation.


In trying to resolve my first issue with support, their help was useless.” (source G2)

➡️ If the customer support isn’t good, you’re on your own, which is far from ideal. Especially if you use the tool for the first time.


Their deliverability is terrible over time, and their warm up process is the worst of all the ones we’ve used.” (source G2)

➡️ You need your messages to land where they’re supposed to. Otherwise, you might be flagged as spam.

Instantly pricing

Starts at $37/month, with a limit of sending 5,000 emails per month in a lower plan.

#3 Lemlist

Lemlist is an email marketing tool created for any kind of business, with a special focus on personalization.


Lemlist - excellent tool for reaching prospects effciently

Key features of Lemlist:

  • follow-ups
  • multichannel prospecting
  • email warm-up

Challenges you may face:

  • users reporting features as buggy
  • the setup process is challenging and long
  • customer support is not responsive

What do users think about Lemlist?

Reviews are quite mixed.

“It may not have all the features of other competitors.” (source: G2)

➡️ As your company grows, remember that you may need more robust capability in the future. If the features are limited now for you, maybe you should take a look at some other tools.

“Even though it is user-friendly, there are some areas which were hard to figure out like editing a campaign and others.”

➡️ To determine if a tool’s interface is intuitive for you, it’s best to test it out using a free trial.

Lemlist pricing

Starts at $59/month/seat. Keep in mind that deliverability tools are charged extra.

#4 Fast Outreach

Are you into running email marketing campaigns? Maybe you want to consider Fast Outreach.


Fast Outreach - simplicity at its best, a tool for sales development reps

Key features of Fast Outreach:

  • AI support
  • email customization options
  • integrates with Gmail and Outlook

Challenges you may face:

  • doesn’t have as many features as competitors
  • only one seat in the lowest plan
  • lacks deliverability features

What do users think about Fast Outreach?

It’s hard to find any reviews on that tool on platforms like Capterra or G2.

Fast Outreach pricing

Starts at $199/month/seat.

Conclusion: what’s the best value for money for you?

The choices are diverse, come with different prices, and have a bit different focus. Think of what you need the most – entire lead management, email outreach only, or maybe strong personalization? Calculate all the pros and cons, and choose wisely.

Need a piece of advice?

Woodpecker is a great choice for cold mailing and may be a deal breaker for those who want to be sure of the email deliverability.

Finding prospects seamlessly is at your fingertips. Sign in to Woodpecker and grab your free trial to test it out.