3 Best Fast Outreach Alternatives for 2024

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Want to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of your outreach efforts? You need a solid tool, then.

When looking for one, Fast Outreach may occur as one of the options. But once the research is done, you may have some questions – is the tool only for outreach? What about the other capabilities? Does it really cost that much?

And most importantly – what are the Fast Outreach alternatives?

In today’s article, we’ll answer those questions.

What is Fast Outreach AI?

It is a tool created to handle promotional email communications. Fast Outreach leverages AI to create personalized outreach, automates parts of the email-sending process, and personalizes messages for different recipients. The tool is supposed to simplify email campaigns.


Fast Outreach - a tool with generative AI for any kind of business

Key features of Fast Outreach

It is primarily focused on cold email outreach, so the feature list isn’t that long.

Easy email Integration

Compatible with email services like Gmail and Outlook. The integration seems easy, but there are no other integrations enlisted besides these.


The tool uses artificial intelligence to analyze your writing style and customer data. It helps marketers write emails that are more likely to get responses because they might be more personalized to customer’s data.


The main focus of Fast Outreach is personalization. The tool learns your style and uses AI to help you write emails that are tailored to the recipients, and also keeps all the characteristics of your writing.

Why should you look for alternatives to Fast Outreach?

AI generated outreach is great, but there are some flaws you must know before committing financially to this tool:

Limited in being unlimited

Even though they say they have unlimited everything, Fast Outreach offers only one seat on the lowest plan.

A bit pricey

For only one seat, you pay $199 per month. There’s also the Enterprise plan, but with no price provided. Compared to other alternatives, this one might strain your wallet a bit. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you need to keep searching.

May be insufficient in capabilities

The tool is focused only on outreach, and it skips the important aspects of email marketing, like deliverability tools, spam checkers, and others.

User’s feedback:

It’s hard to find any reviews on popular review platforms.

Best 4 Fast Outreach alternatives

If you crave more capabilities and some additional superpowers, here’s a list of tools that handle outreach, give you a deliverability boost, and are more suitable for a team.

#1 Woodpecker

It’s a solid choice for lead generation, thanks to the cold email outreach capabilities and deliverability tools. But there is more to come.


Woodpecker - a tool for expanding cold email reach for any kind of company

Top features:

Take a closer look at Woodpecker’s greatest strengths.

Deliverability capabilities to avoid spam

You can personalize messages, monitor deliverability metrics, understand bounce reasons, and more to get your emails delivered. Also, deliverability tools prevent cold outreach from ending up in the spam folder.

AI-support for even more personalized content

Use AI and create personalized videos in your emails. You will save plenty of time and grab the prospect’s attention.

Multichannel outreach

If you use more email service providers than Outlook and Gmail, Woodpecker is a great pick here. Deliver your campaigns across various platforms with ease.

👉 See Woodpecker’s integrations.

Customer data security

Woodpeckers place a high priority on security. The tool provides:

  • data encryption
  • backups and infrastructure security
  • protection against DDoS attacks, firewalls
  • private IP addresses
  • GDPR compliance

and more. All to keep your contacts safe and protect sensitive data.

Campaigns monitoring

You can keep an eye on campaign performance, such as:

  • hard and soft bounce rates,
  • reply rates
  • click rates,
  • open rates,

and others. Optimize your outreach strategies based on the data. Analyses and reports will show you what you need to improve.

💡 Leveraging AI for detecting interest is a big advantage.

User’s feedback:

  • “A simplified and effortless system that makes navigating through different sections or features seamless and straightforward” (source: G2)
  • “I like that you can do the A/B testing with this tool. Also, the dashboard is very intuitive, easy to use.” (source: G2)
  • “ Everything is pretty quick; creating new campaigns, uploading prospects, editing.” (source: Trustpilot)


It depends on how many prospects have you reached. To give you some numbers, for 500 contacted prospects, you pay $29/month.

👉 Read more about Woodpecker’s cold email outreach power.

#2 Instantly

It’s one of the Fast Outreach alternatives that help businesses get more customers and attract prospects with its scale outreach technology.


Instantly - a tool that supposed to boost sales and attract prospects

Top features:


  • customization is quite restrictive
  • UI is confusing
  • users report deliverability issues

User’s feedback:

  • “Their deliverability is terrible over time.” (source: G2)
  • “Instantly RUINED sender reputation of TWO FRESH email domains.” (source: Trustpilot)
  • “It may not have all the features of other competitors.” (source: G2)


Starts at $37/month, with a limit of sending 5,000 emails per month in a lower plan.

📰 See the detailed review of Instantly.

#3 Lemlist

If you want to boost your outreach, generate leads, and close more deals, Lemlist is an option to consider.

Lemlist - a tool that is supposed to improve the pipeline

Top features:

  • deliverability tools (but extra charged)
  • warm-up
  • spam check


  • users report poor campaign management
  • additional charges
  • navigation in the tool might be confusing

User’s feedback:

  • “VERY BUGGY. Some things that should work just don’t” (source: G2)
  • “It’s been 2 days and I’m trying to setup my account and domain and there are 1000 steps to setup their app” (source: Trustpilot)
  • “The customer support/billing has been atrocious” (source: Capterra)


Starts at $59/month/seat.

📰 Check out the Lemlist and Woodpecker comparison.

Conclusion on tools for personalized outreach

Fast Outreach is a decent tool, but its capabilities are quite limited, and it does not provide any additional benefits other than that.

But for even a lower price, you can be sure you reach your audience, the campaign is delivered, and also track its performance afterward. Doesn’t it sound like a better deal?

This is what Woodpecker may offer you. Try it out for free for 7 days!


What is outreach AI?

Outreach AI leverages artificial intelligence to analyze customer data, optimize communication strategies, and enhance reply rates, aiming to secure more deals effectively.

What is fast outreach?

Fast outreach refers to using streamlined, technology-driven methods, such as fast outreach AI, to quickly contact potential clients, making the biggest impact in the shortest time.

Can I get AI to read my emails?

Yes, AI tools can be used to read and analyze your emails, helping to improve engagement strategies based on customer data and past interaction insights.

What is the best AI tool for email?

The best AI tool for email optimizes your outreach efforts, enhancing reply rates and customer engagement to close more deals efficiently.