Amplemarket for Sales Intelligence and Outreach: Top Alternatives

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Artificial intelligence is all around us, and it can make many aspects of our daily lives better. Amplemarket is a sales intelligence tool for modern sales teams that want to save time, refine their sales process and outreach campaigns, and, ultimately, make more money.

Today, we take a look at Amplemarket – what it can do for sales teams in terms of sales engagement and lead generation, what real users say about it, and what tools would be better suited for this job.

What is Amplemarket?


Amplemarket helps teams streamline their entire sales operations. Sales intelligence, lead generation, sales engagement, and improving email deliverability optimization – you get a host of tools in one place.

It all starts with a database of leads, where you can either import your own or enrich it with lead generation tools from Amplemarket. You can then verify the emails of those leads before sending out any messages. If you don’t have a list of people to reach out to, you can search by company or job title, helping you mine both sales data and competitive intelligence signals.

Multichannel sequencing and selling allow you to reach out to contacts via email, LinkedIn automation and phone. On top of that, you get email deliverability features, a spam checker and help with mailbox selection.

In the past, Amplemarket offered a full sales cycle audit with their sales team – who would go through your sales templates playbooks and suggest changes. There was a monthly sequence copy review and group onboarding sessions, but this no longer exists.

Why shouldn’t you choose Amplemarket for lead generation and sales engagement?

Amplemarket is really rich in features and provides unparalleled AI-powered insights and buying intent-level data. The problem with all of these complex lead generation and prospect engagement features is that lead generation users will have to find them on their own. The onboarding is not the best, so set aside a few days to learn the basics.

The app can glitch out and have errors frequently, especially if you’re using some of its many integrations or the task management feature. The pricing is not transparent and once you do find out the cost, you’ll see that many other tools offer the same or similar features at a fraction of the cost.

Amplemarket pricing

The problem with Amplemarket for most people is the fact that the pricing is not transparent. To find out how much it costs, you have to talk to an Amplemarket sales expert and go through a demo. However, some research shows us that the cheapest Amplemarket monthly plan is over $500.

Considering the features that Amplemarket offers, this makes it extremely expensive for smaller businesses. There’s great news though – there are plenty of alternatives to choose from below.

Top Amplemarket alternatives for modern sales teams

Amplemarket combines lead generation and hyper-personalized messages to help you connect with more customers. But if you want more than this AI-powered platform and multi-channel outreach is a necessity, here are some top alternatives to consider.


Woodpecker - an alternative to Amplemarket

Whether you work in an in-house sales team or an agency that does sales outreach, Woodpecker has an entire suite of tools that makes sales outreach and deliverability optimization effortless.

With Woodpecker, you can go from a list of emails and verify it before doing any outreach at all. Then you can use email warmup to prepare your inbox for engaging with leads – successfully avoiding spam filters.

When you’re ready to start mailing, you can create condition-based sequences and workflows, so that leads are sent through the sequence based on their actions and responses. Woodpecker integrates with your favorite email marketing software, so sending out hyper-personalized messages and campaigns is a breeze.

You’ll get details about your campaign success in an analytics dashboard, helping you focus on the metrics that matter. And to get even more out of our campaigns and reach real customers, use split testing to find out which emails are efficient and which ones are missing the mark.

Woodpecker prices start at just $30 per month and you can grab your free trial today!


Uptics - an alternative to Amplemarket

Uptics is a powerful Amplemarket alternative that offers a rich tool set for any business with a strong sales focus. Besides multi-channel outreach and sequences, you also get a capable sales CRM that helps your organization store, manage, and reach out to prospects.

Send out emails confidently with an email validator, spam checker and DNS validation. You also get split testing and a centralized email inbox for easier business communication with prospects.

However, it suffers from the same problem as Amplemarket – too many features and poor onboarding, so it may require some time to get used to this tool.

Pricing is not very transparent because the website mentions just one plan at $99 per month. There is no free trial available.


Mailshake - an alternative to Amplemarket

Mailshake is a full-scale sales engagement platform that lets you reach out to leads using email, phone and social media. For many companies, it has all the necessary tools: easy campaign creation, email verification before sending any campaigns out. There are native integrations with CRMs like Salesforce and Hubspot.

On the flip side, you don’t get many customization options, the customer support is far from ideal, and navigating all the features is difficult for beginner users. And as is commonly the case, the onboarding could be better.

There is no free trial available and you can grab the paid plans starting at $59 per month.


Yesware - an alternative to Amplemarket

Yesware offers your business a set of tools for sales engagement, prospecting, and outreach. You get access to email tracking, multi-channel campaigns, detailed email analytics, a plugin for Outlook, and a Google Chrome extension.

The reporting could be better and the features are limited in the power plans, though. Building sequences is not easy and takes some time to master, and there is an integration with only one CRM app.

The great news is – it’s not expensive. The cheapest plans start at just $15 per month and there is a free plan available too.


Smartlead - an alternative to Amplemarket

Smartlead is another great option if you want to do cold email coupled with a multi-channel approach for social. If you’re new to the email marketing game, you have all the tools you need to get started: email inbox warmup, shared inbox for all your sales team members in one account, email followup automation, and a capable API for connecting with your website.

The problem with this app is that reviews state the user experience could definitely be better. When it comes to verification, the accuracy is not the greatest, especially compared to standalone email verification services.

There is a free trial available and the cheapest plan starts at $39 per month. There are some addons available, but only for the highest pricing plans.


Amplemarket offers a lot of features that any AI enthusiast or sales expert will find extremely useful. It automates some of the most tedious tasks in sales outreach and helps companies grow the average volume of calls and emails that go out. But at the same time, this AI platform is complex with poor onboarding and Amplemarket pricing is just too much to bear.

If you want to close deals with AI-driven workflows and crush your revenue goals with email, get Woodpecker instead! We’ll help you reach more prospects with our built-in personalization and get in touch with real customers.

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