Email Permutator – Email Verification Tool Guide

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Have you ever felt like a detective when trying to find an email address?

It happens more often than you think.

Learn how email permutators and other free tools can help you find any email quickly:

What is an email permutator?

Looking for emails

An email permutator is a tool that creates different combinations of a person’s name and a company’s domain to guess their email address.

➡️ You type in the first name, last name, and the domain. The tool mixes them up in various ways. For example, it makes combinations like [email protected] or [email protected]. ⬅️

When to use an email permutator tool?

People emailing to each other

People use email permutators mainly for business networking or marketing to find contact information when it isn’t listed directly.

Let’s take a closer look:

Business development

An email permutator proves useful when you need to contact someone from a specific company for partnership or client acquisition.

📧 You input their name and the company’s domain into the tool. It generates possible email addresses, so it’s easier to establish initial contact without having the email upfront.


Imagine you meet a potential collaborator or mentor at a networking event. You forget to get their contact details.

📧 An email permutator can create likely email formats using their name and company. This allows you to reach out and build on that initial connection.

Job searching

When applying for jobs, direct contact with a hiring manager can make a difference.

📧 If you know the manager’s name and the company they work for, an email permutator helps you guess their email. This direct approach can set you apart from other applicants.

Marketing campaigns

Marketers use email permutators to find email addresses of key decision-makers within companies.

📧 Thanks to accurately guessing email addresses, they can personalize their pitches. As a result, you increase the likelihood of engagement and response.

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Woodpecker as an alternative to an email permutator tool

Verifying email addresses

To make the emails you send reach their intended recipients, use an email permutator to test various email formats.

📧 This reduces the risk of sending emails that bounce back, so your communication efforts are more effective and efficient.

What to use instead of an email permutator?

receiving an email

If, for some reason, you can’t or don’t want to use an email permutator tool, worry not.

Other solutions are waiting for you:

1. Use email verification tools

Email verification tools are great helpers in the process of securing accurate email addresses.

Unlike email permutators that guess potential email combinations, verification tools actively check the validity of an email address without needing to send a preliminary email.

This is very important because it prevents your email campaigns from being flagged as spam and protects your sender reputation.

These tools work by querying the email server of a given domain to confirm whether the mailbox exists and can receive emails.

✨ Benefits:

  • you get real, active email addresses
  • you increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • you can streamline your email verification process
  • you reduce bounce rates and improve overall campaign performance

2. Try LinkedIn plugins

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn plugins are invaluable for anyone looking to directly extract email addresses from LinkedIn profiles.

These tools integrate with your browser and LinkedIn interface, so you can automatically capture the contact details of potential leads and business contacts.

The process is efficient and accurate, especially for B2B communications where precision and reliability in reaching the right person are vital.

✨ Benefits:

  • you save time manually searching for contact information
  • you can quickly build a list of prospects with high potential for conversion

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3. Use email finder services

Email finder services are powerful when it comes to searching through extensive online databases to locate verified email addresses associated with specific names and companies.

These services often access public records, social media profiles, and other legal data sources to compile and verify contact information.

What sets these services apart is their ability to provide batches of valid addresses quickly. It’s particularly useful for large-scale marketing campaigns or when establishing initial contact with multiple prospects.

Moreover, the reliability of the data obtained helps in crafting more personalized and effective outreach strategies.

✨ Benefits:

  • you can improve your networking skills
  • you can increase the likelihood of successful engagement

4. Set up a custom search in Google Sheets (great for finding any Gmail account)

Setting up a custom search in Google Sheets to generate and verify email addresses is customizable and cost-effective.

By using simple scripts or formulas in Google Sheets, you can automate the process of creating email combinations based on known variables, such as:

  • first names,
  • last names,
  • and domain names,

and then verify these against real-time data to check their validity.

For instance, you can effortlessly update and manage your contacts list, track verification results, and make adjustments on the fly.

We recommend it especially if you prefer a hands-on approach and wish to maintain control over the entire process without the need for specialized external software.

✨ Benefits:

  • you save money
  • you get more flexibility in managing and integrating with other tools

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5. Take advantage of browser extensions

browser extensions

Browser extensions are practical for streamlining the process of finding email addresses while you surf the web.

These extensions integrate smoothly with your internet browser, so you can automatically extract email data from the web pages you visit.

When would this be useful? For example, when browsing industry blogs, company pages, or professional forums where email addresses are often shared publicly.

Extensions can detect these addresses and save them directly to your contacts list. The result? You speed up the whole process of building a network.

✨ Benefits:

  • you can easily gather contact information quickly
  • you don’t need to switch between multiple applications
  • you can validate addresses in real time
  • you always get accurate email addresses

6. Use CRM software

Customer relationship management (CRM) software often includes features that can predict and verify email addresses based on existing customer data.

This capability is highly beneficial as it helps maintain an accurate and clean database – something essential for effective marketing and sales strategies.

CRM systems analyze customer data patterns to suggest the most probable email format used by a company or individual. Talk about reducing the guesswork and improving the email verification process, right?

Additionally, these tools often come with the ability to integrate with other platforms, so you get a centralized hub for all customer interactions and data.

✨ Benefits:

  • you can have consistent communications
  • your customer interactions are tracked and quickly accessible
  • you can master service quality and customer satisfaction

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Key takeaways

  1. An email permutator generates email address combinations by mixing a person’s name with a company’s domain.
  2. You can use email verification tools to be sure the email addresses are correct and valid.
  3. LinkedIn plugins help directly fetch a prospect’s email address from their LinkedIn profile.
  4. Email finder services allow you to quickly generate email combinations, so you get verified email addresses.
  5. Setting up a custom search in Google Sheets allows you to generate and verify email addresses.
  6. Browser extensions are useful for finding email addresses while you browse, which helps in quickly building a contact list.
  7. For effective marketing and sales strategies, you can use CRM software to predict and verify email addresses based on existing customer data.
  8. Free email permutator tools are available but using solutions that always give you the correct email address is more reliable.
  9. Email permutators are a starting point. However, combining them with verification tools helps avoid the spam folder.


Now you have the tricks to find emails easily! Remember to use these tools carefully and keep your emails professional. Have fun sending your emails.

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Frequently asked questions

How can I generate email addresses for my marketing campaign?

You can use an email permutator to generate email addresses by inputting known details like names and domains. For larger-scale needs, consider using email finder services that can provide verified addresses quickly.

Is there a free tool to generate email addresses?

Yes, there are free email permutator tools available online. These tools allow you to input names and domains to create possible email combinations, which can be useful for initial outreach efforts.

What should I consider when using a free email permutator?

When using a free email permutator, consider the accuracy and risk of generating invalid email addresses. To reduce bounce rates, pair it with an email verification tool to check the validity of the generated addresses.

Can I use an email permutator free tool to find email addresses for networking?

Absolutely! An email permutator can help you generate potential email addresses using the names and associated company domains of the individuals you meet. This facilitates easier follow-up and connection after networking events.