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Our Customers Taught Us A Lot About Cold Emailing, Here Are 5 Top Tips

What is more valuable than first-hand advice from companies who grew with cold email outreach? I’ve put together a list of top 5 tips that can help you excel in running email campaigns. Let’s get straight to the point.

Automate Prospecting and Outreach withLeadFuze + Woodpecker

Remember the time we reviewed LeadFuze for our prospecting tool review series? Now I can finally announce that Woodpecker has integrated with LeadFuze. And in this guest post, Justin McGill himself will tell you what you can do with the integration. Keep on reading to discover how you can benefit from using Woodpecker and LeadFuze according to Justin.

These Stats Prove The Importance of Follow-up Emails

A follow-up email is an integral part of any cold email campaign. But is one enough? When should we send it? Should we personalize it? I decided to look into data and answer some of those questions. Today I bring you the results of my research. Time for some numbers.

Woodpecker Partner Program – Waiting for You to Join and Grow With Us

Remember our previous blog post about Woodpecker Partner Program? Back then, the program was in its beginnings. And that was when? In the spring of 2017. Now, we've entered the first quarter of 2019, and all of that stands to prove that it's the best time for those of you to get involved.

Cold Email Deliverability: There Is Still A Lot to Learn – Webinar Recap

Not so long ago, we organized a deliverability webinar, which some of you might have had a chance to watch live. Deliverability plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of cold email campaigns, so no wonder it’s such a hot topic. Our Woodpecker Team Members, Margaret and Mike, talked about three layers of deliverability: technical settings, email copy, and campaign settings in Woodpecker. In today’s blog post, we answer the 8 top deliverability questions that were raised during the webinar.

5 Cold Email Writing Services to Use, and When You Need Their Help

Cold email writing is a skill and like any other skill, you need to hone it before you can call yourself an expert. But what if you cannot devote enough time to master that skill? What to do then? You can search for ready-made email templates in Google, and use the one you like. Yet, it's a risky maneuver. Your prospect may have already received the exact email template from somebody else. I wrote some time ago that it's not a good solution. Fortunately for you, there is yet another option - using one of the services that specialize in cold email writing. Such a service can cost a bit, but there are two scenarios when a cold email writing service is a godsend.

Announcing Native Pipedrive Integration

Are you a Pipedrive user? Or are you looking for a CRM to connect your Woodpecker account with? Here's the first native integration of Woodpecker with the most popular CRM among our users. Continue reading to learn how you can connect Woodpecker to Pipedrive.