Meg Kawalkowska

Meg was the Content Manager at Woodpecker. She's passionate about educational content creation. You can always spot her either writing or reading.

comparison of email verification tools

2023 Email Verification Tools Comparison: Accuracy, Prices and Features – Updated

Check what is the accuracy of some of the popular email verification tools, how much they cost, and what are the differences between them. 

What is Email Validation and How Does It Help Your Email Deliverability?

What is Email Validation and How Does It Help Your Email Deliverability?

One thing that seriously harms your sender reputation is sending emails to invalid addresses, which causes them to bounce back. To avoid that, you should always do email validation before clicking “send”. 

How to send a follow-up email after no response?

How to Send a Follow-up Email After No Response (2023)

Many cold email senders seem to think that a great opening message is what you need to master the outbound email outreach. Well, it is indeed – but it’s also not enough. 

What was 2020 like for us at Woodpecker

What was 2020 like for us at Woodpecker?

Not long ago Twitter asked its users to summarize 2020 in one word. They got thousands of replies, also from some world-famous brands. Adobe replied with “CTRL + Z”, Microsoft Edge with “404”, YouTube responded, “unsubscribe”. We could say “blacklist”. And how would you describe it?

How to Find Your Product’s Compelling Value Proposition With Email?

Finding a compelling value proposition when entering a new use case for your product or expanding to a new niche can be tricky. Of course, you can trust your intuition and make a guess, but in case it’s a miss, you’ll waste time. Instead of making blind guesses, it’s wiser to make decisions backed by data. The simplest way to find out what value proposition speaks best to the new segment of prospects you’re targeting is to A/B test different approaches. That’s what we did.

6 Top Sales & Business Podcasts that You Should Listen to in 2020

Where do you get first-hand knowledge on sales and growing a business? Blogs, YouTube and various courses are probably the Top 3. And how about podcasts? They’ve gained huge popularity these years. No wonder, you can drive your car or train at the gym and learn new things at the same time. I asked Vovik, the Head of Inbound Sales at Woodpecker, and Yuri, the Head of Outbound Sales, to recommend the examples of their favorite sales & business-related podcasts. Here’s the list.