2023 Email Verification Tools Comparison: Accuracy, Prices and Features – Updated

comparison of email verification tools

In the previous blog post about email verification, I gave you a heads-up that we’re working on the email verification tools comparison that will help you make a good choice.

And here it is – hot off the press.

Check what is the accuracy of some of the popular email verification tools, how much they cost, what are the differences between them – and which one we use to make sure Woodpecker delivers your emails to the main inbox.

What are the benefits of an email address verification tool?

The main benefit of email verification tools from a user’s perspective is that the email addresses on your list are checked without sending actual messages. This way you avoid possible hard bounces when email addresses turn out to be undeliverable. No hard bounces means better sender reputation and higher deliverability. Your messages get right into addressee’s main inbox so the chance they get noticed and opened is higher.

How do email verification tools work?

With most email verification and validation tools you can:

  • manually upload your list and run the verification process
  • have your list automatically verified right before sending a campaign with an email automation tool you use (of course, if there’s such integration available)

And what does the verification process itself look like?

In a nutshell and on a layman’s level, an email verification tool checks the syntax of an email address first, to see if there are no errors in it, such as a missing @. Then, it also verifies the receiver’s domain (by checking its DNS records) and mailbox (using the SMTP protocol) to confirm they exist and are able to receive incoming emails.

The whole process takes just a few milliseconds.

What did we take into consideration for this ranking?

We focused on what’s most important from a user’s perspective: how effective the email verification tool is, how easy it is to add it to your current workflow, how much it costs, and what opinion users have about it.

These are the key things you should pay attention to when choosing the best email verification tool for you:

  • Free trial – is it possible to test the tool for free first? On what conditions?
  • Accuracy – how many invalid emails does the tool promise to detect?
  • Integrations – what email automation tool can you connect to it to create a seamless workflow?
  • Multi-user feature – is it possible for your whole team to work under one account? This option is especially useful for lead generation agencies and enterprises.
  • Pricing – how much will it cost you and what’s included in the price? What pricing model does the tool offer: a subscription, pay-per-use, or a combination of both?
  • GDPR compliance – does the company meet GDPR standards?
  • Reviews – What opinions does the tool have? What’s the average score on G2?

Top email verification tools comparison

We’ve selected 6 popular email verification tools for this ranking. Let’s see how they compare.


Free trial: first 1000 credits are for free

Accuracy: 99.5% (per info on their website)

Integrations: 16, including Woodpecker

Multi-user feature: YES

Pricing: $7 per 1000 emails (and offers volume-tiered discounts)

GDPR compliance: YES

bouncer user ratings from g2


Free trial: for a start you get 1000 free credits

Accuracy: 99.9% (per info on their website)

Integrations: 80+, including Zapier. You can also create custom integrations with API.

Multi-user feature: YES

Pricing: $8 per 1000 emails (pay as you go or monthly invoicing available)

GDPR compliance: YES

neverbounce user ratings from g2


Free trial: there’s no free trial

Accuracy: 97% (per info on their website)

Integrations: 12

Multi-user feature: NO

Pricing: $10 per 1000 emails (monthly invoicing)

GDPR compliance: YES

briteverify user ratings from g2


Free trial: 100 free credits

Accuracy: 96- 98% (per info on their website)

Integrations: 40+, including Zapier

Multi-user feature: YES

Pricing: $15 per 2000 emails (that’s the minimum), pay as you go and monthly invoicing available

GDPR compliance: YES

zerobounce user ratings from g2


Free trial: 100 free credits for a start

Accuracy: no official info

Integrations: 14

Multi-user feature: NO

Pricing: $15 per 5000 emails (that’s the minimum), pay as you go and monthly subscription available

GDPR compliance: YES

bounceless.io user ratings g2


Free trial: there’s no free trial

Accuracy: 98% (per info on their website)

Integrations: 15

Multi-user feature: NO

Pricing: $9.20 per 1000 emails (pay as you go)

GDPR compliance: YES

xverify g2 review

What email verification tool do we recommend?

We’ve tested a couple of email verification tools when we were looking for a reliable solution to natively integrate Woodpecker with. Accuracy was our top priority. We wanted our users not to worry about their domain safety and get all their emails delivered without any problems.

And so we joined forces with Bouncer. In our opinion it’s the best email verification tool and exactly what we were looking for. It has a superb accuracy rate and a very helpful support team.

Bouncer is built in Woodpecker – you don’t have to activate it manually or do any coding. When you’re sending an email campaign in Woodpecker, Bouncer runs the verification process in the background. You won’t get any hard bounces that could harm your domain. Your delivery rate is higher, your sender reputation – intact. You always stay protected without any extra cost, right from the free trial.


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What is Email Validation and How Does It Help Your Email Deliverability?

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