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GDPR After Brexit: How It May Affect Cold Email?

There's a lot of uncertainty around the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. Since some of you target the UK, I think you wonder what will happen there in terms of GDPR. Will GDPR be still relevant after Brexit? Let's see.

Easier Campaign Management in Woodpecker: Announcing Campaign Folders

Today, I have exciting news for you all. A lot of you have been asking for a feature that would allow you to better manage your campaigns. And today, we’re taking the feature from beta. What is the feature I’m talking about? It’s an option to organize your campaigns in folders.

Most Common Cold Email Problems – Did You Face Any of Them?

You put a lot of hard work into preparing your cold email campaign, yet you get poor results. Hardly anyone opens your emails or very few people reply. You start wondering if your efforts actually make any sense. Sounds familiar? Don’t give up just yet, though. I have some solutions to the most common cold email problems you may face.

What Do I Need to Know About Email Blacklists?

You set up a cold email campaign and everything seems to run smoothly until you have a look at the statistics and notice a very high bounce rate. This may be a sign that you got blacklisted. First of all - don’t panic. Provided you landed on a blacklist unintentionally, it’s not such a big deal to get yourself off it. What costs much more effort, though, is regaining good sending reputation afterward. But first let me explain to you how blacklists work, why you landed on one and what you can do to get your IP removed from it.

Prospect List Building Tools Review Vol. 13: eGrabber’s Management-Finder

It's about time for another prospecting tool to be reviewed. I was approached by eGrabber's team who proposed to me that they would do a demo of their tool, Management-Finder, to see how it works and how a prospecting team can use it. I invited Luke from the Business Growth Team and we spent some time playing with the tool. It's an unusual app but highly advanced and Luke got very excited about it. He said that he would save a ton of time with this tool. I spoke to Clinton Rozario and his colleagues at eGrabber. Let's find out more about the tool.

5 Things Cold Email Outreach Can Change for Your Company

Are you skeptical of cold email outreach as a lead generation method? In today's blog post Anastasia Voytehina from CIENCE gives you a handful of good reasons why it can actually be a game-changer for your clients and your own company.

Expert RoundUp Vol. 1 – Conversational Marketing: Can it Boost Sales?

Lately, I've spent some time observing new trends in sales and marketing. I couldn't help but be drawn to "conversational marketing", a novel idea introduced by Drift, a platform that offers all-round solutions for staying in touch with customers and leads. The term itself seemed really interesting to me. After all, cold emailing is a form of starting a conversation, so if something like "conversational marketing" gets blog coverage, it's even better for cold emailing and similar technology that enables brands to stay in touch with their leads. So I popped into a chat with Mark Kilens from Drift who's worked extremely hard on Drift's Conversational Framework. I also reached out to lead generation experts and asked them to say a few words about the rise of chatbots and conversational marketing. Let's see what they had to say about it.