Breakcold: Features, Pricing, Competitors, and Expert Opinion

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Go deep into Breakcold – while it provides powerful features for sales and emails and makes work easier for many, it’s not the one-stop solution it seems to be.

Looking for something very specific, for example, for email marketing? There might be other paths to explore.

Let’s get to know them!

Breakcold – is it a modern sales CRM?

Breakcold is a sales CRM and pipeline management tool with cold emailing features, designed for agencies, startups, and consultants.

Users can find unlimited email campaigns and personalization, a unified CRM email inbox, and automatic domain rotation.

Breakcold for social selling

Pros of Breakcold

  • no limitations on email campaigns
  • unified inbox for CRM emails
  • domain rotation for emails
  • LinkedIn post and tweet tracking

Cons of Breakcold

  • a steep learning curve
  • integration issues
  • a focus not as strong on cold emailing as similar platforms
  • several features are absent and need time to be developed
  • lacks advanced analytics to provide insights
  • filtering can be improved

How does Breakcold cost?

Pricing starts at $29 per user per month for the Sales CRM plan and $49 for Breakcold+, each with a 14-day free trial.

Expert’s opinion on Breakcold

Breakcold may be a good solution for sales teams looking for strong social selling CRM features and social media integrations, especially for managing LinkedIn contacts and B2B contacts.

If you need something dedicated to cold emailing, this tool may not be the best choice.

#1 Woodpecker

Woodpecker is a cold emailing platform, well-suited for agencies and teams seeking personalized outreach.

It simplifies managing multiple client accounts and optimizes email deliverability with features like warm-up and recovery, alongside real-time monitoring and automated follow-ups.

Woodpecker - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: It is great for sending personalized cold emails. It makes it easy to manage many client accounts and keeps emails from getting marked as spam.


You can also watch how well your emails are doing in real-time and send automatic follow-ups.


Plus, it’s easy to start using, lets you make reports for your clients, works well with other tools, verifies your email list, and lets you test different emails to see which works best.



📚 Find a CRM That Works Great With A Cold Emailing Tool (Quick Guide).


  • Pricing: begins at $29/month, with a free trial available.


  • Expert opinion: Woodpecker is favored for its user-friendly interface and intuitive use, making it a valuable tool for achieving efficient deliverability in cold email campaigns.

#2 Yesware

Yesware by Vendasta is a sales engagement platform for email outreach efforts. Its target audience is individuals, teams, and enterprises.

Rich in features such as email tracking and multichannel campaigns.

Yesware - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: Email tracking, multichannel campaigns, and a Google Chrome extension – highly beneficial for sales teams aiming to contact prospects and monitor the sales cycle.


  • Cons: Involve limitations on lower plans, difficulty in sequencing contacts, and the Yesware label on emails, which can detract from the personalized outreach experience.


  • Pricing: Yesware offers plans starting at $15/seat/month for the Pro plan, with Premium and Enterprise options available at higher price points to meet varying levels of need within sales teams.


There’s also a free plan available for users looking to explore the platform’s basic functionalities.


  • Expert opinion: Yesware would work for sales professionals and teams focused on closing deals and optimizing their cold email outreach. Its analytical tools and email templates can shorten the sales cycle. But, it may take some time for users to master all its functionalities.

#3 Evaboot

It’s a LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraper that exports data for cold outreach campaigns. Evaboot includes lead export in CSV format and email verification.

Evaboot - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: Data cleaning and formatting, lead filtering, and email finding with advanced search filters.


  • Cons: Focus on finding and exporting leads without email sending or personalization features, and potential high bounce rates for emails sent out.


  • Pricing: ranges from $29/month, with various credit packages for different lead exporting needs. Annual billing saves 17%.


  • Expert opinion: Evaboot is best for users needing to generate B2B contact lists from LinkedIn Sales Navigator quickly for cold email campaigns, particularly useful for sales teams that want to close more deals.

#4 Super Send

Super Send is a cold outreach software for email, LinkedIn, and Twitter with AI writing tools.

It offers multichannel outreach, email validation, a unified inbox, and personalization features.

Super Send - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: AI-driven personalization, a unified inbox for managing responses, and outreach automation on Twitter, making it versatile for businesses looking to engage customers across platforms.


  • Cons: LinkedIn automation features are a bit buggy, it’s still developing with evolving functionalities, and potentially higher email bounce rates.


  • Pricing: Begins at $20/month for the Bootstrapper plan, including 1,000 messages, 2 campaigns, and more. Higher-tier plans provide increased limits and features.


  • Expert opinion: Super Send is suitable for businesses looking to manage deals and engage customers across multiple platforms efficiently with AI support.


#5 Amplemarket

Amplemarket is an AI-powered sales engagement tool designed to find and reach out to leads with various prospecting tools. It features lead generation, email validation, and multi-channel sales flows.

Amplemarkat - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: A comprehensive lead generation database, detailed analytics, and an outbound dialer for effective communication.


  • Cons: Challenging onboarding, non-transparent pricing, and occasional glitches in task management, hindering some users’ experience.


  • Pricing: The details were not provided directly on their website. Request a demo for customized pricing info.


  • Expert opinion: Amplemarket is best suited for teams seeking to enhance their lead generation and engagement strategies with AI-driven tools.

#6 Vocus is designed to provide better email campaigns with functionalities like mass email sending, tracking responses, and automating follow-ups.

It integrates smoothly with CRM systems and Gmail, supporting customer relationship management.

Vocus - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: Automated follow-ups, email and link tracking for insights, and multi-stage mail merges for personalized messages with ease.


  • Cons: Users find the interface outdated, limited integrations with other tools (which may affect workflow productivity), and restrictions on inboxes and follow-ups could impact outreach strategies.


  • Pricing: Starts at $5 per month, with unlimited email tracking, templates, send-later options, and automated follow-ups, with more advanced features in higher-tier plans.


  • Expert opinion: The tool is particularly helpful for users seeking to improve their email marketing productivity with tracking, link analysis, and automated functionalities.

#7 Salesloft

Salesloft provides a solution for sales teams to manage and optimize mailing campaigns with its email software. It’s equipped with email templates, cadence automation, and comprehensive analytics.

Salesloft - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: Cadence automation for efficient follow-ups, flexible CRM integrations, and real-time insights aiding strategic decisions.


  • Cons: Unclear pricing, a difficult interface for changing email signatures, and a cluttered activity feed which complicates task management.


  • Pricing: Details are available upon request, with a demo needed to grasp specific features fully.


  • Expert opinion: Salesloft might be suitable for companies looking for an advanced solution to streamline their sales process, improve advertising efforts, and boost company-wide communication.


The tool’s rich features and scalability make it a good fit for sales teams hoping for growth.

#8 Reply

Reply is a sales engagement platform suitable for managing both inbound and outbound strategies. It features A/B testing, follow-ups, and built-in email validation.

Reply - an alternative to Breakcold sales crm
  • Pros: Timezone detection for global reach, AI support to enhance outreach tools, and access to Reply Data for improved prospecting.


  • Cons: Limited AI credits, lack of customization options, and a user interface that can overwhelm new users.


  • Pricing: Begins at $59/user/month, with a free version excluding email outreach automation and a 14-day trial available.


  • Expert opinion: It is ideal for sales teams seeking comprehensive support with multichannel strategies, including email and social selling, who value the integration and automation of the contact management processes.

#9 Salesmate

Salesmate is a CRM solution tailored for small to mid-sized businesses and startups, focusing on enhancing the sales pipeline within a modern sales CRM framework.

It offers easy employee training, automated follow-ups, and custom domain tracking.

Salesmate - an alternative to Breakcold sales crm
  • Pros: Simplicity in onboarding new team members and a variety of features to boost productivity.


  • Cons: Occasional slow software performance, extra charges for texting and calling, and some difficulties in customization and data sharing between software components.


  • Pricing: Ranges from $29/user/month for the Basic plan to custom pricing for the Enterprise plan, with a free trial available for lower tiers. Additional features like sequences or dedicated AI addresses cost extra.


  • Expert opinion: Salesmate is recommended for teams looking for a sales CRM that supports business growth with a balance between functionality and user-friendliness.

#10 Salesrobot

Salesrobot is a tool aimed at automating sales outreach, allowing businesses to contact potential clients through email and LinkedIn. A centralized inbox and AI writing assistance for better team collaboration are among its best features.

Salesrobot - an alternative to Breakcold
  • Pros: Easy list importing, collaborative joint inboxes, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration for targeted outreach.


  • Cons: A heavy reliance on LinkedIn, which presents a potential for algorithm-related issues, and a more limited focus on email automation capabilities.


  • Pricing: Starts at $99/month for basic access, with a 14-day trial available.


  • Expert opinion: The platform is useful for teams prioritizing LinkedIn in their outreach strategy and features a blend of automation and collaboration tools.


Breakcold is a decent tool with strong points, but it also has downsides.

To choose wisely, a business should carefully consider what they need. For instance, a company focused on cold emailing might find Woodpecker more fitting.

Think about your goals and needs to make the best choice.

Ready to explore Woodpecker for great emails? Give it a go with a free trial and see how it fits your strategy!